Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey Sherriff Joe, Get some Tent's and Pink Jump Suit's , Lock um UP ! If There LEGAL? Then ,Help Get La-Raza Members a Job..The Rest, CLEAN A ROAD ?

Grassfire Nation Report:
Open Borders Group Calls For Sheriff Joe's Resignation
by Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation
Yesterday, the National Council of La Raza -- a far-left Latino organization -- held a press event to call for Sheriff Joe's resignation.
According to Fox News Latino, La Raza "President Janet Murguia called Joe Arpaio... 'America's worst sheriff' and said it was time for him to step down."
As you may know La Raza is a pro-Latino rights organization that strongly supports amnesty. "La Raza" means "the race" and the phrase is linked to the "La Raza" movement which includes such ideas as "Reconquista" -- the goal to reclaim vast portions of the western United States as an independent Latino soveriegn nation.
+ + Pro-Amnesty Forces Joining Obama Administration In Attacking Sheriff Joe
This latest round of attacks against Sheriff Joe began when Obama's heavy-handed Department of Justice stripped his officers of their power to enforce federal immigration laws. Arpaio has repeatedly asked the DOJ for evidence into their assertion that his office profiles Latinos and bases immigration enforcement on racially charged complaints.
This is outrageous. It is bad enough that Obama supports the amnesty agenda, but to turn the Justice Department against local law enforcement who are simply upholding our laws is unconscionable.
Now, groups like La Raza are joining the attacks.

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