Thursday, June 14, 2012


Posted By Woody Pendleton


Dear Reader:

We've seen some scary things in the past three and a half years. Let us tell you about the most frightening.

Obama's EPA and its radical environmentalist cronies are quietly moving to dramatically expand the EPA's already vast power.

An emboldened EPA is acting right now to usurp unprecedented power over the American economy, threatening our independence, killing major industries and destroying jobs.

The EPA already boldly vetoed a project after final approval by local, state and other federal agencies!

As the courts continue to rule on this EPA veto, now they're attempting to unilaterally prohibit a project before an application is even submitted.

Unchecked and emboldened by past actions, the EPA is seizing power from every state and local government.

The EPA's goal – unprecedented veto power to kill any project in the country without due process and without the input of other local, state and federal agencies – will give them near total control over energy, mining and construction decisions in the United States.

Scare you?

It should.

But you can do something about it. Stop them from taking the first step down this slippery slope.

Here's their secret plan.

First, find a convenient project that little is known about to use as a political target.

Second, spread fear and misinformation about the project through powerful environmental organizations.

Third, use fear of the project to have the EPA swoop in and stop the project before it's even applied for a permit.

The real goal of their secret agenda is the biggest expansion of the Clean Water Act in its 40-year history.
If the EPA is successful in a preemptive veto – meaning answering "no" before anyone asks – it will establish a new precedent and give the EPA a powerful new weapon to kill projects such as home-building, manufacturing, infrastructure, energy plants, even farms at the will of powerful environmental groups.

This will make the EPA the most powerful agency in the nation and cripple the American economy.

Think it can't happen? Well it already is.

The target – this time – is the Pebble deposit in remote rural Alaska.

Pebble is a potential mine that sits on state lands designated for mining.

Pebble just happens to be the largest mineral deposit ever discovered in the U.S. It could pump billions into our economy and provide domestic supplies of resources needed for manufacturing and national defense applications.

After eight years and $500 million in exploration and planning Pebble is still in the process of developing mine plans to extract the resources in an environmentally sensitive manner. Only after they go through a rigorous permitting process will the project be able to move forward.

Yet the EPA, as part of its secret plan, is exploiting the opposition to the project, which is driven by well-funded groups that want to stop American mining.

The EPA recently released a 1,000 page sham draft watershed assessment of the Bristol Bay area based on impacts from a hypothetical mine and completed in record time for the EPA (nine months).

The study is being used as the excuse for EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to issue a blanket permit veto for all projects in the area – before they have even proposed a plan or applied for permits.

We need to stop the sham study and the preemptive vetoes to follow in its tracks before it's too late.

Think they won't stop here? Well on the same day the Bristol Bay draft study was released, environmentalists called for the same action to be used in the Great Lakes.

Where will they go after that? Your state?

The most important thing you can do today is help us slow down the EPA by demanding a 120-day public comment extension on the Bristol Bay watershed assessment.

If successful, the EPA will have near total control over the American economy. They will have reach into nearly every project in America.

Click here to tell the EPA to slow down and stop the power grab.

If the EPA is not stopped, similar studies will be initiated throughout the country, throwing economic investment into chaos and destroying the American economy.

We can sit back and put the EPA in the driver's seat or we can stop this power grab. Enough is enough.

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