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One morning 3 South Carolina good old boys
and 3 Yankees were in a ticket line
at the Spartanburg train station heading to
Columbia for a big football game.
The 3 Northerners each bought a ticket and
watched as the 3 Southerners
bought just one ticket among them.
"How are the 3 of you
going to travel on one 1 ticket?"
asked one of the Yankees.
"Watch and learn"
answered one of the boys from the South.
When the 6 travelers boarded the train,
the 3 Yankees sat down,
but the 3 Southerners
crammed into a bathroom together
and closed the door.
Shortly after the train departed,
the conductor came around to collect tickets.
He knocked on the bathroom door and said,
"Tickets please."
The door opened just a crack
and a single arm emerged
with a ticket in hand.
The Conductor took it and moved on.
The Yankees saw this happen and agreed
it was quite a clever idea.
Indeed, so clever that they decided
to do the same thing on the return trip
and save some money.
That evening after the game
when they got to the Columbia train station,
they bought a single ticket for the return trip
while to their astonishment
the 3 Southerners didn't buy even 1 ticket!
"How are you going to travel without a ticket?"
asked one of the perplexed Yankees.
"Watch and learn",
answered one of the Southern boys.
When they boarded the train the 3 Northerners
crammed themselves into a bathroom and
the 3 Southerners crammed themselves
into the other bathroom across from it.
Shortly after the train began to move,
one of the Southerners left their bathroom
and walked quietly over to the Yankee's bathroom.
He knocked on the door and said "Ticket please".
. . . . . .
There's just no way on God's green earth
to explain how them Yankees won that war . . .


Yet another example of Senator Feinstein’s seeming anti-Obama administration “mistake” has taken place – this time revealing potential plans for future attacks against Iran.

A meeting between the director of Israel’s highly secretive intelligence organization – Mossad, was held recently in Washington D.C. in which potential plans for military strikes against Iran were discussed in some detail.  Feinstein, as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman  attended the meeting, as well as  CIA director David Petraeus.
And how then did such an important and normally secret meeting become public knowledge?
Senator Feinstein remarked on it during a publicly broadcast Senate hearing.  Either her disclosure was a rather startling error – or yet another calculated political move by one of the most powerful members of the U.S. Senate.  Readers may recall when Feinstein created a similar stir by announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden before President Obama had an opportunity to do so – an event that took place during a memorial for her longstanding political operative Kam Kuwata.
The events surrounding that story can be found   HERE <LINK)
Excerpt: INSIDER REPORT HERE...(Strong Language)..
There’s a fella…he’s West Coast…I’m East Coast.  Great guy.  Hell of a nice guy.  Smart. Real sharp.
…Oh yeah…he was there.  He was helping organize it all.  That’s how he got so close…closer than I had ever been to Obama up to then.
…so Obama is holed up in this room.  People are kinda mingling about I guess…maybe ten, fifteen minutes go by.  Then a couple folks march on in – that’s how he put it to me…they marched on in…very purposeful.  One looked like Secret Service…the other was a woman.  Didn’t get too specific.  Wish he would have but he didn’t.  The woman goes in – the other fella…he stays outside the door.  She’s in there for maybe another five minutes…she comes back out and tells ‘em to clear the hall.  Clear out.  Says they need about ten minutes to prepare.
…Yeah boy…right the f-ck through him.  He didn’t recognize…my friend…he had been introduced to Obama not more than a day before.  He was helping organize the whole fu–ing event there in Denver.  He spoke to the president…to the nominee…probably for about ten minutes.  And there was nothing odd at that time…Obama seemed like what everybody saw in public.  Not what my friend saw go into that room…or what he saw come out of that room.  And Barack Obama – my friend was very…he made a point of emphasis there – Barack Obama did not recognize him in the hall.  Not a clue.  He smiled down at him, shook his hand…kept repeating thank you over and over again…and his eyes were always blinking.  Fast.
…But that ain’t the meat of this thing…the…that’s not…I don’t give a f-ck if there weredrugs or what involved before he gave that speech in Denver.  What I care about…what-what…where this gets…where this leads us here is how people start gettin’ messed up who mighta seen whatever happened in that room before that speech…
…My friend…I heard later he had shared what he saw here and there.  I’m guessing that sharing…my gut tells me somebody wanted him to shut the f-ck up about it.
Young enough that when they are found dead at home with no sign of…of…of foul play…when the cause is put down as “natural causes”…
…when – I mean natural causes?  Really?  Just like that?  Natural f-cking causes?  A guy…he’s in relatively good health…not so bad anyways…he is found dead alone at home…been dead for weeks…natural causes?  All neat and tidy like that huh?
Guy in his 50′s…natural causes.  Just drifts off of natural causes? Well f-ck you no.  Now that just don’t sit right with this here boy.
How about the involvement of one of the most powerful members of the United StatesSenate?  That enough to perk you up?  That enough…f-cking specifics for you?
We got the death of a longtimer…an operative.  Good solid party guy.  Fifty somethin’ years old.  Natural causes. No investigation.  He sees something about the currentUnited States president…says it…shares it with some others, including this Senator.  They are tight.  Go way back a ways.  She’s got power.  If she has…if she gets some kind of information… that makes her a threat.  It makes him a threat.  There’s a businesspartner…he…well wouldn’t you know it…he has a serious legal threat brought down on him around the same time!  Imagine that?  Bet he was told something too, right?  No accident there.  Warnings is what was going on there.  Back the f-ck off – and it was comin’ right from the White House boys.  Or worse yet…back to f-cking Chicago.  The unions.  That vote that pissed ‘em off so much.  And then they killed him.  And now they are taking on the Senator herself.  Right on it.  Theft?  And the fu–ing thief is…I sh-t you not…she headed up an Obama group.  That’s either ballsy or stupid…or both…or just fu–ing insane.  The Senator…she knew something.  That vote…how she bypassed Obama on the Bin Laden announcement.  That wasn’t his call and she knew it.  She knew it.  Her words that night.  “No one knows when. No one knows how. No one knows why.”  She was warning them to back off…the White House.  Back the f-ck off.  The public face…all smiles and nods.  That’s how it’s always done…but there’s what’s said off to the side, if you know what to hear…you catch it.  It’s there.  You just gotta wait for it.  You just—




My wife told me to go to the doctors and get some
of those tablets that 'help' get an erection.
You should have seen her face when I came back and tossed her some diet pills!
I'm still looking for a place to live....
You know the commercials these days are so interesting, and sometimes more
so than the programs we're watching!!
Enjoy these - 

'Green light' to see Obama's Hawaii files

An attorney who presented evidence to a Georgia judge last week on Barack Obama’s eligibility for the state’s 2012 presidential ballot believes she now has a right to demand to see his original Hawaii documents.
Obama last April released what he said was a copy of his original Hawaii birth documentation, but a number of imaging, document and computer experts contend it is a fraud.
The original birth documentation could undermine Obama’s claim to be a “natural-born citizen,” as the Constitution requires. Many of his critics, however, say the birth documentation doesn’t matter, because Obama’s father never was a U.S. citizen. The Founders likely understood “natural-born citizen” to mean the offspring of two U.S. citizens.
Now California attorney Orly Taitz, who has brought a number of major legal challenges to Obama’s eligibility in various courts up to the U.S. Supreme Court, has told WND that when Obama and his lawyer wrote a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp last week refusing to attend the hearing on Obama’s eligibility status, they included a copy of the image that the White House released last April.
Discover what the Constitution’s reference to “natural born citizen” means and whether Barack Obama qualifies, in the ebook version of “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?”
They also sent a copy to the court of Judge Michael Malihi, the hearing officer, whose ruling is expected to be made available in the next few days.
That act, Taitz explained, effectively gave the court a copy of the White House documentation, and under ordinary rules of evidence the opposing side is supposed to have access to the original to verify the authenticity of the purported copy.
“They submitted a copy and said this is a copy of the original birth certificate. Now the other party has a right to examine the original,” she said.
Her next step was to ask Malihi for a letter to the courts in Hawaii seeking a subpoena for the records. When the judge responded that the issue probably was outside his jurisdiction as an administrative law judge, she received permission to take her request to the Fulton County Superior Court.
An email Taitz posted online showed the court in Georgia carried permission from Malihi to “feel free to petition the Superior Court, if you so choose.”
The birth-certificate issue has plagued Obama since before the 2008 election. When concerns arose about his eligibility, his campaign posted online an image of an abbreviated birth record called a “Certification of Live Birth.”
At the time, his campaign stated that it was the only document available from the state of Hawaii documenting births, even though other people were able to obtain a long-form document.
It was when the first hardcover edition of Where’s the Birth Certificate?” by Jerome Corsi was about to be released that Obama dispatched one of his private attorneys to Hawaii to fetch another document image, this time a long-form “Certificate of Live Birth.”
Many experts then concluded it likely was a computer-generated document and not a copy of an original 1961 document.
Taitz told WND that her request to the Superior Court will be to ask the Hawaii court system to issue a subpoena for the original documentation so she can examine it and compare it to the White House representation.
“I have a green light to proceed,” she said.
The image of the latest release from the White House:

She explained that the image was sent to Kemp and the judge at the time the attorney for Obama, Michael Jablonski, told Kemp he should simply cancel the hearing, because the president would not participate.
Jablonski told Kemp that “serious problems” had developed in the hearings “pending before the Office of State Administration Hearings.”
He said, “At issue in these hearings are challenges that allege that President Obama is not eligible to hold or run for re-election to his office, on the now wholly discredited theory that he does not meet the citizenship requirements.”
Jablonski said the judge – who previously rejected Obama’s demand to quash a subpoena for him to appear and bring with him his birth records documenting his status as a “natural-born citizen” – has “exercised no control” over the proceeding.
“It threatens to degenerate into a pure forum for political posturing to the detriment of the reputation of the state and your office. Rather than bring this matter to a rapid conclusion, the ALJ has insisted on agreeing to a day of hearings, and on the full participation of the president in his capacity as a candidate,” Jablonski wrote.
In a response posted online, Kemp told Jablonski the case referral and hearing was “in keeping with Georgia law.”
“As you are aware, OSAH Rule 616-1-2-.17 cited in your letter only applies to parties to a hearing. As the referring agency, the Secretary of State’s Office is not a party to the candidate challenge hearings scheduled for tomorrow. To the extent a request to withdraw the case referral is procedurally available, I do not believe such a request would be judicious given the hearing is set for tomorrow morning.”
He continued, “I expect the administrative law judge to report his findings to me after his full consideration of the evidence and law. Upon receipt of the report, I will fully and fairly review the entire record and initial decision of the administrative law judge.”
He also had a warning about the costs of not showing up for a court hearing.
“Anything you and your client place in the record in response to the challenge will be beneficial to my review of the initial decision; however, if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”
But Jablonski said, “We will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26.”
The hearing was held on concerns raised by citizens of Georgia under a state law that allows voters to challenge the eligibility of candidates on the state’s ballot. It is the states that run elections in the U.S., and national elections are just a compilation of the results of the 50 state elections.
The state law requires “every candidate for federal” office who is certified by the state executive committees of a political party or who files a notice of candidacy “shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought.”
State law also grants the secretary of state and any “elector who is eligible to vote for a candidate” in the state the authority to raise a challenge to a candidate’s qualifications, the judge determined.
Citizens raising concerns include David Farrar, Leah Lax, Thomas Malaren and Laurie Roth, represented by Taitz; David Weldon represented by attorney Van R. Irion of Liberty Legal Foundation; and Carl Swensson and Kevin Richard Powell, represented by J. Mark Hatfield. Cody Judy is raising a challenge because he also wants to be on the ballot.
Top constitutional expert Herb Titus contends that a “natural-born citizen” is born of parents who are citizens. That argument also is supported by a 19th-century U.S. Supreme Court decision, Minor vs. Happersett in 1875. The case includes one of very few references in the nation’s archives that addresses the definition of “natural-born citizen.”
That case states: “The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”
An extensive analysis of the issue was conducted by Titus, who has taught constitutional law, common law and other subjects for 30 years at five different American Bar Association-approved law schools. He also was the founding dean of the College of Law at Regent University, a trial attorney and special assistant U.S. attorney in the Department of Justice.
“‘Natural born citizen’ in relation to the office of president, and whether someone is eligible, was in the Constitution from the very beginning,” he said. “Another way of putting it; there is a law of the nature of citizenship. If you are a natural born citizen, you are a citizen according to the law of nature, not according to any positive statement in a Constitution or in a statute, but because of the very nature of your birth and the very nature of nations.”
If you “go back and look at what the law of nature would be or would require … that’s precisely what a natural born citizen is …. is one who is born to a father and mother each of whom is a citizen of the U.S. or whatever other country,” he said.
“Now what we’ve learned from the Hawaii birth certificate is that Mr. Obama’s father was not a citizen of the United States. His mother was, but he doesn’t qualify as a natural born citizen for the office of president.”

This exemplifies the power of simplicity. Brief. Stark. The plain, unvarnished truth.

America After Obama
Jeff Lukens,

 Barack Obama has gone from the “one we've been waiting for" to the one we can’t wait to kick out. No one ever thought one man could bring the nation to its knees, but here he is living in the White House. And on our knees we have been praying for the day that he leaves.

The audacity of a president hell-bent on destroying our great nation has truly been a stunning spectacle to observe. No lie is too ridiculous to tell about anyone who opposes him. With a compliant media behind him, the smears this Demagogue-in-Chief promises to unleash on his opponent this fall could divide the county so badly that it becomes ungovernable.

The societal tensions Obama promised to ease have worsened by his politics of envy. The racial healing he promised has been made worse. Despite overwhelming opposition, he forced a health plan on the people that few want. He has trampled on the Constitution, and infringed on powers granted to Congress. He has bailed out auto companies, investment bankers and insurance companies. He has given Constitutional rights to terrorists.

Obama’s greatest transgression, however, has been the explosion of government spending to the point where we are enslaved to a mountain of debt that can never be repaid. He has given us $1.6-trillion deficits, and will have added
more than $6 trillion to the debt by the end of his term. He has risen the percentage of GDP consumed by government to 25 percent. And all his spending has stimulated nothing.

If you believe what the government reports, total unemployment is
currently 15.2 percent as measured by U-6. During Obama’s tenure, true unemployment has been running greater than 20 percent and is near Depression Era levels. In sum, Obama’s presidency has hastened a financial disaster upon the nation.

Obama calls his policies “transformation.” In an earlier age, they would have been considered something akin to treason. Our enemies could not have planted someone to have caused more damage. And now, with financial collapse on the horizon, our very way of life is threatened.

Altogether, Barack Obama will probably go down in history as the worst president of all time. Until now, historians have long given that dubious distinction to James Buchanan, who left office to Abraham Lincoln as the nation was falling apart and headed toward civil war. It is no exaggeration to say the 2012 election is every bit as important as was the 1860 election. James Buchanan at least had good intentions. The same cannot be said for Barack Obama. His intent is not to build up, but only to tear the nation down, and then to cover his tracks. There is no other way to explain his actions.

Millions of Americans, however, have finally had enough. A counterrevolution is rising to a level rarely seen in our history. There hasn’t been this intensity of grassroots activity since the abolitionist movement of the 1850s. People are making themselves visible in the community. They are organizing rallies and call-in campaigns. They are studying the Constitution, and will not be silenced by charges of racism or any other falsehood uttered by the Left.

And when the new president is sworn in, collective relief will be felt across the land. But the long and hard road to recovery will have only begun. Whether America avoids financial collapse will be uncertain for years to come.

For a government that
borrows 36 cents of every dollar it spends, the math is simple. We will need real cuts to the federal budget near 36 percent to survive. Factor in modest economic growth and perhaps the cuts could be 30 percent. But failure to make real cuts on this scale risks runaway inflation and disaster. Any way you look at it, people’s pain will be deep, and it will be real.

With Obama gone and the threat of reprisals removed, people will begin to talk, and eventually the truth about Obama’s mysterious past will come out. What was hidden, scrubbed, and not vetted in 2008 -- including his grades, his college records, his passport, his personal associations, and yes, even his birth -- will all be exposed. It is all just a matter of time. The duplicity and deceit to be uncovered will shock even his most ardent supporters.

Who knows? A pariah status could very well attach itself to Obama on a level reserved for few individuals in American history. Obama could be regarded as the Benedict Arnold of our time. The masses may come to shun him, and rightly so. If there is poetic justice in this world, this will be his legacy.

November is not just another election; it is a seminal moment in American history. If Obama is re-elected, expect ObamaCare to stay, the debt to crush us, our defenses to be laid bare, Iran to get the bomb, and at least two liberals to be named to the Supreme Court. If Obama is re-elected, America as we know it will be gone forever. Collapse will be certain.

For true hope and true change, perhaps we should try returning to a limited Constitutional government. We all need to be involved. Whether or not we can turn around the disaster Barack Obama has foisted upon us hinges first on removing him from office. Now is the time to go about the work of doing just that. This is the year, folks. Buckle up. It’s going to be a rough ride.

Mainstream Media Keeps Putting Lipstick on Pig Economy

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Hyperinflationary Depression 2012 - 2014: Mainstream Media Keeps Putting Lipstick on Pig Economy 
By Greg Hunter’s 
My slogan is “analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.”  So, I spend a significant amount of time watching news on TV and the Internet and even the good old fashioned newspaper.  If you only got your news from the mainstream media (MSM), it’s easy to understand whyso many people think the economy is not all that bad.  For example, yesterday, I heard the “R” word a lot.  No, I am not talking about recession but “recovery.”  This is preposterous when you consider the latest report from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index that was released yesterday.  The spin from the MSM said home prices were down from October to November by 1.3%.  Makes you think—ok, not too bad.  The real story is home prices declined on average by nearly 4% year over year.  A quote straight from the actual Case-Shiller press release said, “For a second consecutive month, 19 of the 20 cities covered by the indices also saw home prices decrease. The 10- and 20-City Composites posted annual returns of -3.6% and -3.7% versus November 2010, respectively. These are worse than the -3.2% and -3.4% respective rates reported for October.” (Click here for the complete Case-Shiller press release.)
Are you getting this?  The real estate market is getting worse.  The only city that saw an increase was the pork capital of the world—Washington D.C., and prices were only up by a paltry .5% year over year!     All the folks I heard, yesterday, on the MSM talked as if the so-called “recovery” was alive and well, when the evidence shows unfolding disaster.  Please keep in mind, home prices are falling despite the fact the Federal Reserve is suppressing interest rates.   A 30-year mortgage is going for around 4%.  What do you think will happen when rates rise to around 6.5% (a very good historical rate)?  Don’t you think home prices will continue to slide?
Yesterday, I heard at least two different “experts” say the economy was “getting better.”  The latest news about the Baltic Dry Index (BDI is mostly a measurement of global shipping rates) says just the opposite.  Brandon Smith, from, says the BDI “is plummeting like a wingless 747 into the swampy mire of what I believe will soon be historical lows.”   Smith says this is foretelling bad times, not good.  (Click here to read his most excellent post.) 
Another ominous sign was brought to us by the Federal Reserve last week.  It announced it will hold a key interest rate to near 0% through 2014 instead of 2013.  Why is the Fed urgently extending this rate now?  Couldn’t the Fed have told us next year it was extending the 0% interest rate for another year?  Why now?  Because the economy sucks and they see it sucking for at least three more years.  This is NOT a recovery, and the Fed basically admitted it. Jim Willie of sees the Fed’s zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) as a massive failure that reveals an extremely weak economy.  In his most recent post, Jim Willie (who holds a PhD in statistics) said, “The USFed will hold its benchmark interest rate at near 0% for at least the next three years, as a testament to central bank failure. No departure from the 0% rate can be done. The USGovt debt service requires it, demands it, and will default without it. The ZIRP and QE are worn as badges of failure and dishonor.”  (Click here to read the complete Jim Willie post.)
Economist John Williams of says 0% interest rates and money printing are really just keeping big banks from going under.  This is not helping the economy to truly recover.  Real estate is going down in price, everything else is going up.   It looks like were headed for a  hyperinflationary depression.  In his annual “Hyperinflation Special Report,” Williams said, “The Fed should be forced to provide new “easing” in an effort to continue propping the banking system (the explanation will be an effort to boost the economy).  Given the Treasury’s funding needs, the easing likely will in the form of renewed buying of U.S. Treasuries, with the Fed remaining lender of last resort there.  Consistent with the precedent set in 2008, the Fed, and likely the Treasury, also will remain in place to do whatever is needed, at whatever cost, to prevent systemic collapse in the United States.  All of these actions, though, have costs in terms of higher domestic inflation and intensified dollar debasement.  (Click here to go to the home page.)
Williams says a hyperinflationary depression will hit the U.S. by 2014 at the latest.  He thinks when it hits, it will cause a “financial economic Armageddon.”  He recommends gold, silver, food and foreign currencies as protection.  Williams goes on to warn, “The U.S. dollar remains highly vulnerable to massive, panicked selling, at any time, with little or no warning.  The next round of Federal Reserve or U.S. government easing or stimulus could be the proximal trigger for such a currency panic and/or for strong efforts to strip the U.S. currency of its global reserve currency status.”
The MSM relentlessly spins a picture of a good economy, no matter what terrible news come out.  It is a gigantic disservice to the readers and viewers.  The constant spin job will leave them totally unprepared when the next crash comes, and one is headed our way—count on it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


31 January 2012 

If the economy was doing so well, the Federal Reserve would not be announcing (last week) an extension of its zero interest rate policy until the end of 2014.  If the economy was truly in a real recovery the Fed would be hiking interest rates instead of giving away money for virtually nothing.  It is just not the U.S. that is doing badly, but the rest of the world is also tanking.  Just look shipping traffic around the globe.  Today’s guest writer, Brandon Smith from, does just that in a new post that takes an in-depth look at the Baltic Dry Index.  This mainly measures international shipping and the news is not very good.  Please enjoy the excellent post below.  –Greg Hunter—
Baltic Dry Index Signals Renewed Market Collapse
By Brandon Smith
Guest Writer for
Much has been said about the Baltic Dry Index over the course of the last four years, especially in light of the credit crisis and the effects it has had on the frequency of global shipping.  Importing and exporting has never been quite the same since 2008, and this change is made most obvious through one of the few statistical measures left in the world that is not subject to direct manipulation by international corporate interests; the BDI.  Today, the BDI is on the verge of making headlines once again, being that is plummeting like a wingless 747 into the swampy mire of what I believe will soon be historical lows.
The problem with the BDI is that it is little understood and often dismissed by less thoughtful economic analysts as a “volatile index” that is too “sensitive” to be used as a realistic indicator of future trends.  What these analysts consistently seem to ignore is that regardless of their narrow opinion, the BDI has been proven to lead economic derision in the market movements of the past.  That is to say, the BDI has been volatile exactly BECAUSE markets have been volatile and unstable, and is a far more accurate thermometer than those that most mainstream economists currently rely on.  If only they would look back at the numbers further than one year ago, they might see their own folly more clearly.
Introduced in 1985, the Baltic Dry Index first and foremost is a measure of the global shipping rates of dry bulk goods, mostly consisting of vital raw materials used in the creation of other products.  However, it is also a measure of demand for said materials in comparison to previous months and years.  This is where we get into the predictive nature of the BDI…
In late 1986, for instance, the BDI fell to its lowest level on record, then, began a slow crawl towards moderate recovery, just before the Black Monday crash of 1987.  
Coincidence?  Not a chance.  From 2001 to 2002, a similar sharp collapse in the BDI preceded a progressive drop in the Dow of around 4000 points, ending in a highly suspect (Fed engineered) illegitimate recovery.  In 2008, the index fell to near record lows once again just before the derivatives and credit crisis hit stocks full force.  To imply that the BDI is not a useful measure of future economic trends seems like an astonishingly ignorant proposition when one examines its very predictable behavior just before major financial downturns.
This is not to suggest that the BDI can be used as a way to play the stock market from day to day, or often even month to month.  MSM analysts rarely look further than the next quarter when considering any financial issue, and that is why they don’t understand the BDI.  If an index cannot be used by daytraders to make a quick buck in a short afternoon, then why bother with it at all, right?  The BDI is not an accurate measure of the daily market gamble.  It is, though, an accurate measure of where markets are headed in the long run and under extreme circumstances.
Over the course of the past month, the BDI has fallen around 65% from above 1600 to 726.  Mainstream economists argue that the BDI’s fall in 2008 was a much higher percentage, and thus, a 65% drop is nothing to worry about.  They fail to mention that shipping rates never recovered from the 2008 collapse, and have hovered in a sickly manner near lows reached during the initial credit bubble burst.  By their logic, if the BDI was at 2, and fell to 1, this 50% drop should be shrugged off as inconsequential because it is not a substantial percentage of decline when compared to that which occurred in 2008, even though the index is standing at rock bottom.  Yes, the useful idiots strike again…
Looking at the rate and the speed of decline this past month, it’s hard to argue that the current 65% drop is meaningless:

Another subversive argument against the BDI is the suggestion that it is not the demand for raw materials that is in decline, but the number of shipping vessels out of use that is growing.  A smart person might suggest that these two problems are mutually connected.  An MSM pundit would not.
In 2008, many ships were left to wallow in port without cargo, but this was due in large part to two circumstances.  First, demand had fallen so much that too many ships were left to carry too little raw materials.  Second, credit markets had sunk so intensely that many ships could not find trade financing necessary to take on cargo.  In either case, the BDI still falls, and in either case, it still signals economic danger.  The only way that the BDI could signal a major decline in shipping demand artificially or inaccurately is if a considerable number of ships under construction were suddenly released onto the market while there is no demand for them.  There have been no mass increases or extreme changes in cargo fleets this past month, or at all since 2008, which means, the BDI’s decline has NOTHING to do with the number of ships in operation, and everything to do with decline in global demand.
What is the bottom line?  The stark decline in the BDI today should be taken very seriously.  Most similar declines have occurred right before or in tandem with economic instability and stock market upheaval.  All the average person need do is look around themselves, and they will find a European Union in the midst of detrimental credit downgrades and on the verge of dissolving.  They will find the U.S. on the brink of yet another national debt battle and hostage to a private Federal Reserve which has announced the possibility of a third QE stimulus package which will likely be the last before foreign creditors begin dumping our treasuries and our currency in protest.  They will find BRIC and ASEAN nations moving quietly into multiple bilateral trade agreements which cut out the use of the dollar as a world reserve completely.  Is it any wonder that the Baltic Dry Index is in such steep deterioration?
Along with this decline in global demand is tied another trend which many traditional deflationists and Keynesians find bewildering; inflation in commodities.  Ultimately, the BDI is valuable because it shows an extreme faltering in the demand for typical industrial materials and bulk items, which allows us to contrast the increase in the prices of necessities.  Global demand is waning, yet prices are holding at considerably high levels or are rising (a blatant sign of monetary devaluation).  Indeed, the most practical conclusion would be that the monster of stagflation has been brought to life through the dark alchemy of criminal debt creation and uncontrolled fiat stimulus.  Without the BDI, such disaster would be much more difficult to foresee, and far more shocking when its full weight finally falls upon us.  It must be watched with care and vigilance…
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Information about Obama's hidden past is finally coming out due to the diligent research of and Donald Trump's investigation into Obama (And it's NOT about the birth certificate issue.). This video, recorded from The Power Hour radio show by Joyce Riley, exposes the FACTS they have uncovered about Obama's past that may be surprising, even shocking, to some. Manipulation of political figures by the ruling elite is nothing new. In fact it's the documented history of how the British Empire (the mercantile elite class of Britain) was able to control the world (and still do). Knowing information like this and keeping it suppressed while financing them to high political office is how the controlling elite of the world are able to completely control the puppet politicians in America and deceive all but the most astute studiers of history


This article published today in Russsia's Pravda covers the Obama ballot challenges. Please spread this around. It may just be the way to get Obama out of the White House.


Obama the Chicken is Being Plucked

30.01.2012 11:21
By Mark McGrew
January 29 through the 31st, 5% of the sheriffs in America are in Las Vegas Nevada, learning how to tell the Federal government agents to pack sand and get out of town. 20% of the 50 United States of America have been presented with lawsuits and or legal filings challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama to be on the ballot for the 2012 election.
Congressional representative Allen West summed up the American people's feelings for the Obama administration today when he told Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to, "Get the hell out of The United States of America!". His talk can be seen here.
Ten people will be murdered today in Mexico with guns provided to drug cartels by Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General. Politicians are calling for him to resign. Resign??
There is enough evidence presented to Congress to arrest him and prosecute him for an Act of War against the nation of Mexico, accessory to murder of thousands of innocent citizens in Mexico and America as well as the murder of United States Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Resign?? Besides sending illegal guns to Mexico, Holder and his associates sold guns to criminal street gangs inside the United States where the guns will be used inside the United States. It will take years to find the thousands of guns these criminals sold to killers.
Eric Holder and his criminal operatives in his office and the Department of Justice need to be dragged out in handcuffs, jailed with no bail and put on trial with a jury of American citizens who are not federal government employees.
Like a dead chicken being plucked, Obama has lost his power and his support. Six months or so ago, French President Sarkozy called Obama, "Insane". Other world leaders have publicly called him incompetent and other derogatory names.
Since then, major news in America has been slowly, quietly, as if testing the waters, pointing out Obama's faults and crimes. Little by little they are feeding America, and the World, the truth about the man they fought so hard to cover up for these past four years. Feather by feather, the chicken known as Obama, is being plucked. The most hated psychopath on Earth and his administration are going to be thoroughly plucked, gutted, tossed in an oven, cooked and devoured. And like any dead carcass with no use, Obama and his faithful supporters will be thrown onto a garbage heap until they rot to nothing.
The thing known as Obama is committing one large theft after another of the American people's money, work and trust. He is the most disgusting example of human life we have ever witnessed.
Like all stupid people, he thinks everyone else is stupider than he is. There is, however, one thing he has done well. Every facet of American life and business has gone down considerably, except for foreclosures, unemployment, bankruptcies and business closures.
The mistake he made was to think that We the People, would just sit back and take his arrogant insulting crap.
Pamela Barnett was a plaintiff in a case brought by Orly Taiz demanding proof that Obama was eligible to be President. That court arrogantly and illegally refused to hear their complaint. Pamela Barnett's character reflects that of most Americans: When you treat her like a dog, she'll jump up and bite you. So she formed an organization to teach and help people how to have Obama taken off of all 50 State ballots. And it is working very well. Her site is here:
And it is working. Obama has been denied to be on the primary ballot in Alabama until he proves he is eligible. Georgia has a ruling pending in 3 weeks to keep Obama off the ballot until he can prove he is eligible.
The amazingly tenacious, Carl Swensson, fighting to get Obama out of the office of the President, by knocking on every official's door he could find for four years, finally found two government employees who were not traitors and took their Oath of Office seriously: The Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp and Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi of the Georgia Office of Administrative Hearings. Meet Carl Swensson at this site:
And quit being a jerk. Send him 5 or 10 bucks for his legal bills. His wife wants him home to spend more time with the cat. Carl Swensson credits his wife for his stamina in being able to run his business and being able to expend the energy and the capital in fighting the treasonous federal elected employees.
Only a Natural Born Citizen can be President. There are at least three US Supreme Court cases defining Natural Born Citizen. The Us Constitution refers to "The Law of Nations", which defines Natural Born Citizen. There are dozens of letters of correspondence from the signers of the Declaration of Independence and creators of the US Constitution defining Natural Born Citizen. The United States Congress, in the past nine years has made eight unsuccessful attempts to change the wording of the US Constitution to say that foreign born or children of foreign born parents can be the President of the United States of America. These elected employees have repeatedly proven that they know damn well what a Natural Born Citizen is. The record is clearly established, through over 250 years of acknowledged definition that Natural Born Citizen is a person born on American soil, to PARENTS plural. For liberals and democrats and other traitors, that means that in order for a person to be our President, the stork has to deliver him inside America and both his mommy and daddy must be citizens of the United States of America.
So, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California, Hawaii and Arizona have either lawsuits filed or ballot challenges filed to keep Obama off the ballot until he can prove he is eligible to run for election. Activities are going on in 26 other states, with the same goal in mind, to keep Obama off the ballot, unless he can prove he is eligible to run. This is further proof that it is the states that control the federal government and not the other way around. The federal government is a group of full time employees managing certain pertinent affairs concerning the states. These permanent employees are managed by part-time employees called politicians, which are periodically elected by the People. They are all expendable. It is these temporary employees who we accuse of committing treason and other High Crimes against the citizens of America as well as other Nations of the World..
In New Hampshire, Orly Taitz appeared before election officials asking them to take Obama off the ballot because he is not eligible. Their response was basically, "Well, we don't have to look at any evidence. We take the man for his word."
The crowd attending, We the People, erupted with shouts of "Traitors!....Treason!!". The sissy boy assistant attorney General got so scared he ran into another room, locked the door and called the State police to protect him. (The police are "investigating". Which, in New Hampshire, means "You get what you pay for.")
This is a good place to learn how people are fighting Obama across the USA.
In business, we realize that the Internet was invented to destroy your competition. And it works in politics too. As seen in Greece, Italy and across North Africa. Obama is such an IDIOT!
When his eligibility problem came up in 2008, because of a phony Birth Certificate he presented, he said, "Ah, people will forget about that in two weeks." Since then, millions of people have tried countless ways to get a case into court to compel Obama to prove he is eligible to hold the office of President.
Until Carl Swensson's case, not one of 40 or so lawsuits against Obama has been able to make it to court. Judges from coast to coast muttered the terminology of, "You don't have standing." Telling the American People that they do not have a right to question if someone is eligible under our constitution to hold the office of President. We believe these judges are guilty of Treason against the American People and should be arrested and put on trail for it.
I can not scream loud enough to express the absolute RAGE that the American People have against the criminal syndicates, known as the Federal Government and Republican and Democratic political parties.
Only because of the Internet have we been able to inform the World of the criminal activities of the Obama administration. Major news has been overwhelmingly vicious in their attempts to keep the Obama administration crimes secret. They have done everything they could to ridicule, insult, vilify and harass any person they invited on their shows to "discuss this issue". We the People, believe they also are complicit in committing Treason against the American People.
Because of their traitorous actions, they have lost huge numbers of TV viewers and newspaper readers. Newspapers across the country are going broke and they are too stupid to figure out why. Here's a clue: People are not stupid and they do not like being lied to and played for suckers.
We the People, with the Internet news sites we own, are bigger than major news. We have more investigators, more reporters, more audience and much more news produced every month. What we don't have, that major news does have, is the financial support from large corporations. Maybe because large corporations are profiting so well from a fascist government.
We the People, are bigger than the Federal government. We have more people and more guns. If the Federal government was not afraid of us, they would already have tanks in the streets and fighter jets and bombers in the air, as they did in Libya and countless other countries.
Most people in control of the armaments of the Federal government know that We the People do not want war with our government. We just want them to get their policies the hell out of the United States of America. We the People, would prefer they be put in prison for the rest of their twisted rotten lives. Myself, I would prefer to see the male traitors put in a 50 foot deep hole, the size of a football field, fill a horse trough with water once a week and send down a live cow once a month. Punishment for the female traitors, including Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, I would send them to a bordello in Bolivia, Mogadishu or some other hell hole.
We don't need no stinkin' commies, Marxists, fascists or socialists. And we sure as Hell, don't want some criminally insane imitation of a man making orders, thinking he can murder anyone, anywhere on Earth, or put American citizens in secret prisons, even if he does have a phony birth certificate.
Unless he can PROVE he is eligible to hold the office of President, which he can't under his own admissions, every law, treaty, agreement or promise he has made are null and void. An incredible amount of criminal charges, including fraud for every donation he took, up to Sedition (creating contempt for your government) to Treason as well as a myriad of criminal charges against every Congressman who supported him, the managers of the Republican National Party and the Democratic National party, every one of the 50 Secretaries of State who allowed him on the ballot, Hawaii Department of Health employees who lied about his Birth Certificate and the list goes on and on.
Americans are finally understanding why, in many countries in the World, when new people take power, they have a purge of the old system by getting rid of the old regime through murder or imprisonment. In America, we would need to purge a minimum of 600,000 people from our elementary, junior and high schools, universities, city, county, state and federal government, newscasters, news station owners, newspaper writers, newspaper owners and the list can be huge to get rid of the anti-American traitorous degenerates.
When Obama and his associates are removed from American society, as We the People want to, We are ready to and We will gladly, extend our friendship to the many nations in this home we call Earth.
Until then, to the many world leaders who did not bother to ask the one simple question: "Who is Barack Hussein Obama?" I have this to say: "Congratulations smart guy. How's it feel to be played for a sucker?" We saw you laughing your butts off, knowing Obama was going to strip us dry and give the money to your gangster banker friends. We don't see you in your elevated shoes with your botched plastic surgery face's wives, laughing too much now. We see your cities falling like dominoes to Islamic immigrants. We see your cities burning on the nightly news. We see your cities as residence of the most raped women on Earth. Family fortunes, intact for centuries, evaporated like a drop of water on a red hot skillet. Chaos, ruin, destruction. All because your pea brained minds were too drunk with power and you were mesmerized with an insatiable greed. You saw the biggest fraud in history standing right in front of you and were so stupid, you actually thought you were the bird and not the worm.
To the People of this world, who are suffering from the policies of Obama, I say to you all: "So do something about it. Go to any Internet site you know that is fighting the corrupt American government and donate some cash or offer to help in some way to spread their news. That is the least that any honest person can do."
And to the people who voted for Obama, because he was going to steal our money and our creations and fraudulently turn them over to you: "How's that Hope and Change working out for you?"
Mark S. McGrew can be reached at More of his articles, published on over 900 websites, in 28 countries, in 8 languages, are on . When reprinting this article, please include a link to the free press of Pravda.Ru and a special thanks to Pravda's English editor, Dmitry Sudakov.

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