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Trip Report: Historic Constitutional Sheriffs Convention, Las Vegas, Jan. 30-31

Trip Report:  Historic Constitutional Sheriffs Convention, Las Vegas, Jan. 30-31
Something big and game-changing happened in Las Vegas last Monday and Tuesday and it was far too good to just let it ‘stay in Vegas’.  A first-time ever gathering of over 115 Constitutional County Sheriffs (representing over 3% of America’s sheriffs) from 35 states came together to reaffirm their oaths of office and to learn how to better defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, especially domestic.  There were also several good deputy sheriffs and police chiefs in attendance.  Of note, five California sheriffs attended, all from Northern California, who have been fighting the Federal Government over land, water, and forest rights.    
Myself and a couple dozen Patriots from Oath Keepers and other American patriot groups also attended to lend our support to this historic gathering and to let these brave sheriffs know that We the People stand with them in their ever-increasing battles against over-reaching federal, state, and local government politicians and agencies.  We all met and stayed at the Tuscany Hotel for 2 ½ days of strategizing, networking, and classes from top national Constitutional experts and several sheriffs who have been engaged in the struggle to protect their citizens and uphold the 10th Amendment (state’s rights) against the Federal Government.  
The convention was the brain child of retired Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack who has written several great books about how America’s sheriffs can and should honor and uphold their oaths of office and exercise their authority to protect the citizens of their counties and their rights.  The convention was organized by Mack and his fellow leaders at Free America Now.  Presentations included the The Bill of Rights, 2nd Amendment Rights, 10th Amendment - Nullification and State Sovereignty, Property Rights, Agenda 21, NDAA U.S. Citizen Detention, The Southern Poverty Law Center’s dangerous anti-American Agenda and ties to the Obama Administration, and many other briefs by expert speakers and elected sheriffs.  The sheriffs said afterwards they really enjoyed and appreciatd the great information and getting to meet dozens of other like-minded good law enforcers from across the nation.  Many of the sheriffs pledged to go back and spread this vital information to their fellow sheriffs in their states about these important issues that all citizens are facing.
The conference was topped off Tuesday night with a 4 hour program that was open to the public and featured Sheriff Joe Arpaio as the keynote speaker.  Joe and Mack are old friends from working together in Arizona.  Joe was his usual witty and defiant self, recounting numerous stories of standing up for the rule of law and against corrupt politicians who have been trying to stop him from enforcing the law equally for the past 20 years.  Joe also proudly announced that he is now running for reelection for Sheriff ‘just to spite his enemies’, namely the La Raza radicals who try to terrorize Arizona with their constant threats, attacks, and malicious lawsuits.
Sheriff Joe also gave an update on his Cold Case Posse and their investigation into the eligibility of Barack Obama to be on the Arizona ballot in 2012.  They are investigating possible criminal fraud by Obama.  Joe promised he would give the final results of the investigation at a press conference near the end of February.  He said he hopes the ‘court of public opinion’ will decide if Obama has committed criminal offenses and/or is eligible for the office of president, since the DOJ and Congress certainly will never take any action against him.
Summary:  The 1st Constitutional Sheriffs Convention was a huge success, but it’s just the beginning of this movement of Americans reclaiming their Constitutional Rights.  We know hundreds of other county sheriffs and senior law enforcement officers nationwide also want and need this training and the organizers plan to have at least one more convention this year with more conferences in 2013, as well as constant networking and support between meetings.  Please forward this email to your country sheriff and encourage him or her to sign up and get involved at
Sadly, but tellingly was the almost complete blackout of this historic event by the mainstream media.  Corporate media and their government handlers obviously do not want this information to get out to the general public, so it’s up to us to make this exciting new movement go viral nationwide.  As was said many times during the convention, this truly is “America’s Last Hope” to remain a Constitutional Republic and to retain our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Good Articles with more details about the Convention:
A few of the Sheriffs who attended the Constitutional Convention in Las Vegas on Jan. 30 pose for a group photo.
Siskiyou County (California) Sheriff Jon Lopey with Oath Keeper volunteers.
Every citizen and every Sheriff should read this book by
legendary American Patriot Sheriff Richard Mack, published in 2009.
Sheriff Mack with Oath Keepers
Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Chelene Nightingale after Joe’s rousing speech Tuesday night at the Tuscany Hotel.
Oath Keeper Dani with two Constitutional sheriffs at the Convention on Monday.
Keep the Faith!  We will always have the Constitution and the law on our side.  Now we have the law enforcers helping us defend it! 
Please let me know if you have any questions.


THE POINT OF NO RETURN by Robetrt Firth... Chilling ?

Robert Firth lives in Boca Raton Florida... Thank you Robert, Bill
By Robert Firth

Man is, by nature, little more than an animal. Left to himself, he has and would wallow in filth and lie around like a pig in a sty. In his early days, he hunted, ate, defecated and procreated. He wore the skins of animals he had killed and eaten. He didn’t grow anything. Man, until recently, was a hunter gatherer, he had no morality (that he was consciously aware of) and no sense of ethics - he lived in and for the moment, doing whatever felt good….
Sometime around 3,500 years ago, things began to change. Man had contact with a higher power. God entered into his life and nothing has been the same since. Man now had direction in the form of things to do and not to do - the Ten Commandants!
No longer could he fornicate and defecate whenever and wherever he wanted. There were laws now and God told him how he should be living. By not doing what felt good, by not giving into his base instincts, man could please God and, if he lived by the law, God would take him into heaven and he would have eternal life. Conversely, if he broke the commandants and lived as he pleased, God assured him that a terrible fate awaited him: Hell!
For 2000 years mankind, at least those of Judeo-Christian persuasion, fought their natural instincts and tried to live up to the precepts of “The Good Life.” Laws and constitutions were written by men of faith that more or less paralleled God’s words. Man tried to be “good.” He struggled against the forces of Baal and worked to be decent and moral. In America, this effort to live according to God’s word continued right up until about the middle of the 20th century.
WWII, started by a German lunatic, spelled the beginning of the end of Christianity and almost ended Judaism in Europe. Hitler, proving that evil exists, replaced Christ’s cross with the twisted cross, the Swastika and, after the war, due to the horrendous explosion of evil and death during those tragic years, a majority of Europeans gradually lost faith in a God who could allow such hideous evil to exist. Europe, before America, drifted into secularism, atheism and debauchery embracing their base nature, allowing the old evil once more to erode and dominate their civilization.
But, man has free will. This is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Judeo-Christian faiths. Man can choose to do good or evil. In fact, without one the other wouldn’t be recognizable. For everything there must be its opposite, day has to have night, light isn’t anything without darkness. Truth can’t be defined without the lie. In exactly the same way right has to have wrong and good must have evil. We know evil when we see it. A crazed Muslim murdering his daughter is purely evil with no possibility of it being judged otherwise. Wild eyed Mexican drug smugglers slicing off the heads of other Mexicans and Americans is equally purely evil.
By contrast, The Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa performed only acts of kindness and good. For those of us with a moral compass (provided by our faith) we can easily identify the difference and we know positively that evil most certainly exists. Evil has always existed as a force, sometimes subtle, like a kid enticing another to smoke some crack and, sometimes so pervasive that it infects entire groups. The Hutus and Tutsies hacked each other to bits in a mad frenzy of rape and murder. They used any weapon at hand, sticks, shovels, machetes, guns, it mattered not so powerfully had evil infected their psyches.
Those of us who understand the dark forces of evil would never ever identify the horrendous and predictable murders of the soldiers at Fort Hood by a mad-Muslim as a “work place shooting” as did the secular - humanist progressives sitting smugly and inanely in the halls of power in Washington. We all knew immediately that this brutal act was caused by the evil cult of Islam infecting and boiling the brain of the crazed Muslim shooter and we labeled it so. Period!
I have seen children hanging dead from trees, gutted by the crazed Congolese. In Mozambique, I have seen child soldiers who had been forced to kill cook and eat their own parents. These kids were so psychologically damaged that nothing could be done to salvage them. To me, anyone doubting the existence of evil as an independent and ever-present force of nature is completely out of touch with  human history and the human condition. Then there was the horrific butchery done to the Fogel family in the Israeli village of Itamar. Two young Palestinian Arabs gleefully slaughtered a mother, father, two toddlers and a baby because their Muslim minds had been poisoned since birth against Jews and Christians by the hate filled Palestinian media; the very same evil that the Nazi regime spewed, which led to the atrocities committed in the Holocaust by “Hitler’s willing executioners.”  
For the secular-humanist progressives to be unable to believe in the existence of evil as a earth bound force bent on leading man into the darkness is purely evidence of their mental myopia and elitist atheist arrogance. In the mind of the secular-humanist, (so called) enlightened progressive etc., everything is judged in the light of moral relativity so, to them, one religion is just as good an another (but, of course, all are stupid and must be destroyed) and all things appear to them in various shades of grey with nothing being absolutely good in a biblical sense or bad as evidence of evil. Sadly, these pathetic people of limited vision have done much damage to western civilization and to America and it is time we put a stop to their social meddling. 
In America, sometime around the invention of the pill in the early 1960’s, a few bad things happened. The young of that era decided that sex, absent the responsibility of conception, was fun ( after all, it felt good and that was the principal thing) and, perhaps more sex was better and that they should and could have sex with each other anytime and anywhere they wanted to. Thus was born the sexual revolution!
In Woodstock, they rolled, fornicated and defecated in the mud, swilled booze and ingested all kinds of drugs… The men (boys really) grew beards, women shed their bras and bared their chests….they both stopped washing and reveled in filth. The entire generation was slipping into the grasp of evil. They called them the “feel good” generation. Sadly, none of them recognized what was happening to them and why. They lost touch with their parents, many running away never to return. The psychological damage was, and remains, profound!
They protested anything and everything, they bombed, murdered and demanded that the older generations respect them for being bloody-minded antichrists. There was the 1968 democratic convention and Vietnam. There was the hippies, Yippies and ‘flower power.’ A generation dropped out and tuned in. People under the influence of mind and mood altering psychotropic drugs tried to fly out of windows. Patriotism was viewed as a sickness and soldiers were reviled. Evil, like a dark cloud, flowed out of the drug houses and intro the streets where it infected them all like a moral cancer.
Then, along came real physical disease, HIV/ AID’s burst onto the scene along with the bath-house frenzied faggots who seemed to multiply with “gay abandon.” This wasting disease was brought to America from darkest Africa by a homosexual Canadian male cabin attendant (so goes the story) who, visiting San Francisco, spread this terrible sickness to any and all who would copulate with him. This turned out to be a lot and soon the disease spread around the world, mostly, of course, infecting those engaging in immoral sexual contact with others of their kind. The disease eventually unfortunately spread to the heterosexual community (mostly in Africa) where, about 35 million have been identified as being infected. In 2010, worldwide, about two million humans have died from HIV-AIDs.
Most affected by this moral decay and pervasive dark sickness were the academics and the so-called “leader class.” These twisted social meddlers sought positions of power in our universities and government where they are easily identified by membership in the far-left wings of the Democratic Party. Then there were the secular atheist movements exemplified by Madeleine Murray O’Hare, the vociferous hater of God and professional atheist. She, along with a few other like-minded empty souls and mindless servants of evil such as the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center, instigated the legal removal of God from our schools by law suits and federal edicts. This absurd action predictably has resulted in the murder of children by other children. Today, we have armed police in our schools and generations of young being purposely alienated from God.
Drugs flowed into younger and younger veins, delivering millions of kids to a horrible, painful and miserable existence. No one cared! The universities and colleges were and are teaching that ‘God Is dead’ and the new religion of ‘secular fundamentalism’ Is the now the law of the land.
By 2000, the age of goodness in America was a slowly fading memory in the liberal and progressive halls of government. Religion, thank God, remains strong in the American hinterlands. In what the fake media calls the “Red States” churches and synagogues overflow with the faithful. Local airwaves are filled seven days a week with religions shows. These are your basic hard-working, tax- paying, tea- party people. They are the same ones Nancy Pelosi referred to as “tea-baggers” and “astro-turf.” Boy, was she surprised in 2010!
What do you think happened when the secular-progressive American government decided to reject God? Of course, God rejected them. The result of all this has created the greatest social divide in America. Far greater than the political differences between parties is the huge and widening gulf between those who believe in good and evil and the secular-progressives elitists who, for the moment, dominate our courts and government.
Here’s the bottom line. God asks us to fight against our base nature and struggle to be better persons. The moral, religious and ethical individual works hard to perfect himself and be more Christ-like. This is an unending battle against the forces of evil. “Baal,” representing man’s base nature, preys on us over many fronts, constantly tempting and offering pleasure. Who would not rather watch a football game and drink beer with his buddies instead of dressing and heading off to church? Who would rather go to the gym for a two-hour workout against taking off to party with his pals?
George Washington worked his entire life to be a better person. Washington had a set of 110 rules which, were to him, virtues to live up to. For all of us today it would be a great benefit if we all tried to live our lives as he did. I suggest you print them (they are all over the net) out and see if you can live by these precepts. I would be surprised if even a single one of our federal court judges, congressman, government apparatchiks or members of the media have even so much as read them let alone are aware of their existence.
Doing the right thing is hard and it’s supposed to be. That tiny voice sitting on your right shoulder whispering in your ear to be good is always opposed to the raspy voice of the guy in your left ear saying, “Hey man, don’t listen to him, common, let’s have some fun, who can it hurt?” You know these guys don’t you? Chances are that you’ve been in some hot water by listening to the wrong one, right?
Self-discipline is a basic characteristic of all successful people. One forces oneself to study and work and master life’s challenges. One does not destroy his health by abusing drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. A country does not raise generations of productive citizens by telling them that God is irrelevant and that anything that feels good is just fine. Where exactly are they to learn morality- where exactly do they learn the difference between right and wrong, good and evil? To love ones country is right and good. To be told that your love of country is irrelevant and you should be a ‘citizen of the world’ and believe in man-caused climate change while embracing a one-world government led by the ridiculous United Nations is one of the strongest examples of the evil of the far left, America hating so called ‘leader class.’ These people have been identified and we must, at any and all cost, get rid of them all. They have to be removed from the positions of power and influence they have weaseled themselves into. They are to be found in our courts, media, universities and government.
Today, our children are being told that morality is relative and they need be tolerant of all beliefs as one is not better or any more correct than any other. Indeed, they are being taught by secular-progressives and socialists that religion itself is ridiculous and to be rejected by all “intelligent” right-thinking people- like themselves.
Kids leaving school ignorant of what God expects and demands of them are doomed to wander life without a moral compass. A country purposely setting out to eradicate religion from its schools and public life is similarly doomed. Evil exists! If the memories of WWII are not enough, perhaps the rise of Islamic terror and the horrendous deeds of these morally bankrupt, misguided, ignorant murderers should suffice. Women are stoned and burned to death by their neighbors and brothers. Innocent citizens are slaughtered by insane bloodthirstily Islamic lunatics. Hundreds of severed human heads are turning up everywhere - even here in America. Thirty-five thousand humans have been murdered along our southern border where massive drug wars rage on, growing in violence daily and clearly they are beyond the control of the Mexican government. Meanwhile, our current administration dithers and placates, unable to take strong decisions, perhaps, one wonders, even on purpose to allow the chaos to succeed? The Obama justice department did send thousands of weapons to stir the pot of violence. I wonder why?
Clearly, since the victories of our élite leader class (the progressives and secular socialists in our government) over God, America has been in decline. Look at the likes of obama and compare him to our founding fathers. Clearly, we have fallen and fallen far.
Our economy is weak and weakening. The secular-progressive, constitution hating, leader class is constantly promulgating hundreds of laws and regulations further strangling industry and business under untenable burdens. Our coal mines are being closed by Lisa Jackson at EPA, a rabid environmentalist. We are borrowing .43 cents for every dollar obama spends and it seems government is unable to stop the outrageous spending. The national debt is un-payable and burdens yet unborn generations.
The barbarians are gathering at our gates. Hezbollah, Hamas, Iranian terrorists and other Islamic scum are building WMD’s and training and increasing their forces in Mexico and South America. Millions of Islamists around the world are working desperately to top 9/11 with yet another horrendous event. Pakistan, which already has the bomb, may help them.
Here’s something to keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:00 in the morning. They don’t need a rocket to produce a powerful EMP (electronic magnetic pulse) in our upper atmosphere destroying all electronics in America. The weapon can too easily be loaded on any of the many Islamic airliners carrying passengers or cargo into our country. The weapon can be detonated at 35,000 feet, seven miles above our cities, and the effect will be horrific. Millions will die as a result of the destruction of all electronic devices.  Cars will cease to operate as their computers are fried, banks, hospitals, and work-place computers will smoke, cell phones will die along with their owners… Food and drug stores will empty in a few days as there will be no trucks to re-supply them.
Did you know that PIA, the Pakistani national carrier, has several weekly flight to New York. The crew and most of passengers would not have to even be aware the bomb was on board. One suicidal Islamist with a cell phone or push button detonator could set it off before the descent. I can assure you that a weapon, assembled by fanatical Islamists in a standard belly container, would be not difficult to load before departure in Karachi. Millions of Muslims in Pakistan would jump at the chance to destroy the “Great Satan.”
Equally, Saudi Arabia Airlines has several weekly flights to New York. In the Saudi Kingdom, for more than two centuries, Wahhabism has been its dominant faith. These bad boys absolutely hate America. Wahhabism, in case you didn’t know, is the most austere form of Islam. This dangerous cult insists on a literal interpretation of the Koran, meaning kill the unbelievers - that’s you by the way!
Let me close by telling you something of profound importance. Throughout the 250 years of our existence, all our leaders, teachers and those steering our industry and society were well acquainted with the precepts of Judeo-Christian thinking. All knew the Jewish and Christian Bible and all were, for the most part, guided by a moral compass. For most of those years, America was great because Americans were good!
For the very first time, beginning in the 1960’s we have our government, courts, schools and media infested by thousands of individuals who are, in fact, largely morally bankrupt – and without any exposure, understanding, knowledge of our religious heritage. These are ‘empty suits’ and proud of it. They have no ability to recognize the forces’ and influences of evil because, in their closed secular minds, they cannot comprehend or acknowledge its existence. In fact, they see religion itself as a dangerous enemy to be stamped out once and for all. These are the secular-progressives of the far left. These are the evil lawyers of the ACLU and the many judges in our federal courts. They happily destroy small schools for having biblical messages on their walls or small town courts for posting the Ten Commandants.
Clearly, things have gone way too far….Can we reclaim America for decent people? Can we make America great again? Everything depends on the coming elections. If Barack Hussein Obama, and all his miserable minions and unelected Czars, can be defeated there’s a chance. America has most certainly and unarguably reached the point of no return. As a pilot, that term has serious meaning. I urge you to take a minute and let the idea sink in and share this message with your friends.
Robert Firth
Boca Raton
February 2012

I Don't think JACK'S Talking about a Chrock of BUTTER HERE ?

Written by Jack Kelly (SUBSCRIPTION)
Tuesday, 24 January 2012

President Barack Hussein Obama has blocked construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought oil from Canada 's tar sands to refineries in Texas and Louisiana .

TransCanada estimated it would have hired 13,000 Americans to build the 1,661 mile pipeline.  An additional 7,000 U.S. jobs would have been created in industries which supplied parts.  Keystone XL would have created up to 550,000 jobs by 2035, estimated the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The pipeline might endanger the Ogallala aquifier, and the fragile Sandhills area of western Nebraska , the president said.

This, said the Wall Street Journal, ‘is a crock.'
  There is no safer way to transport oil.  Some 25,000 miles of pipeline already cross the Ogallala aquifier.  TransCanada is willing to tweak the route to stay away from sensitive areas.

By blocking Keystone XL, Mr. Obama has increased risk to the environment. Canada now will sell its oil to China .  It'll be shipped by pipeline to Vancouver ; loaded onto tankers; offloaded at Chinese ports, then shipped to Chinese refineries, where there are fewer emissions controls than in U.S. refineries.

When oil is shipped by tanker, spills are six times more likely.  And because we won't be getting 700,000 barrels of oil a day from Keystone XL, we'll have to import more from the Middle East , where it will be shipped to us by tanker.

Blocking the pipeline is ‘an act of national insanity,' said Washington Post economics columnist Robert Samuelson, because from the standpoints of economics, national security and environmental protection, it makes no sense.

It may not make political sense, either.

A ‘rushed and arbitrary deadline' imposed upon him by Congress prevented ‘a full assessment of the pipeline's impact,' Mr. Obama said.

This, too, is a crock.
 TransCanada made its application in 2008.  An environmental review by the State Department finalized last August concluded that Keystone XL ‘poses few environmental risks.'

When Congress learned the president planned to postpone a decision on the pipeline until after the election, it passed legislation in December requiring him to fish or cut bait.  So Mr. Obama was forced to choose between environmentalists who oppose the pipeline, and labor unions who want badly for their members to get those 13,000 well-paid construction jobs.

He chose poorly.  The president has increased his popularity with gentry liberals who were unlikely to vote Republican in any event, and who live mostly in coastal states that usually go Democrat.

‘In purely political terms, it's hard to imagine Obama's play for green voters driving malfunctioning Volts outnumbering those blue-collar workers all across the distressed battleground Midwest,' said Andrew Malcolm of Investors' Business Daily.

Three years into this presidency, about 300,000 fewer Americans have jobs than when Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office.  He'll go before the voters with the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression.  It makes such little sense to reject 13,000 ‘shovel-ready' jobs which would go mostly to members of his own party that some wonder if he has a hidden motive.

"Is there some financial interest that would benefit from this decision which has promised massive funding to the Obama campaign and super Pacs?'' asked Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker.  "Or are there extreme environmentalists who've promised tens of millions of dollars?''

Mr. Obama has showered tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on ‘renewable' energy firms, most owned by major contributors.  The energy they produce is very expensive, and they produce very little of it -- Keystone would have provided 50 percent more than all wind and solar firms combined.  They've created only a handful of jobs.  Despite the subsidies most are in financial trouble.

There is enough oil and natural gas in North America to meet all our energy needs, thanks to new methods of extracting it from tar sands and shale.  If development of these resources weren't restricted by government edict, it would be obvious to all but the most dim-witted there is no justification for continuing subsidies for ‘renewable' energy.

That's why environmentalists, crony capitalists, and President Obama are willing to cripple the economy to block the Keystone pipeline. 
What a crock of a presidency.

Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret and a former deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force in the Reagan administration. He is national security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


02/05/2012 10:18 AM
If you want to build a rail line between Anaheim and San Francisco, people are going to have to get out of the way.


Who is Judge Michael #Malihi?

Immediately after hearing that Georgia Judge Michael Malihi ruled against the Plaintiffs in the case regarding Obama’s eligibility to be on the 2012 presidential ballot, and hearing that Malihi was a Muslim Iranian, I decided to find out all I could about him.  Is his ancestry really Iranian?  Is his faith really Muslim?  And did either of these things, if true, play a role in his decision to side with Obama in the Georgia eligibility hearing?
I set out to find all the details I could.  What I found was precious little.
Judge Michael MalihiJudge Malihi is the Deputy Chief Judge for the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.  He was appointed Judge in 1995.  If you go to the official website for his office, what you don’t find may be more interesting than what you do find.  On the OSAH  website there is a page which lists bios for all the judges, including Malihi.  I clicked on Malihi and all that was listed for him was this:
Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi
Appointed Judge 1995


Valerie Ruff
Case Management Assistant

Tel: (404) 651-7595
Fax: (404) 818-3751
That’s it!  If you click on the links for all the other judges listed, you will find a brief bio telling of where the particular judge was born, where they went to school, etc.  But for Malihi?  Nada! Zip!  Niente!  Bupkis!  Nothing!
I decided to look at other websites for other state or federal judges to see if its common practice to have absolutely no information listed in their bios.
The Federal Judiciary Center has a massive list.
The directory includes the biographies of presidentially-appointed judges who have served since 1789 on the U.S. District Courts, the U.S. Courts of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the United States,  the former U.S. Circuit Courts, and the federal judiciary’s courts of special jurisdiction.
I examined a sampling of about 50 judges listed on this site and they all had bios which contained at least when and where they were born, when they died if applicable, where they went to school, where they practiced – their career path.
At the official Supreme Court site, bios of all judges were listed.
I looked up judges in various states, in a variety of different roles and guess what?  Out of the approximately 15 different sites I visited for different states, bios were present for all judges!  I looked up Circuit Court judges, Appellate judges, Superior Court judges, and more.  They ALL had bios listed.
Nothing on Judge Michael Malihi.
Isn’t that interesting?   So I ran searches on several search engines on his name.  Was I able to find out much more?
On Google, all I found was essentially what has already been posted on this blog, and others regarding his recent ruling in favor of Obama and his eligibility to be on the 2012 Presidential ballot in GA.
From I found the following:
Michael M. Malihi
Deputy Chief State Admin.
230 Peachtree St., N.E., Ste. 850
Atlanta, Georgia
(DeKalb & Fulton Cos.)
Experience & Credentials
Practice Areas
Employment Law; Housing Law; Domestic Relations law
University     University of Alabama, B.A.
Law School     Boston University, J.D.
Admitted     1991
ISLN     900907621
I got pretty much the same, which is next to nothing, on Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile, Ask, Alltheweb, Mamma, Excite, Alta Vista, and a variety of others. Honestly, I got tired of looking because they all contained the same data.  For a judge that has been in his position since 1995, doesn’t it seem odd that he has next to no information out there about him?
From Intelius I got:
Names/Aliases:Michael M Malihi
Michael M Molihi
Has lived in:
Atlanta, GA
Alpharetta, GA
Westport, CT
Fairfield, CT
Related to:
Mehdi Malihi
Masoud M Malihi
Malie S Malihi
Mahzad Malihi
Lia E Malihi
I wasn’t willing to pay to get more detailed info on him, but it’s not out of the question for a later time.
I noticed that Intelius offered an alternate spelling of his name.  I decided to look into the name Molihi.  Pretty much everything led back to the name Malihi.   I will look more into that later as time permits.  I also noticed that listed as locations where he lived is Connecticut.  Wasn’t that where the social security number was issued that Obama is using, or has used?  Wonder if that’s got any legs?
I decided to see if there were any archived versions of his official bio page using Wayback Machine.  Its only shows that it has been crawled once by Wayback back in May of 2010.  It shows the same information that his bio page shows today.  He has been in his position since 1995, yet he is the only one without a full bio?  I used a few other similar cache search engines and found the same thing.  Nothing.  I tried Google cache, Yahoo cache.  Still nothing different from the bio page you see linked above.  My goal was to see if perhaps there was a bio up at one time, but recently changed.  It appears, as far as I can see, this is not the case.  He never offered a full bio.
This leaves me scratching my head.  I wasn’t able to answer any of my questions.  Why?  Why can we find even less info on him than we can on Obama?  Birds of a feather?  Who knows.  Anyone who can lead me to more information about this man please offer it in the comments below.  Until then, Judge Michael Malihi remains a mystery.


Rod Serling Meets Tom Clancy!

Rod Serling Meets Tom Clancy!

You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when:
  • Both Political Parties of a Government that hasn’t passed a budget in over 1,000 days, hooked on a $ Trillion deficit-spending habit, amassing a “greatest threat to our national security” mountain of debt, goes on the attack…AGAINST CONSERVATIVES!
  • A Wisconsin Governor elected to solve the fiscal woes of his state, converts a $10 Billion deficit into a $300 Million surplus during the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression…IS RECALLED!
There is a danger in holding a set of passionate beliefs; The risk of an attachment that would preclude our ability to accept a conflicting reality is a danger to all parties in a free society.
There is an even greater danger in having our heads so far up our own butts, that we are precluded from both sight and air!
The fix is in people. Both political parties are singing from the same hymnal of delusion. The discussion is framed and moderated by the very same people who got us into this mess. And here’s the bottom line…
There is not, and there will never be a recovery on the foundation of a lie! There can only be the seed of a far deadlier scenario put off till a later date…just as we are seeing in the Euro Zone! Only we are creating our own Greek Tragedy after witnessing their folly! That’s kind of like jumping after our parachute packer informs us that he forgot to pack the chute!
At some point, the rational thinker must put his finger up to the wind of reason. At some point even the most jaded among us has to feel the flames of the counterfeit recovery! The conspirators seek to lull what the heart looks to revive…and the hour is getting late.
Their entire plan rests on the soothing quality and effectiveness of their well orchestrated lullaby. Our survival will depend on our willingness to see with our own eyes and listen with our own ears…to every sight and sound!
“Figures don’t lie,
…but liars figure.”- Samuel Clemens
“If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case:  you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” – Winston Churchill 

Cheap Grace vs Costly Grace ?

“Where’s the love…to leave me this way…not a soul to lean on.
Goin’ down for the last time my friend…Lord I’m down on my knees.”

- Chip Murray/Wonder Why

Today’s piece is dedicated to an American Clergy that has become a silent body when their voice is needed most. I would ask you to please pass this along to any pastors, priests and rabbis you may know.

                                                            The Costly Grace

“This is not right.”
Have you ever stood alone? I’m not talking about the countless times you may have been alone, or stood alone at a bus stop. I’m talking about knowing in your heart that something is wrong…that something is not right, and standing up to speak your heart when every other person in your family, and your office, and your community not only defend the wrong…they condemn and abandon you!  
I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve been told that “I’m not helping myself.”…or, “Everyone is worried about you.”! The supreme irony in my standing alone is that I spent most of my life trying to fit in. And I did a pretty good job of it too…until one day I just couldn’t set my foot down and fall into that line any more. I knew in my heart and soul, “This is not right.”  
Cheap grace can wear the robes and fill the seats with a decent house band. Cheap grace can read scripture and sing the good hymn. But perhaps the greatest sin of cheap grace lies in the intention of distracting the soul from the suffering it was meant to bear. In other words, where the mission of the soul is to bear witness, the Clergy has become the Anesthesiologist!
Costly grace knows the price it has to pay, and pays it willingly because it trusts the source and perceives the value…where cheap grace becomes its own source and perceives only its want of survival. In a sense, the Anesthesiologist has anesthetized himself!  
In 1945 Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hung naked and alone for standing up to condemn the very same wrongs that threaten the church and the community of man today! How do we honor him by falling asleep…again?

“Cheap grace is the mortal enemy of our church. Our struggle today is for costly grace.” - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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