Monday, February 20, 2012

Muslim Capitol Bomb Plotter Was Illegal Alien Bush/Obama Wouldn’t Deport

Posted by BH from DS 8:17 am 2-20

By Debbie Schlussel

Amine El Khalifi a/k/a Sidi Mohamed Amine El Khalifi, the Moroccan national who plotted to blow up the U.S. Capitol Building as a suicide bomber, is exactly the kind of illegal alien the Bush and Obama Administrations told ICE agents NOT to deport, not to round up. Hands off. You see, until the plot in which FBI agents set up El-Khalifi, he was an illegal alien who’d been here for over a decade without a criminal record. And beginning with Bush–but made doubly official under Obama–ICE agents were ordered not to arrest or deport illegal aliens without a criminal record. And El-Khalifi, like hundreds of thousands of illegal alien Muslims in our midst, fit the bill. Just because they don’t yet have a criminal record, doesn’t mean they won’t plot to blow America up. Sadly, no one is making that point. . . except me.

Famous But Incompetent: FBI Terror Stings Designed to Avoid Calling Out Mainstream Terror-Supporting Muslim Community; Taking Stigma Away from Muslim Illegal Aliens Who Should Be Deported, But Aren’t
El-Khalifi was here illegally at least as early as 1999 (probably earlier), when his tourist visa expired. And he’s been here ever since because deporting people like him wasn’t a priority. It means nothing that 19 Arab Muslim hijackers here on visas were the ones who mass murdered 3,000 Americans. Instead, when we were deporting illegal aliens, we were generally going after Latinos. But how many of the 19 hijackers were named, “Juan”? Now, we aren’t going after any illegal aliens at all, regardless of religion, nationality, or ethnic background. And there are plenty of other Amine El Khalifis in our midst–Muslims here illegally, ready to either commit some terrorist act or easily convinced to do it or help somebody else do it. In this case, the FBI put him up to it, but there are plenty of other cases, where somebody else will put him up to it, and the bomb won’t be inert. And, yes, El Khalifi was considering targeting synagogues and U.S. military installations, too. You think Muslims need FBI cajoling to consider those targets? Think again. Oh, and by the way, El Khalifi, now 29, had been here since he was 16. So, he’s yet another of a gazillion exhibits which belie the liberal claim that exposure to American culture makes Muslims like us better. Didn’t seem to work for Nidal Malik Hassan, either. Or the 19 hijackers. Or former American grad school attendee Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Etc.
As you’ve probably noticed, until now I didn’t write anything about El Khalifi, though the plot was unmasked by publicity-seeking FBI and Justice Department officials on Friday.  That’s because his plot, like most of the others in recent years was a sting by the FBI–in which they set up a few loner Muslims around the country with no ties to the Muslim community in these phony plots. The FBI deliberately picks this kind of Muslim for the plot, so that the PC FBI can avoid going after the organized Muslim community which supports and enables exactly this kind of behavior.  I’m sick of it because it’s so obvious and yet I’m the only one who seems to get it, even though top FBI officials have openly said this is exactly the M.O. I’ve written about this before (here and here), and I’ve noted that whenever these plots are uncovered to the media, the FBI makes statements about how the mainstream Muslim community in America is “moderate” and would never do such a thing.  It’s all by design and a lot of BS.
As we all know, the FBI could easily pick any big-time imam or mainstream Muslim community leader and have the same result. While not all of them are courageous enough to be terrorists, they are all willing and ready to help somebody else do it. And, as I’ve written, the FBI has looked the other way on giant terrorism money-laundering plots involving big-time mosques and Muslim community leaders, and the agency has deliberately ignored other terrorism support and enabling by the mainstream Islamic community, instead choosing to honor and have iftar dinners with this crowd.
That’s what you should take away from the Amine El-Khalifi plot–that the FBI continues to avoid going after the real problem in the America with regard to Islamic terrorism: the mainstream Muslim community at large. The FBI would rather continue its PC campaign with them and kiss Muslim ass. AND that Amine El-Khalifi is exactly the kind of illegal alien about which both Presidents Bush and Obama told ICE agents: hands off.
Like I said, one or more of the many Amine El-Khalifis in our midst–whom ICE isn’t allowed to arrest or deport–will succeed in killing a lot of Americans because he (or she) was allowed to stay here illegally for decades, untouched. And one or more of the Mohammed Al-Mainstream Al-Muslimeen will do it, too.
Hope that shawarmeh at the iftar dinner was tasty, Robert Mueller.

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