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Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller, who had earlier in the decade founded the Club of Rome. Rockefeller was also Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations when he founded these organizations, so one could say that David Rockefeller achieved a "trifecta" of internationalism at this time. Among all the out-front globalists, David Rockefeller has pride of place, given his initiatives and leading positions.
Rockefeller supposedly first proposed the organization in 1972 at a Bilderberg conference but it did not receive much positive response. His description: the organization could "be of help to government by providing measured judgment." Despite the cold reception, Rockefeller went ahead and perhaps his suggestion to the Bilderbergers was merely a formality.
Zbigniew Brzezinski resigned from Columbia University to help Rockefeller form the group, joined by Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker, both of whom became chairmen of the Federal Reserve system. Rockefeller founded the startup along with the Ford Foundation. The first meeting was apparently held at Rockefeller's NY Pocantico estate and attended by 250 of the world's industrial, bureaucratic and economic elite. The Commission was formally inaugurated in 1973. Today, there are 350 members, publishes a magazine called Trialogue and continues emphasis on building relationships between Europe, Asia and the US.
In 1975 "Outline for Remaking World Trade and Finance" stated, "Close Trilateral cooperation in keeping the peace, in managing the world economy, and in fostering economic development and in alleviating world poverty, will improve the chances of a smooth and peaceful evolution of the global system."
Another document stated: "The overriding goal is to make the world safe for interdependence by protecting the benefits which it provides for each country against external and internal threats which will constantly emerge from those willing to pay a price for more national autonomy ... More frequently however, it will call for checking the intrusion of national government into the international exchange of both economic and non-economic goods."
Senator Barry Goldwater wrote the following in With No Apologies: "In my view, the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. All this is to be done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community ... As managers and creators of the system they will rule the future."
According to The August Report, the Trilateral Commission retains enormous clout. "For anyone who doubts the Commission's continuing influence on [President Barack] Obama, consider that he has already appointed no less than eleven members of the Commission to top-level and key positions in his Administration ... According to official Trilateral Commission membership lists, there are only 87 members from the United States (the other 337 members are from other regions). Thus, in less than two weeks since his inauguration, Obama's appointments encompass more than 12% of Commission's entire U.S. membership."
As follows:
* Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner
* Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice
* National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones
* Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon
* Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volker
* Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair
* Assistant Secretary of State, Asia & Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell
* Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg
* State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Haass
* State Department, Special Envoy, Dennis Ross
* State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Holbrooke

 For anyone who doubts the control The Trilateral Commission has look at the positions of national control these people have in America right now.   We must, if we want to retain our freedom and nation, get all these people out of government and out of the USA.
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