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Arizona flag SC Border States Must Protect Their Legal Citizens
If I am stopped somewhere between my house and downtown (which is only three blocks) for violating a driving law, such as running a stop sign, or speeding, or a number of a other violations, I am asked to present my driver license. This is to show that I am registered by my state to drive a motor vehicle.
Possibly in the beginning, this law upset some folks, but now that it has been on the books these many years, it’s accepted as a good law. This is the way drivers are identified as being legally authorized to drive, and also identifies those that are not legal drivers for some reason or another.
Sb 1070 is only a tool that Arizona can use to identify those that do not have legal authority to be roaming the streets, causing havoc, and destroying private or government property, and draining the tax paying citizens of millions of dollars in the way of welfare.
True, it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to protect the borders of the “United States” from those that are intent on crossing into this country and violating the rights of its citizens. However, in the event that the Federal Government fails to do their duty in enforcing the laws that are intended to do, then it is time for the States to declare themselves their caretaker, and pass laws that protect their citizens.
What would happen if we as citizens of the United States decided that it was no longer for us to carry driver license?
What would happen when it became tax time, and we decided it wouldn’t be in our best interest to pay our taxes?
What would happen when we become old enough to draw our social security, but we refused to show our social security card? We could forget our social security check.
What would happen if we decide to drive down the interstate highway at one hundred miles an hour, when the speed limit is seventy? We would get a ticket!
Sure, we have a lot of laws we have to abide by (some we like and some we don’t), but we are a Nation founded on laws, and these laws at the same time keep us free.
If we feel that our right are being violated, we can use the law to plead our cause in court. Also, if we believe our rights are being violated, the law can take us to the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court.
In my country way of thinking, the new SB1070 that was intended to protect their citizens is a no-brainer. It just makes good sense!
There has always been a legal way to enter America, and it has been used by millions since our founding. There are bridges that span across from the united States into Mexico, and there are also bridges that cross over into Canada. These are to be used to cross from one country over into another. There are ways for people that wish to make America their home, and are willing to obey the laws and work hard, to come here legally.
We are a country of immigrants, and for that reason, we are envied by all other nations. Immigration has been the energy that greased the wheels of commerce, and tilled the soil, and planted our crops, and brought in the harvest.
But on the other hand, illegal immigration has been a drain on all our resources, especially at a time when we are operating in the red ink, and our unemployment is in the eight present range. The American citizens need to have laws that protect them, not the people that are here un-invited. There is a huge difference.
The federal Government needs to step up to the plate and do their job, or else step out of the way, so someone else can make a difference.
Give the states the authority to direct their business the way that is best suited for that state. Every state has different needs, “One size doesn’t fit all.”

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