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News Flash From California
The Coast Guard intercepted a boatload of people off the coast of California today. This placed the Coast Guard in an awkward position, as the boat was not heading to, but away from USA, towards El Salvador. Another surprise finding was that they were loaded with White Americans who were all seniors of pensionable age. Their claim was that they were trying to get to El Salvador so as to be able to return to USA as illegal immigrants and therefore be entitled to far more benefits than they were receiving as legitimate USA pensioners. The Coast Guard it is believed gave them food, water and fuel and assisted them on their journey.
We are booking on the next boat out, so let me know if you want to come.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

US Military Complicit in Treason & Establishment of World Government


Officer Corps of the US Military Complicit in Treason & Establishment of World Government

This report is indisputable proof that high treason and the plan for the establishment of world government under a "New Order of Nations" are being brought about by the efforts of domestic enemies among the commissioned ranks within our own military. It is also proof that the plan has been greatly delayed.
 "It is inconceivable that those with power and wealth would not band together with a common bond, a common interest, and a long-range plan to decide and direct the future of the world."
― Milton William Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, (Light Technology Publishing, December 1, 1991), Introduction, p. 2

This is an extension of my earlier article from October 30, 2013, entitled Treason: The Disarmament of the United States, and the Declaration of World Government.
A 134-page unclassified book, published in January 1992 by the United States Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, details a revision of an earlier plan that had projected world government to be in effect by the target year of 2000. The report is called A World 2010: A New Order of Nations. The efforts to cement world government by the year 2000 were significantly set back by the work of American patriotic organizations, the formation of constitutional unorganized state militias, and most importantly, the elite's inability to disarm the American people.
A World 2010 A New Order of Nations
The plan is taught in the War College and in all of the U.S. military academies, as the answer to war. They could not be doing what they're doing in Washington, D.C. ― they could not be placing American troops under United Nations or NATO command; they could not be subverting the Constitution for the united States of America, which all officers and enlisted men are sworn to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic ― if the highest ranking officers in all five branches of our military services were not complicit in this plan. It is all to hasten the promulgation of world government under a global economic and sociopolitical power monopoly of the State.

None of this is being brought about by accident, but by strategic long-term planning, by carefully manipulating and propagandizing the populations of the world. And the Officer Corps of the United States military is deeply involved.
A World 2010 describes a world where the influence of the super-power of the 20th century is greatly diminished, and where the government of the nation has collapsed and reorganized into several new national entities. It also portrays a world where 20th century third world nations achieve a new status in the world's family of nations, where new international status and alignments lead to a New World Order.
The new order places the nations of the world in 2010 into five groups according to their relationship to modernization and industrialization under a centralized system of global authority.
The following are notable excerpts from the Report Documentation Page of the book:
On line item 13a, it labels the type of this report as "Forecast," denoting the prediction or at least an estimation of a future event or trend:

A World 2010 Item 13a Type of Report

On line item 13b, it illustrates that the time covered for this report is between the years 1992 to 2010, denoting at present that this time frame for completion was not realized:
A World 2010 Item 13b Time Covered

The subject terms on the same page are listed as: "Future, forecast, international order, devolution of power, postindustrial," indicating that a postindustrial society in the target nation is essential to the completion of the forecast:
A World 2010 Item 18 Subject Terms

The Abstract in line item 19 gives a brief but concise synopsis of the plan:
A World 2010 Item 19 Abstract

So you see the redistribution of wealth straight out of the Communist Manifesto playbook, and the Hegelian Dialectic playing out in that the Soviet Union had to collapse ― or at least the people had to perceive that it did (see The Perestroika Deception by Col. Anatoliy Golitsyn) ― in order to usher in the new era of peace.
However, what does "peace" truly mean to the people trying to bring it about? Karl Marx, the man who gave structure to the modern socialist philosophy, defined the meaning of peace according to the religion of the Marxist ideology:

"The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism."
Now you know exactly what the U.N. "peace keepers" are for and what "world peace" truly means to these people. The "peace keepers" are occupation forces for the enforcement of world totalitarian socialist government, and the world army formed for the destruction of any and all opposition to its completion. State Department Memorandum 7277 and Public Law 87-297 codify this.
You have to understand that the terms used by these people are almost always a metaphor with an esoteric (hidden) meaning embedded within the outward meaning. I this case, "peace" means the absolute suppression of opposition to the desired political ideology.
Going further into detail, here is the entire text of the Foreword of A World 2010 on page v, written by Major General William A. Stofft, U.S. Army Commandant:

This book is a description of a plausible future world environment for the years around 2010. This environment describes a world where the influence of one superpower of the 20th century is diminished and where the government and the nation of the other has collapsed and reorganized into several new national entities. It also portrays a world where 20th century Third World nations achieve a new status in the world's family of nations. The author depicts in this book a world where new international status and alignments lead to a new world order of nations. The new order places the nations of the world in 2010 in five groups according to their relationship to modernization and industrialization.
The author created the concepts for A World 2010 and its forecasts in 1984. The narrative was published in an Army document in 1986 entitled, A World 2010: A Decline of Superpower Influence. The concepts for this world were based on the author's interpretation of basic trends existing during the last half of the 20th century. These trends have a high probability of enduring through the year 2010, as well as shaping the world environment well into the 21 st century. The 2010 environment focused on a devolution of world power and a new order of nations. The author perceived a world where new democratic governments and free-market economies of nations, including the East European nations and the Soviet Union, were developing and competing for power and world markets. The author described a world of increasing nuclear disarmament and a down-sized, CONUS-stationed military force. The concepts were sound, the forecasts were valid, but the time of the occurrence of many events was 20 years earlier than 2010. The forecasts did not anticipate an above normal Soviet rate of change effected by the former Soviet leader, Gorbachev, and the Russian leader, Yeltsin, in the 1990s. The author believed that because of these changes it was time to update the forecasts of the world in 2010. The concepts in the 1991 forecasts have been advanced to emphasize a new order of nations and to examine its impact on the national security of th. United States.
The author wrote this book for the Strategic Studies Institute. United States Army War College, as a contribution to long-range strategic futures and planning. The book and the forecasts, inferences, and any conclusions it contains were designed by the author to be a basis for the development of alternative future world scenarios for strategic planning by the Department of Defense and other government agencies.
The perception of developing new democratic governments is a key giveaway. Democracy is the code word for socialism, and it was revolutionary political theorist Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, who said:
"Democracy is indispensable to socialism."
Also, the forecast of "long-range strategic futures and planning" confirms the conspiratorial view of history. These types of plans are not organic, and are not a product of the accidental view of the way the world works. They are conceived, planned, analyzed, streamlined, allocated for, funded, manned, and carried out.

This is a list of the contents as it appears in the report:

CHAPTER 1: Background and Process 
CHAPTER 2: World International Order 
CHAPTER 3: World Population 
CHAPTER 4: World Interdependence and Sociopolitical Change 
CHAPTER 5: World Energy. Science, Technology, and Space Exploration 
CHAPTER 6: World Military Status 
CHAPTER 7: National Challenges 
CHAPTER 8: The Impact of the New Order 
CHAPTER 9: U.S. Military Forces
All of this makes a case that our Officer Corps of the United States military is a captured operation at the highest levels of the command structure. If you were sitting on the jury, how would you find the defendant?
Here is the description of the U.S. Army War College from its official website:
The purpose of US Army War College at this time in our Nation's history is to produce graduates from all our courses who are skilled critical thinkers and complex problem solvers in the global application of Landpower. Concurrently, it is our duty to the Army to also act as a "Think Factory" for Commanders and Civilian Leaders at the strategic level worldwide and routinely engage in discourse and debate on ground forces' role in achieving national security objectives.
"The global application of Landpower." What does that mean exactly? Establishing a system of world government and a new order of nations. That's why acting as a "'Think Factory' at the strategic level worldwide" is essential for global conquest.
The United States armed forces have become the police force of the world under the authority of the United Nations and also under the North American Treaty Organization, which was formed under the auspices of the United Nations. Never forget that the U.N. was formed by high-level members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American arm of the International Socialist round table groups, and by Soviet nationals and communist spies such as Alger Hiss, who had infiltrated U.S. government agencies.
Since the United Nations was created in 1945, every man appointed to the position of Under Secretary-General for Political and Security Council Affairs, has been a member of the communist party. And, not surprisingly, every single Secretary-General since the U.N.'s formation in 1945 has been a socialist. The leadership is perhaps the most revealing fact of all concerning the powers that control the United Nations from the shadows. Fundamentally, there isn't much of a difference between the two, but socialism is always the political arm that turns the gears of the communist ideology.

We are arrayed against the most powerful military forces and weapons that the world has ever known. We are arrayed against the most powerful propaganda machine in the world. We are arrayed against the highest level of technology ever developed on this planet. We are arrayed against an oligarchy of wealthy individuals who want to bring the world under socialism in order to enslave the common man, and concentrate the wealth of the world into their hands. We are arrayed against people who, if they don't have the brains to come up with ideas and plans and techniques with which to outsmart you, then they have the money and resources to fund those who do have the brains. The U.S. Army War College and its Strategic Studies Institute, by its own admission, one of those means by which the ideas, plans and techniques are being conceived.
However, they are all fools.
They have misjudged the American people, and they have misjudged their ability to pull-off their plan to force this country into a "new order of nations." And if they try, the American people are not going to stand for it. There isn't an army on the face of this earth ― even comprised of millions of troops from various countries marching under the banner of U.N. authority ― that can occupy the United States. Especially with our 150 million gun owners. Even if only 10 million of us decide to uphold the laws of our state and the union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions in accordance with the law, the socialists don't stand a chance.

Guns per capita by country
Until the Second Article and Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America is dealt with; until the entire legal precedent and framework for the unorganized militias of the several states is dealt with, amended or repealed, including Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, Title XVII, Chapter 250, Section 02 of my state Constitution of Florida, the Constitutions of all 50 states which mandate the formation and training of militias, the United States Code 10 U.S. Code § 311, The Federalist Papers [1][2], and Supreme Court rulings [1][2]; until the enemies of our Republic deal with this well-established legal framework, then any and all attempts to disarm the American people are null and void from inception and therefore unlawful.
Not only that, any state not maintaining a constitutional militia is a law-breaking state.
The United States owns more guns per resident than any other nation in the world. The latest numbers show 97.0 per 100 residents. The U.S. has over 50% more firearms per capita than the next two highest nations, Serbia and Yemen, and three times as many as major European countries such as France and Germany.
We also currently have about 22 million veterans, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs:

Projected Veteran Population 2010 to 2040

That is a HUGE roadblock in the way of the plan to disenfranchise and dismantle the militias, disarm our people, dissolve our national boundaries, and merge our country into a new order of nations. In fact, it is THE roadblock.
The United States military services are either operating within the law and according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or they are operating outside of it. By their actions, the command staff of the armed forces of the U.S. military are effectively operating as outlaws; a gang of thugs. According to the law, they may then very well be the definition of traitors. See Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution for the united States of America, the "Treason Clause."

War Is A Racket
In my open letter to the U.S. military back in May of 2013, I cited an excerpt of the book War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley D. Butler, the most decorated Marine in American history, which was a synopsis of how the elite attempted to use him to lead a fascist military coup d'├ętat in 1934 to takeover our elected government and install a military dictatorship.
The book also describes how he spent his career as a military officer hustling for private corporate interests, and admonishing military personnel to "realize that they are being used by the owning elites as a publicly subsidized goon squad."
Maj. Gen. Butler said in his book:
"I served in all commissioned ranks from a second Lieutenant to a Major General. And during that time, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it."
He is also quoted as saying:
"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights . . . We must permit the youth of the land who would bear arms to decide whether or not there should be war."



Health Impact News

Here's the latest:

We All have Pesticides in our Homes even if We don’t Use Pesticides

Indoor air contamination has become a central issue today because most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors and we are breathing and rebreathing the same old polluted air all day long. The problem is worse for very young children, because the air quality is much worse at floor level. Many toxic substances are heavier than air, and sink down to floor level. Even though most every home in America probably has some level of pesticide residue, and we know that many health conditions and diseases are related to pesticide exposure, we find that our modern healthcare system seems to be unconcerned about indoor pesticide contamination. Doctors may ask us about our alcohol and drug use, ask us about our sexual practices, and sometimes ask us about our diet, but when was the last time a doctor asked you about your pesticide exposure?


USDA Doesn’t Need Submachine Guns – Disarm the Bureaucrats

The recent solicitation by USDA for submachine guns raised concern among farmers and local food consumers. Why would an agency tasked with regulating agriculture in our country need such weapons? Answer: It shouldn’t. Will you help stop this by urging your Congressman to support the Regulatory Agency Demilitarization Act, HR 4934?




TD Canada decided they wanted to say “thank you” to their customers by turning their ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines, and they certainly went above and beyond in their appreciation.
The video’s slogan is “A thank you can change somebody’s day”, but some of those gifts are sure to last a whole lot longer.
A mother was given plane tickets to visit her sick daughter in Trinidad, shortly after she went in for an operation to battle cancer. Another woman, who has never been able to take her kids anywhere, was given a family vacation to Disneyland. A huge Blue Jays fan got to throw out the first pitch at his favorite team’s baseball game.
Chris Stamper, SVP Corporate Marketing atTD Bank Group, told Buzzfeed that they were looking for a unique way to show appreciation and thanks to some of their most loyal customers.
“Our local branch employees know their customers really well and often have close relationships with them. Some have been through tough times and some are just wonderfully kind and caring people,” he said.
In addition to the bigger items, the bank also gave $20 to each of their customers on July 25th.

22 Jihad Training Camps in the US


22 Jihad Training Camps in the US – FBI Refuses to Take Action

22 Jihad Training Camps in the US - FBI Refuses to Take Action
There are over 22 confirmed terrorist Jihad camps in the United States belonging to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakastan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda related branch. Now a combined media effort, we find police officers working to double as the compound militia. To top it off, the FBI states that their hands are tied in monitoring their activities despite a training video that is years old, possible murders, and proof of illegal activities.
The fact is these training camps are not a new item that have popped up on the Homeland Security radar. These training camps are being operated by an extremely militant group of international terrorists, an organization called Jamaat ul-Fuqra. In order to live in these camps, you must pledge to support a Pakastani Cleric on the International Wanted list. As early as 2012, the media confirmed 19 Jihad camps on United States soil.
The group of Muslims of America (MOA)  are documented to have a connection to terrorism with training inside the United States. There was a 2002 unsolved murder at one of these compounds in Texas. When the Clarion Project obtained thee 2007 FBI documnt detailing the Texas Enclave of MOA, what they found was deeply disturbing.

The organization says it has a network of 22 “villages” around the U.S., with Islamberg as its main headquarters in New York. TheClarion Project obtained secret MOA footage showing female members receiving paramilitary training at Islamberg. It was featured on the Kelly File on FOX News Channel in October. A second MOA tape released by Clarion shows its spokesman declaring the U.S. to be a Muslim-majority country.
2007 FBI record states that MOA members have been involved in at least 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, one attempted firebombing, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing. It states:
“The documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government. Members of the MOA are encouraged to travel to Pakistan to receive religious and military/terrorist training from Sheikh Gilani.”
The document also says that, “The MOA is now an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.” ~Clarion Project
It got even worse when they tried to find out why the FBI, in a time where we are supposed to be at one of the highest levels of national security, has done nothing about it for years. After all, the Clarion Project found out that the compound had been raided in 1991 in connection to a foiled bomb plot in Toronto. Several of the members had been filmed training as militants. This was not a new situation. This should have been something DHS jumped quickly on.
PJ Media reported:

“Federal Bureau of Investigations documents detailing a 22-site network of terrorist training villages sprawled across the United States. According to the documents, the FBI has been concerned about these facilities for about 12 years, but cannot act against them because the U.S. State Department has not yet declared that their umbrella group, MOA [Muslims of the Americas]/Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.”






‘We Are Jihad!’: Miami Muslims Take to Streets Chanting in Support of Hamas, Allah

Meanwhile, in Iraq, millions of Christians are almost wiped out after living their for 2000 years.  Where is their outrage with that? Why aren't they marching in support of Christians being persecuted, tortured and slaughtered?  Let me answer my own question with the words of Jesus Christ: 
"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.". (Matthew 7:15-20)
MIAMI – A recent rally in Florida that was meant to show solidarity in urging an end to the war in Gaza became filled with Islamic chants in support of Hamas, Allah and Muslim jihad, reports state. “Stop the bombing—Stop the killing—Free Palestine,” read a flyer announcing the demonstration, which was held on July 20th in Miami. Sponsors of the event included the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Florida, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the American Muslim Association of North America, American Muslims for Emergency & Relief and the American Muslims Foundation, among others. While the event was filled with signs and chants such as “No more killing; no more war” and “Stop killing our children,” video footage of the event also shows participants being led in Islamic chants in Arabic, as well as other English sentiments in support of Hamas. “Allahu Akbar!” the group chanted, and “La illaha illallah,” meaning “Allah is great!” and “There is no god but Allah!” “Jaysh Muhammad sa-ya ‘ud!” and “Wa’sh-shahid habib-ullah!” their voices rang out, declaring “Muhammad’s army will return” and “The martyr is Allah’s love.” Other chants were in English, such as “We are jihad!” and “We are Hamas!” One videographer was allegedly met with death threats and profanity when it was discovered that he was Jewish.  As previously reported, the son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef, Mosab Hassan Yousef, now a professing Christian, appeared on CNN on Thursday to explain that Hamas is about about more than the destruction of Israel—it is about global Muslim domination. “Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise,” Yousef said. “Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over.” “[The] destruction of the state of Israel is not Hamas’ final destination,” he continued. “Hamas’ final destination is building the Islamic khilafah (caliphate), which means an Islamic state under the rubble of every other civilization. These are the ultimate goals of the movement.” Blogger Stephanie Kienzle likewise wrote in a recent blog post that the concern isn’t just about the Middle East, it’s about Islam being imposed upon the world. “The consequences of the war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas are much more dire than most Americans realize,” she asserted. “This is not just about Israel’s right to exist … This is about freedom and democracy. It is about whether or not you want to live in a free and civil society or become slaves to the barbaric Sharia law.” “If last Sunday’s rally of hate-filled Jihadists on the streets of downtown Miami didn’t send chills up and down your spine, you have been living under a rock,” Kienzle said.
Warning: Profanity

SR 304 - Why the Illegal Immigrant Kids? By Bill Still


Mother Learns a Touching Lesson: IT'S CALLED LOVE !


Mother Embarrassed By Her Son’s Photo Of Her at the Beach Learns the Touching Reason Why He Took It

Blogger and mother-of-two Bridgette White was at the beach with her children when her son took an unflattering photo of her. She wrote about the incident on her blog, Bridgette Tales, describing the “self-loathing and disgust” she felt when she stumbled across the picture on her phone. 
From her blog, she writes:
“Just as I am about to hit delete, my boy walks in the room. ‘Do you know anything about this picture?’ I ask him. ‘I took that of you in Tahoe,’ he says. ‘You looked so beautiful laying there. I couldn’t help it mom.’
She continues:
‘You need to ask me before using my phone to take pictures,’ I say. ‘I know,’ he says. ‘But mom, seriously, look how pretty you look?’ My daughter walks over and takes a look. ‘That could be a postcard mom,’ she says smiling. ‘You’re so beautiful. I love it.’
“This is exactly what I needed.” 
Bridgette writes about her struggles with weight, and how her experience with motherhood has led her to spend more time focused on her love for her family than how she looks in tank tops and dresses. She admits she is critical of herself, even more so since her weight struggles have intensified recently, but she writes that she is trying to see herself more as her kids do.
While she describes the negatives that she sees, she writes what her kids might see when they look at her:
“I… see a mom collapsed on the shore that just explored the lake for hours with her children… a mom that just helped her kids across the rocks and hot sand so their feet wouldn’t hurt… an adventurous mom that loves her children something fierce.”
Again, unbeknownst to Bridgette, her children captured another adoring photo of their mom that day.
blog2 (1)
But this time, instead of moving her fingers toward the delete button, she wrote:
“Right now though, I just want to love my body where it is. I want it to be OK to see myself the way my kids do. Thank you kids.”
To see and love ourselves the way others do is a moving message indeed.

Honor Killing of The Day By Debbie Schlussel


July 30, 2014, - 4:42 pm

Haron Elmawri: Moderate American Muslim Honor Killing of The Day

By Debbie Schlussel
Dateline Dearbornistan – When it was first reported on Detroit area TV station news over the weekend that a yet-to-be-charged, unnamed 20-something brother killed his older sis in Dearbornistan, my first thought was, is his name Mohammed? It’s rare that a brother kills his sister in America, but statistically likely that when this happens in the States, the perpetrator and victim are both Muslim (or the victim is a “former” Muslim–like the Mafia, you ain’t allowed to leave).


And, then, when it unshockingly turned out–just as I had earlier diagnosed–to be a member of “Da Religion of Peace,” it was an obvious conclusion that this honor killing had to be for one of the following absolutely unspeakable crimes all of which warrant and are punishable by certain death in Islam:
1) the sister “dated” (euphemism) a Black guy;
2) the sister converted to Christianity;
3) the sister converted to Joooooooodaism and/or said, “Israel, I stand with you against deadly HAMAS rockets;” or
4) the sister became an FBI informant on some Hezbollah money-laundering case (Dearbornistan is Hezbollahstan).

I quickly ruled out choice number four because anyone with any familiarity with the FBI and/or any of the Feds in Michigan (or anywhere else in America)knows that they couldn’t care less about Hezbollah (or HAMAS) money-laundering, and they allow this to go on openly and consistently. So, it’s gotta be one of the first three choices (or it could be that she ate the last bowl of Halal Cap’n Crunch, but not as likely). We’ll find out soon enough which one of those choices it is. But it’s clear from the multiple stabbings and strangling of the sister that this was a brutal, hateful, angry honor killing. The brother tortured his sister before taking her last breath. Ah, the adventures of America’s moderate Muslims!
Dearborn’s police chief says a “domestic violence incident that escalated” apparently led a 23-year-old man to stab and kill his 30-year-old sister in the Detroit suburb. Haron R. Elmawri was arraigned Monday on first-degree murder and torture charges in the death Saturday of Asyh Elmawri. District Judge Sam Salamey ordered him jailed on a $1 million bond and scheduled a probable cause hearing Aug. 8. The court says Haron Elmawri is awaiting appointment of a defense lawyer.
Yup, you’re gonna pay for the honor-killing defense. Maybe he’ll even use Ramadan fasting as an excuse, or as I call it, the Halal Twinkie Defense #2. Halal Twinkie Defense #1 is already in play, as news reports already claimed that the brother is “mentally unstable.” Uh-huh, sure he is.
The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office says Asyh Elmawri died from a combination of strangulation and multiple stab wounds.Police Chief Ronald Haddad hasn’t disclosed a motive for the killing and says facts around it remain under investigation.
And we’ll keep seeing more and more of this crap because we did nothing to stop Islamic immigration to America (and the swelling Muslim birthrate that follows it), which has doubled the U.S. Muslim population since 9/11.
Thank BOTH Democrats and Republicans for that. Both Obama AND Bush. Ain’t no difference between ‘em on this issue, the most important to America’s more and more unlikely long-term survival.
By the way, the judge, Sam Salamey (really pronounced “salami,” but now that he’s a judge, he goes by the pretentious, fraudulent “salah-MAY” pronunciation), is a devout Shi’ite Muslim, just like the perpetrator. And he’s a Hezbollah supporter who used to represent the Hezbollah charity, Sadr Foundation. After 9/11, he sent me unsolicited nasty hate-mail via snail. But he knows he can’t operate under shariah justice just yet, as much as he would probably like to.
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