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Aurora Massacre: “Sources Say” Jounalism from CALL 7 “Investigators”

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Aurora Massacre: “Sources Say” Jounalism from CALL 7 “Investigators”

by Scott Creighton

All across the internet “news’ sites, people are writing about University of Colorado psychiatrist Lynne Fenton and whether or not she did enough to warn authorities about the potential danger of her patient, James Holmes. According to all the reports, Fenton contacted the threat assessment team at the school 10 days or so before the shooting and they did nothing because Holmes was in the process of dropping out of class.

Pundits and scribes debate the actions of the school and Fenton and everyone in between, keeping the story in the headlines, and his guilt readily accepted as fact. That’s why the story was put out there; to convict him in the court of public opinion.
But there’s one little problem… the story is based entirely on nothing… unnamed sources speaking about specific evidence of a case that the judge has declared sealed.
One more little problem, the story comes from ABC “News”, the same people who deliberately misrepresented the quote from Holmes’ mother to imply that she was saying he did it.
Here is the original story written by Arthur Kane and John Ferrugia , CALL7 Investigators.  Notice, they call themselves “investigators”. That’s funny. Here’s their proof:
“Sources Tell… sources with knowledge…. sources told… Sources say… sources say… a source said… Sources did not know… said one source… said another source… One source also… Sources familiar with the investigation… Sources also say… sources say… ” Call 7 “Investigators”
The “investigators” over at Call 7 (ABC “NEWS” in Denver) cited this (these?) unnamed sources 13 times in their short article published this past Wednesday.
I wonder if their “sources” are the same sources who came out with the “stick figure drawing” confession story? Remember, the prosecution stated in court that those sources had it completely wrong and they hadn’t even opened the package before the story was published.
There is literally no way to verify anything in the CALL 7 “News” article with the exception of the one person they directly quote:
“Michael Carrigan, chairman of the CU Board of Regents, told CALL7 Investigators that he did not know if Holmes had ever been discussed by the BETA team.”It’s the first I’m hearing about this,” he said in a phone interview.” Call 7 “Investigators”
It’s interesting that someone would feed these idiots this story knowing full well that they are violation of the judges’ gag order. By doing so they are risking serious jail time and potentially the loss of their license to practice law.
Makes one wonder why such a non-issue story is worth such a risk.
Perhaps it’s because whomever fed  these two stenographers this drivel knows that once they publish it, every single “news” agency out there will uncritically report on it as fact, simply citing back to their totally unsupported article as proof.
Or perhaps, ABC “News” just made the story up like they did with the misquote from James Holmes’ mother.

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