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Baltimore Mayor Prohibits Police From Enforcing Federal Immigration Law

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Stand With Arizona


Baltimore Mayor Prohibits Police From Enforcing Federal Immigration Law


What’s wrong with this picture: Arizona and Alabama pass legislation mandating that police officers enforce Federal immigration laws – and are sued for doing so by the Federal government. And now this: a mayor of a major city orders her police to REFUSE to enforce those laws – and will face no lawsuit whatsoever.
The inmates are truly running the asylum in America, when it comes to illegal immigration.
The latest demonstration of this finds Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore, MD, ordering the city police and all other agencies to prohibit any inquiry about citizenship status “to protect new Americans from discrimination.” The Mayor is signing an executive order that effectively stops any local enforcement of federal immigration laws.
The order also states that no city money or resources may be used to question, investigate, or arrest based on actual or suspected violation of federal immigration laws.  Mayor Blake said:
“Throughout Baltimore’s great history, we have strived to be a place that welcomes foreign-born residents to participate fully in civic life, recognizing that our city’s ethnic and cultural diversity is a key element to strong and growing neighborhoods,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said. “This new Executive Order clarifies existing anti-discrimination policies and local law enforcement practices in Baltimore and makes clear that discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated under any circumstances.”
So we can’t have “discrimination” between law-abiding citizens and law-breaking invaders? Shall we also end discrimination against burglars – er, “undocumented houseguests” – as well?
Here is the mayor in her own words:
If you are familiar with the lawless madhouse called Maryland these days, you will recognize this absurd and insulting term: “New American” – the Soros Left’s appelation for illegal aliens. In fact it is George Soros’ own brother Paul who coined this term, and who, with brother George, funds radical hate groups groups like CASA de Maryland and National Council of La Raza (and through their political allies, arrange hefty taxpayer grants for them as well).
Gov. Martin O’Malley has a separate Council for New Americans to cater to the “rights” of illegal aliens (and Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago recently created the same in America’s 3rd largest city).
Stand With Arizona, MDPetitions and the No Dream Act alliance effectively stopped one part of O’Malley’s and Soros’ agenda last year when we organized tens of thousands of our activists to get out and sign petitions – some even getting assaulted and spat at by CASA de Maryland thugs – in order to block enactment of the “Maryland Dream Act”, which would have granted in-state tuition and financial aid to illegal aliens. The measure is before the voters this Novembers and our NDA activists will be out in force and on the airwaves to make sure it is defeated for good.
But the open-borders fanatics will never, ever quit trying to undermine the rule of law in order to create “New Americans” – or more accurately, new Democrat voters, as this lawless mayor demonstrates. This is why she will never have to fear a lawsuit like Jan Brewer, Alabama Gov. Bentley, or Sheriff Joe Arpaio have faced. It is up to us to derail this crazy train – on November 6th.
[Full details on the Mayor's executive order here

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