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Neil W. McCabe, Editor

Dear Guns & Patriots reader,

As W. Mitt Romney holds auditions for the bottom of his ticket, one of the names on everyone's short list is New Jersey Gov. Christopher J. Christie.

But, a Garden State gun rights leader warns that Republican heavyweight is not the strong advocate for the Second Amendment and gun owners he led people to believe when he ran for governor in 2009.

Frank Jack Fiamingo, the president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, said if Christie became vice-president, he has no expectations that Christie would advocate at all for gun owner rights. "None, whatsoever. I honestly don't because there has been no indication."

At critical junctures, Christie has failed to side with New Jersey gun owners, he said. In addition to policy, Christie nominated anti-gun owners Democrat Paula T. Dow, first as the state's attorney general, then to a temporary senior legal position at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Once her tenure at the Port Authority is complete, the governor has announced that he will nominate her to a judgeship in northern New Jersey.

The society's big push is Operation Compliance, a project that targets local governments that adds new requirements or new delays on gun permitting in violation in state law, he said.

When society members confront local officials with the state law, the members are told that officials are following directives from the state police, he said. The state police in turn, say they receive guidance from the governor's office. "It is a problem he could solve with the stroke of a pen."

The case of Brian Aiken is a case study in how Christie operates, Fiamingo said. In the process of moving from his parents' house to a new apartment in Hoboken after living for years in Colorado, Aiken was caught with two guns and magazines in his trunk and some hollow-point bullets.

In New Jersey, you can only have your weapon in your home or at the range with limited privilege to have the guns and ammunition in transit.

Aiken's jury was never told by the judge that state law has a waiver for a gun owner who is in the process of moving, he said. Aiken was sentenced to seven years in prison.

After four months of protests from gun owners in the state and nationally, Christie commuted the sentence instead of granting a pardon, he said. With the commutation, the felony conviction is not vacated, so although he is not longer in jail, Aiken's gun rights were not restored.

The Second Amendment Society of New Jersey was founded July 12, 2010 with nine other men in Fiamingo's kitchen, he said. "We started with 10 and now we have many thousands of members and supporters."

The 63-year-old retired computer professional said he did not own a gun until he was 61 and his real motivation is to defend and restore gun rights.

"We are not asking for the right, the right exists," he said. "We are not begging for crumps from the table of our lord and master. The right exist and they need to stop infringing on our right."

NJ2AS did not exist in the last governor's race, but Fiamingo said he is exploring how whether the group can make endorsements given its non-profit status.

It may be the case that there may have to be a separate group devoted to politics, he said.

In a race between Christie and his presumed Democratic opponent State Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney, Fiamingo it would be a toss-up for New Jersey gun owners.

After he became the senate president in 2010, Sweeney promised that he would block any new restrictions on gun rights, he said. "So far, he has kept that promise." Sweeney is a gun owner and sportsman.

"For me it really comes down to two parts," he said. "Christie has done nothing for us and Sweeney has done nothing against us."

This week, I hope you enjoy reading Ted Nugent's column, which will be a regular feature. Nugent is one of the great advocates for restoring gun rights in America.

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Neil W. McCabe
Editor, Guns & Patriots

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