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February 22, 2012, - 1:20 pm

WTF?! Israel Frees Islamic Jihad Terrorist to Avoid Palestinian Anger

By Debbie Schlussel

If you need any further evidence that Israel is now officially a wimpy nation without the resolve to fight terrorists–much like the U.S.–Khader Adnan a/k/a Khader Adnan Mohammad Musa is Exhibit A.  Adnan is a top official of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who served as the group’s spokesman and urged Palestinians to put on suicide belts and kill Israelis by blowing up body parts.  He’s also reportedly involved in the planning of PIJ terrorist activities.  PIJ is responsible for numerous homicide bombings and attacks on innocent civilians in Israel.  A PIJ bus-bombing murdered New Jersey college student Alisa Flatow.  But Israel announced it will release the Islamic Jihad terrorist “out of concern about unrest in the West Bank if he should die” because Adnan is now on a hunger strike.

Khader Adnan: Nothingyahu Released Islamic Jihad Terrorist b/c of Palestinian Public Opinion
Can you imagine if America released hunger-striking Gitmo terrorists out of concern for Al-Qaeda and Muslim world outrage?  Well, I guess we can all imagine it, since America has released hardened murderer Guantanamo detainees to the free world for a lot less.  See, I told you America and Israel were a lot alike (and, now, in many ways that aren’t so great).
Oh, and Israel also wanted to avoid allowing its far-left Supreme Court from ruling on its emergency provision permitting administrative detention of Islamic terrorists without trial or formal indictment. Hey, just like America, again! Remember how the Bush Administration wimped out on the same issue, when it dropped having courts review the identical American provision in the case of Jose Padilla a/k/a Abdullah Al-Muhajer?
A Palestinian militant jailed for more than two months without trial forced Israel to agree Tuesday to release him after a hunger strike spurred concern about unrest in the West Bank if he should die.
Khader Adnan, a member of Islamic Jihad, deemed a security threat by Israel, ate after abstaining for 66 days, a protest that turned him into a cause célèbre among Palestinians and among human-rights activists.

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