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OBAMA U.S. Supreme Court Eligibility Issue: Shame On You

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U.S. Supreme Court Eligibility
Issue: Shame On You

By Devvy Kidd
On January 3, 2012, Montgomery Blair Sibley filed a proper and correct Quo Warranto to remove the usurper, Obama/Soetoro, from office. You can view that legal document here.

On January 12, 2012, Montgomery sent a certified letter to Ronald C. Machen, Jr., United States Attorney for the District of Columbia:

"RE: Request pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §3332 to inform the grand jury of whether President Barack Obama may have violated Federal criminal law, my identity and your action or recommendation."

Response: None.

By February 13, 2012, 40 days after filing the suit, the District Court Judge had not ruled on any part of the Quo Warranto suit, so Montgomery filed a petition for mandamus with the Circuit Court of Appeal.

March 7, 2012, that court ruled:
“The district court’s delay in ruling on the petition for writ of quo warranto is not so egregious or unreasonable as to warrant the extraordinary remedy of mandamus.” 

Montgomery filed a
petition for rehearing with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Colubmia Circuit asking the full court of appeals to consider whether allowing Barack to continue as President is indeed a question deserving immediate judicial attention. 

Moving along down the road in the farce called the federal judiciary system, on March 28, 2012, Montgomery filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court. You can read that document here.

Act surprised! The lofty gods in the black robes declined to expedite the petition. What does that mean? The Quo Warranto statute was written expressly to remove a usurper from office. All the judges involved in Montgomery's case know full damn well this is the hottest issue in the country besides jobs, although with the media and cable tv network anchors supporting the cover up, one might get the impression it's no big deal.

An impostor who was never constitutionally eligible for the office of president is trying to usurp the office a second time and he is being aided by courts from administrative law judges to the highest court in the land.

The U.S. Supreme Court said without saying it that the case won't be decided until October, sending a clear message to the lower courts they can sit on this while the putative president continues to sign bills into law and pretends to be Commander in Chief. October - one month before the pretend election.

<>Back in April of 2010, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told a U.S. House sub committee the high court was evading the eligibilty issue; video of his comments here. 
The black robes in this country continue to shame everything this nation was built upon: Courage, honesty, integrity and decency. All of them from the State of Georgia, New Jersey to the highest court in the land have tucked their manhood right between their legs. They continue to promote the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the people of this country because they're cowards.
Because Obama/Soetoro wasn't eligible in 2008, he still isn't in 2012 and that, as all those judges know, presents a constitutional crisis never before seen in this country. Every bill Soetoro has signed into "law" is null and void. Every treaty he's signed is null and void. Every action he's taken as alleged Commander in Chief is null and void.
They would all rather shove such a monstrous act of fraud down our throats than give us credit for dealing with it in a rational and professional manner.
The outlaws in the U.S. Congress - ALL of them - are equally guilty in allowing this fraud to continue because they allowed it to happen by not challenging the electoral college vote on January 9, 2009. The American people didn't even bother to hold them accountable in 2010. They voted back in 86% of the same gutless cowards.
We the people are not going away and neither is this issue. There are many challenges proceeding across the country and Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be releasing even more damning information soon.
At some point, the criminal syndicate in Washington, DC., won't be able to plug all the holes in the dam and something will give. It will take only one state to deny Soetoro ballot access and then it's all over.
Like many others, I believe Soetoro and his handlers are running scared. We've had so many defeats by the gutless cowards on the bench, but the court of public opinion is a powerful tool.

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