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Free Zone WRITER'S CORNER - Meet Catherine Lanigan

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Catherine Lanigan Apeared on Coast to Coast AM with Georg Noory 
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Reprinted from The Beach Coast Blog
By Barbara Voris Eastman

With her porcelain skin, long raven hair, sparkling blue eyes, and slender figure, Catherine Lanigan looks like she could have been the model for the heroine of a romance novel. Instead, she writes them. Lots of them. In fact, this La Porte,
 Indiana resident has written dozens of novels, including the novelizations of “Romancing the Stone” and “Jewel of the Nile.” Ironically, the heroine of both of these titles (which were wildly successful films starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) was Joan Wilder, a romance novelist.
A Budding Novelist
Catherine grew up in La Porte, Indiana and graduated from La Porte High School. While there, her favorite subject was English and she enjoyed working on the school paper. She received many accolades for her writing in high school and went on to attend Nazareth College in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she majored in English and History.
At Nazareth she had the misfortune of running into one of those teachers we have all heard about. When she asked him to read the manuscript of her first novel, he dismissed it as amateurish and told her she had no talent and no future as a writer. You have to wonder if this professor saw something in Catherine’s writing that was lacking in his own.
A Burgeoning Career
Catherine was undeterred, and (like a heroine in a romance novel) more than a little determined to prove him wrong, By 1980 she had published her first book, a historical romance called “Bound by Love,” that sold out in three weeks and has been reprinted over and over again and in many languages.
Since her early efforts as a romance novelist, Catherine has branched out and proven herself extremely adept at writing in multiple genres: romance, young adult, inspirational, women’s fiction, and romance suspense. She believes in and has written and spoken about the presence of angels in our lives, and her book, “Angel Watch,” has been translated into 14 languages. Her most successful novel, “Elusive Love,” though now 10 years old, made the best-sellers’ list in France and Germany last fall, and has been reprinted many, many times.
Coming Full Circle
Catherine moved back to La Porte a few years ago to help care for family members who were ill. Catherine believes that things happen for a reason and that God puts us where we’re supposed to be. She counts the past few years as the best of her life (maybe not her career, but her life).
Catherine enjoys her life in La Porte. She and her husband have settled into the home she grew up in and are enjoying the change of seasons and the whole “small town” experience. Her career as a writer sometimes takes her away from La Porte and her husband makes regular trips between La Porte and Hollywood (or other locations). But they have come to love the La Porte of Catherine’s childhood.

Barbara Voris Eastman grew up in Michigan City and moved back to the area after spending nearly 35 years working in Chicago. She is both the editor and a regular contributor to 

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