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Federal Judges Get $1 Miillion Hawaiian Junket at Taxpayers’ Expense

Written by Gary North on May 23, 2012
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Too bad you’re not a judge with the Ninth Court of Appeals. If you were, you would be making plans for a summer vacation on Maui.
Of course, you would face a gruling schedule of investigations, becoming more alert to crucial legal issues.
When exposed by Breitbart, the Court had a ready answer.
The Ninth Circuit is in receipt of the May 18, 2012, letter from Senators Grassley and Sessions, Ranking Members of the Senate Judiciary and Senate Budget Committees, respectively, regarding the upcoming Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. The letter is being reviewed at this time and a response to the Senators will be forthcoming.
As part of the Third Branch of government, the Ninth Circuit is fully aware of its responsibilities as a steward of public funds. The conference is authorized by law “for the purpose of considering the business of the courts and advising means of improving the administration of justice within the circuit.” [§ 28 U.S.C. Sec. 333] The conference fully adheres to these goals, providing an exceptional educational program and the opportunity to conduct numerous business meetings that further circuit governance. Judges and other attendees take seriously their obligation to participate fully in the conference. Costs for lodging and air travel to attend the conference are comparative to those found at mainland venues. Any sporting and recreational activities are paid for by individuals and are not reimbursable.
It is indicative of the nearsightedness of the Breitbart news organization that it to understand the tremendous opportunities that Maui offers to dedicated judges to advance the science of jurisprudence. Were it not for the dedication of judges like these, who specialize in bankruptcy cases, the government would not be as close to bankruptcy as it is. It moving toward bankruptcy, it’s a million here, and a million there. Pretty soon it adds up.
So, I am standing behind our federal judges. I think other circuit courts are not seeing their opportunities and taking them. They should look to the Ninth Circuit Court for guidance.
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