Monday, February 6, 2012


Ronald Reagan

Newsmax Presents:
The Ronald Reagan Legacy
A Special Video
Dear Reader,
If you miss Ronald Reagan (or admired the man) like we do here at Newsmax, you're invited...
Yes, you're invited to a free historic special video event featuring Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, which we've put together to celebrate the life and legacy of an accomplished athlete, honored veteran, famous actor, governor of California - and of course, our nation's beloved 40th president.
In this free first-ever Newsmax event,
"The Ronald Reagan Legacy,"
you'll discover:
The top five most defining moments that shaped Reagan's political career (plus, you'll see
how his famous line "Mr. Gorbachev,
tear down this wall" almost didn't
make his speech) ...
Candid interviews and private anecdotes from Reagan's "inner circle" - his closest friends and political confidants (including insights about his special relationship with the Pope and Margaret Thatcher) ...
What Reagan's political foes like Mikhail Gorbachev really thought of him (you won't believe the one word Gorbachev called Reagan) ...
Reagan's bold and revolutionary ideas discussed by the men and women of his era, such as Sam Donaldson, Jack Kemp, James Baker III, Linda Chavez, and
others ...
Two words Reagan uttered that forever changed the way the world viewed the Soviet Union (and how he practically ended the Cold War just by taking off
his jacket) ...
Rare archival footage revealing Reagan as you've never seen, heard, or read about him before...
Plus much, much more ...
There's so much we can all discover from Reagan's legacy. So if you're one of the millions of patriotic Americans who loved Ronald Reagan, you owe it to yourself to help celebrate his enduring message of hope for all of us.
See you there!
Best wishes,

Nancy Harrington
Vice President 
P.S. During his eight years in office, Ronald Reagan faced many of the same challenges we're facing today. We wanted to know if the decisions Reagan made during his presidency could help pull our country out of the economic and other crises we face today. You be the judge - watch "The Ronald Reagan Legacy" now ...

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