Thursday, March 15, 2012


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By Robert Firth
Free Zone Contributor
The Hero of The Battle of Tours was Charles “The Hammer” Martel. He was the right man in the right place at the right time. He was what they call the "indispensable man". England had two, Churchill and Enoch Powell. One they listened to and one they ( sadly) didn't.

Decisions have consequences and we all bear responsibility for those that affect our nation and our world, whether intended or not! Permitting, and even encouraging, hordes of the great unwashed into the west just so they can support libs was and is purely suicidal and the penalties continue to play out! Cultural diversity is a sick joke and can only result in the destruction of once great countries.

Geert Wilders, in Holland, is a modern day Martel. He needs our support and we need him and those like him if we are to survive. Religious diversity is a tragically flawed concept that contains the seeds of its own destruction. Sadly, most can't see this until it’s far too late. As it is today, in the UK and Europe, 54 million Muslims squirt out hundreds of new islamists every day. Fully 50 percent are genetically damaged by 1500 years of continuous and systematic incest...
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