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ForgeryGate: Obama’s Operation Sideshow Is A Mission Accomplished, Part 4

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Barack Obama 5 SC ForgeryGate: Obama’s Operation Sideshow Is A Mission Accomplished, Part 4
A name not mentioned enough in the ForgeryGate controversy is Ms. Fuddy, the current Director of the Hawaii Department of Health
Ms. Loretta J. Fuddy does not even get a shout out from the Obama administration during the press gaggle, given the “extraordinary” levers of the Hawaiian governmental organs she needed to pull to make this happen for Obama.  Having her letter buried as page 4 of 4 was not surprising, given the false narrative they created to cover their actions on Obama’s about face and sudden U-turn on this issue.   An honorable mention needs to be made when she discusses her strained and disrupted state agency over this matter, and one wonders just how much of this hyperbole is true?  If in fact she is telling the truth, then we have significant evidence that many citizens see this as a critical issue for our elected representatives and courts to resolve and should be dealt with immediately.This letter is the most important part of the documentation that is at the center of this tawdry and sordid affair and is quite telling on what actually transpired on April 25th, 2011 and subsequent to that date. In her letter to president Obama, she states she gave “two certified copies of his Certificate of Live Birth.”

 They were hand delivered to Ms. Judith Corley of the law firm Perkins Coie, Obama‘s personal counsel as detailed in the press gaggle transcript on the morning of April 27, 2011.
MR. PFEIFFER: As Bob said, it arrived by plane — the President’s personal counsel went to Hawaii and brought it back and we got it last night.
Ms. Fuddy continues the legalese artifice and alludes to some special process herself, she should be intimately familiar with Hawaii Statute §338-18 which was discussed in detail in Mission Accomplished, Part 3 so it is superfluous.  So maybe there really are some unbreakable bureaucratic rules in her agency?  Which Ms. Fuddy then gives special dispensation to, though I doubt it, much less since 1980?  Hawaiian law seems quite clear and gives government requests special status for whatever their specific needs and circumstances are.
She states that she has personally witnessed the copying of these certificates with,
“I have witnessed the copying of the certificate and attest to the authenticity of these copies.”

This all important statement is completely lacking in the transcript of the press briefing on the morning of the 27th, since they did not lay the foundation for the authenticity of the posted certificate(s) on the White House website, far from it as we will soon see.
The press corps did not attempt to ascertain what it was they were actually looking at or given in their press packet, except for the following:
With a question from a reporter on page 3 paragraph 8:
This first one has never been released publicly, correct?
Bob Bauer answers this in the next sentence:
That’s correct. It is in a bound volume in the records at the state Department of Health in Hawaii. 
Then we have this question by an unnamed reporter on page 6 paragraph 14:
Just to clarify what this document is –
Dan Pfeiffer answers this question in the next sentence:
This is the — the letter first and the two certified copies — this is one of those. This is the same thing you have a copy of as the first page of your packet.
Coming back to Ms. Fuddy in the first question it is stated by Bob Bauer that it is from the State Department of Health as coming from a “bound volume“, however; it is not stated that it is specifically one of the “two” copies given to Ms. Corley.   In the second question there are missing words, or possible editing as to what exactly the copy is?
During the press briefing Dan Pfeiffer, Bob Bauer or Jay Carney did not state what they would do with the copies of Obama’s long-form birth certificate they received from Ms. Fuddy through Ms. Corley other than the question by an unnamed reporter found on page 4 paragraph 3:
Will the President be holding it?
Dan Pfeiffer answered this on the next line:
He will not, and I will not leave it here for him to do so. But it will — the State Department of Health in Hawaii will obviously attest that that is a — what they have on file. As Bob said, it’s in a book in Hawaii.
Please notice the missing words.  This is now a pivotal statement by Obama’s Communication Director, which leaves serious doubts on what it is he actually has.  Much less the whole “sideshow“ message was created to stifle debate on this issue as they released the forged birth certificate into the public domain.
Note: Mission Accomplished Part One, Two and Three discuss the messaging by Dan Pheiffer, Bob Bauer and Jay Carney in detail.
No one declares in the press briefing what is to be done with these documents, other than Obama in his short statement to follow
After reading the eight-page press gaggle briefing numerous times in an attempt to determine what it was they are going to do with the certified copies of Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth”; the principals that held this briefing are silent on this matter.  The press corps does not ask any questions on what they will do with them either.   The only one to state what that may be is Obama himself in his short statement that followed the press gaggle briefing for Operation Sideshow.
Obama only intimates with a vague reference during his short statement though does it in a way that it is a negative statement that is not specific to really anything with the following:
I know that there’s going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest.  But I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press.
(Note: underlined words are my emphasis.)
Obama’s remark is a self-fulfilling prophecy since he and  his aides have failed to state anything about what is actually posted on the White House website.  Is the image on in fact one of the ‘certified” documents made and received on the 25th of April from Hawaii’s Department of Health and given to Obama’s personal counsel?  We simply do not know as no one in the administration has stated publicly that they are one and the same.
Bob Bauer, Dan Pheiffer, Jay Carney, Judith Corley, Loretta Fuddy or Obama have not made any statements about what actually resides on the White House website.   What we do know is that investigators of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office of the State of Arizona have deemed this “certificate of live birth” to be a forgery.  It should not be a stretch of anyone’s imagination that the forgery was substituted for the genuine certified certificate(s) received on the 26th by person(s) unknown and posted on, a classic bait and switch con.
Operation Sideshow was a rousing success as pointed out in the beginning of this investigation
When Obama used his “sideshow” line, with its ability to influence and resonate with the media, internet blogosphere and pundits of all stripes and persuasions was nothing short of amazing.  The whole point of the press corps being primed was to make it a predetermined outcome in the press gaggle on the morning of April 27, 2011  before he gave it his classic one-two punch and introduced the “sideshow” message to the world.
With the now famous or infamous words depending on your perspective:
We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers. 
The repulsive moral condemnation that Obama and his supporters hold for anyone on this unanswered question is reprehensible:
We do not have time for this kind of silliness.
The condescending manner in which the presidents aides and he himself holds for anyone that dares question him or his supporters on this, is contemptible in and of itself.  It is Obama’s obligation to provide beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is in fact who he claims to be.  It is not our responsibility as citizens to do this work for him, after all he works for the American people, all of us, whether he recognizes this fact or not.
We need to make sure he understands this all important distinction.
It is amazing how one simple phrase “sideshow” has caused a false narrative about his birth certificate(s), which have now been discredited and declared a forgery to circle the globe in a matter of minutes as a bona fide document by Obama and company.   The swiftness of the “sideshow” message to give instant cover for this deception is an indictment on a news media and press corps that has relinquished their status as the “Fourth Estate” to challenge and ascertain any truth or deception in our society from any source.  They have relegated themselves to nothing more than overpaid cheerleaders lacking any dignity or moral character.  By doing so they have sealed their fate and reputation with that of Obama and his leftist supporters, and tossed the nation and the American people over the railing.
The silence, arrogance and audacity out of Obama on this matter is reminiscent of Napoleon and many other despots that have come before him and is a portent on the erosion and destruction of the rule of law in our Constitutional Republic.  Which has given the rise to the oligarch and the resultant tyranny that follows if this is allowed to stand unchallenged.
Part Five discusses actions and statements of officials of the State of Hawaii in the Five-O Pineapple Express connection.

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