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Oy Frickin’ Vey: Israeli Prez Shimon Peres on Yenta Hag-Fest, “The View”

By  Debbie Schlussel

I’d like to know which teepshee [Hebrew for dummy] at Israel’s Ministry of Public Affairs agreed to book 89-year-old left-wing Israeli President Shimon Peres on ABC’s pro-Muslim yenta hag-fest, “The View,” this morning.

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There’s another Hebrew word I have in mind that the Israelis apparently did not:  hasbarah.  It has several meanings, primarily public relations or public diplomacy.  But it can also mean propaganda.  Peres’ appearance on “The View,” this morning did neither.
Baba Wawa thankfully spared us her fellow co-airheads on the show and chose to question Peres–the architect of every failed, murderous “peace” deal Israel has ever had, including the disastrous Oslo Accords–by herself.  Peres, as he always does, spoke with a thick accent and wasn’t too sharp.  He’s no Binyamin Netanyahu in the speech department.  But Netanyahu (whose party is in power, NOT Peres’ Labor Party) is smart enough never to go on this show watched mostly by ditzes, welfare queens, and gay stay-at-home dads. He knows in advance that Wawa will be tougher on him than she is on terrorist host and human rights abuser Bashar Assad.  It’s truly a new low for Israel, and I thank G-d that HRHSBotU [Her Royal Highness Supreme Being of the Universe] Oprah’s daytime show is now off the air.
Wawa repeatedly cajoled Peres about a possible Israeli attack on Iran and asked about Israel’s nukes.  She also harped on him that “we don’t want to be pulled into a war.”  Um, who is “we?”  She doesn’t speak for me.  And, in poll after poll, the majority of the American people support Israel in an attack on Iran.  He sheepishly answered, “Well, we don’t want to hurt anybody.”  Oy Frickin’ Vey.  Golda Meir and Menachem Begin and a gazillion Israeli soldiers who gave their lives for this schmuck are turning over in their graves.  Soooo weak.  Um, what about the statements by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he wants to wipe Israel off the map?  Peres barely alluded to it.  What about Hezbollah and HAMAS–both proxies of Iran that are not only on two of Israel’s borders, but actually all of its borders (HAMAS has a large base in Syria and Jordan and both HAMAS and Hezbollah–which now controls Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades–have a large presence in the Palestinian Authority)?  Never mentioned. Does this guy know anything about what’s happening in and around his own country?!
I was sickened, but I couldn’t decide who made me sicker:  Peres or Wawa.  I say, lock ‘em up in a Cairo falafel hut and let some Egyptian/Libyan/Syrian (take your pick) “democracy” protesters finish ‘em off.  Then ask their ghosts about the Iran nukes.
Guest co-host and fakest-”Christian”-non-supermodel-who-posed-topless-ever, airhead Kathy Ireland, began the show by telling us how impressed she was with the story Peres told her backstage about how he’s a shepherd and how upset he was as a kid when his parents violated the Jewish Sabbath by listening to war news on the radio.  Um, Kathy, here’s a tip:  Shimon Peres is NOT a religious Jew.  He does not keep the Sabbath, and his biggest “accomplishment” was when he headed the Labor movement public school “education” and stripped most of the kids of Sephardic Jewish immigrants to Israel of their Jewish religious observances, calling them backward.  These kids were also never taught about the Holocaust or the history of the Jewish people and instead reprogrammed to understand the “plight” of the invented Palestinian “people” and their “history.”  Oh, and Kathy, since you don’t read a paper and don’t know much, here’s another tip:  Shimon Peres ain’t a shepherd of anything . . . except mindless appeasement policies that have eroded and destroyed Israel for decades.  At 89, it’s long past time for this “shepherd” to retire and join his grandchildren, most of whom are in America trying to become actresses.
Whatever happened to the good old days, when Kathy Ireland was relegated to scantilly-clad St. Patrick’s Day beer ad cut-outs and forced to keep her mouth shut?  And whatever happened to the good old days when daytime TV was for game shows and soap operas?  Those are Shakespearean classics compared to what’s replaced them.
Attention, Israel:  stay away from moronic ABC personalities who brag about their Fourth of July vacations with the leader of Syria It might be a hint.

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