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BY Wayne Kulick

Recently, Jan Brewer vetoed HB2729, State Regulation of Firearms. The essence of the bill would prevent, a state agency, or a political subdivision of the state to enact ordinances or rules in accordance with state law that limit or prohibit the possession of firearms on public property unless:
  • The public property is a secured facility.
  • There are signs prohibiting the possession of firearms clearly posed at all public entrances, and
  • There are secure firearm lockers within reasonable proximity to the main public entrance that are under the control of the operator of the property and that allow for the immediate retrieval of the firearm when exiting the property.
I must admit, I’m totally perplexed by Brewer. She has an A+ rating by the NRA, purports to be a supporter of Second Amendment rights but when push comes to shove, she displays a liberal mentality on exercising a individual right of the Constitution. Does she believe that somehow when the law abiding citizen crosses onto some sacred public property they absolve themselves of their law abiding nature? Hardly. In her speech to NRA members in the 2009 NRA convention in Phoenix, she stated she was an “ardent supporter of the Second Amendment.” Really. And here were a few other doozys:

 “Together, we are always focusing on protecting the rights to bear arms here in Arizona.”
 “Since statehood, Arizona has cherished the individual right to keep and bear arms. The Arizona Constitution captures that quite clearly as it states, the right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state SHALL NOT be impaired.”“Don’t mess with the Second Amendment.”In her veto letter, Brewer wrote: “while I appreciate the efforts of the bill sponsor … there must be a more thorough and collaborative discussion of the proper place for guns in the public arena.”It was Governor. It’s called committee and floor debates. Her comment gives great insight to her real belief concerning basic rights of the Constitution; that they only apply to places deemed “proper” by those who know best…government bureaucrats.
She also stated “The decisions to permit or prohibit guns in these extremely sensitive locations — whether a city council chamber or branch office staffed with state workers — should be cooperatively reached and supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders, including citizens, law-enforcement officials and local government leaders.”
Again, it was. Both House and Senate passed the bill. By definition it’s the will of the people. Brewer took it upon herself to unilaterally decide limitations on Second Amendment rights. Interesting she considers public buildings ANY public building to be a sensitive area. She decided law biding concealed carry permit holders are able to carry in establishments that serve alcohol. Hard to get more sensitive than that.
A study conducted by the legislative staff said the cost to ban guns at a public entity would be about $60,000 +/- $55,000. Brewer stated that was ONE reason she vetoed the bill. My opinion is that it’s THE reason she vetoed the bill. Yes, in her eyes individual rights are rights only if she can afford them.
Of course, this isn’t the first time Brewer has been schizophrenic on gun rights. She vetoed SB 1467, the “Campus Carry” bill in a rude and nonsensical veto letter citing it being poorly written, open to interpretation and using undefined phrases. It really is about the money. She’s just using smoke and mirrors to make it seem as if it’s something else.
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Wayne KulickPhoenix Conservative Examiner

Wayne is a retired Naval Officer and Naval Aviator with over 25 years of service. He has written for conservative publications including the Intellectual Conservative, The DC Post and RedFox Politix. He has also been a published contributor in The Stars and Stripes and the Navy Times. 

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