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Youcef Nadarkhani has been executed in Iran

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Youcef Nadarkhani has been executed in Iran. He is the Christian pastor who has been imprisoned and found guilty by the courts in Iran of being a Christian. Now he’s been executed in spite of international appeals to spare his life. He was hanged today. ( March 4, 2O12)
Just so you know what the fate for all of will be if the islamists are given the chance. These Islamic swine need to be swept into the trash pile of history….. and the earth cleansed of their memory…
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Poll: Troops Losing Confidence in Obama Commander-in-Chief

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Poll: Troops Losing Confidence in Obama Commander-in-Chief
President Barack Obama is working hard to shore up his liberal political base, but military voters may be less likely to lend support for his re-election. According to the 2011 Military Times Poll of active-duty subscribers, confidence in the overall job performance of the Commander-in-Chief has plummeted from 70% to 25%. The steep decline was illustrated with a multi-color bar graph on a page 10 of the September 19, 2011, Navy Times print edition, and in a secondary link in the web-posted article available to non-subscribers, titled “A Souring Mood.”
Description: Description: Description: Description:
The 2011 annual poll published in different service versions of the Gannet-owned Military Times indicated that weariness with the current long war is a major reason for slumping morale. Ten years after the post-9/11 war in Afghanistan began, many troops are losing confidence in the mission there. Approval of the president’s handling of Afghanistan has slipped from 47% to 26%.
Military Times polls in previous years have generally found evidence of fairly high morale. But in 2011, several indicators showed a hard turn downward. For example, the percentage of active-duty troops who would recommend a military career to others was 76%, but that number is 9 points lower than it was only one year ago. (Army Times editorial, Sept. 19, 2011)
The Times further noted, “Slightly less than half of readers said the U.S. is ‘very likely’ or ’somewhat likely’ to succeed in Afghanistan.” Support is even lower among troops who have deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom−significantly less than the 75% level in 2007, four years ago.
A general question about the repeal of the 1993 law regarding gays in the military registered less opposition than in previous years, but support remains less than 50%, except in the Navy. (According to Roper, poll respondents are more likely to approve of a policy already in place.) A subsequent online poll, however, revealed some unease with the new policy in personal relationships. (Air Force Times, Oct. 24, p. Description: Description: Description: Description: 8)
Military Times asked readers on active duty if the official repeal of the 1993 law (mislabeled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”) had any effect on their unit or workplace. Most of the 4,818 respondents (69%) had no experience with the repeal in their unit. But of the 31% indicating that someone did “come out,” 5% reported no increased tension, but five times as many (26%) said that it did create tension. Looking at the same numbers, Navy Commander Wayne L. Johnson, JAGC, (Ret.) has noted that in those units where someone did come out, tension was created 84% of the time. (26% of 31% represents 84% of the group of respondents who said that someone came out in their unit. )
In the year 2000 military voters were thought to be eight times more likely to vote for then-Texas Governor George W. Bush than for Vice President Al Gore. In that year, contested absentee ballots in Florida, mostly from military voters, probably saved the election of George W. Bush.
In 2008, the advantage of Republican nominee Sen. John McCain was only three times stronger among military voters polled by the Military Times, (68%-23%). That level of support was significant, but not enough to help McCain win the election.
Social issues that affect the unique culture of the military are matters of national security that all candidates should address in 2012. The next Commander-in-Chief must earn respect and more than dutiful obedience from men and women who volunteer to serve.
Please click on the below link to read how President Obama is substantially increasing the cost to military personnel and retirees for their health care benefits, while leaving the cost of health care benefits for unionized government employees untouched.  With the recent cut of nearly $1 trillion in the defense budget, and while professing support, tongue in cheek, for the US Armed Forces, the continued stealth assault on the military establishment continues unabated.
Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
San Diego, CA 92108


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 4 March 1973 - 4 March 2012

Today, 4 March, is the day I and about 200 of my fellow POWs, with an average of over 6 years in Hanoi, North Vietnam, were repatriated to the United States military and freedom.  We were the second large group of POWs to leave Hanoi, one more was to follow.  Hard to fathom it today for several reasons including not being sure we would ever see the day. 

There is nothing quite like freedom --- it has a taste to those who fought and sacrificed for it that the protected never know.

We have been blessed. 

However, FREEDOM is being seriously assaulted by this dangerous man in the White House and his Democrat minions in Congress.  

They are systematically destroying all that we fought for and held on for during those difficult years.  Do us all a favor and do everything you can to make sure that we do not witness the demise of our country right before our eyes.  

The United States will not likely survive another four years of Barack Obama.  He and many despicable Members of Congress must be replaced in this November's elections. If the United States in which we grew up and loved dies, it will be our fault.  Our children and grand children deserve no less than that which we enjoyed.  Let us not fail them.


Obama is not the cool, calm, and collected guy that he portrays publicly; he's far from it.  Obama is described privately as a thin-skinned hot-head when it comes to questioning his policies, or anything else, for that matter.
Though there has been a slight shift upward in Obama's poll numbers, Obama knows the real temperature of the American people.  Here are 10 indicators as to why Obama will have sleepless nights leading up to the election of 2012:
  1. Obama started African Americans for Obama.  When blacks supposedly voted at 95 percent for Obama in the last election, one has to question his motives in starting this group.  The answer is that Obama's poll numbers among blacks have fallen back to their lowest point, a clear sign that Obama is feeling the pressure.  If Obama loses his street cred amongst blacks, he will likely be abandoned by other groups. Obama must have the "race" element in 2012, even though the black vote will be much less significant in 2012.  By the way, how would the media have covered "White Americans for McCain?"
  2. Obama started a Spanish-language website.  Now, most people would call this clever; however, this move could backfire and is a pure sign that Obama knows he is in trouble.  A country that requires you to know English should not have a sitting president with a Spanish-language website.  It would seem to be pandering to the massive non-English-speaking population of Latinos.  Obama has not chosen to pander to any other potential immigrant voting bloc, which could have many Africans up in arms.  Why not develop a website in Swahili or Bantu?  Asians, Jews, and many other ethnic groups might wonder what Obama's obsession is with blacks and Latinos, while forsaking them.  This could lead to the logic that the president is supposed to be the president of all Americans.
  3. Obama's energy policy is pure comedy.  When Obama took office, gasoline averaged $1.89.  Gasoline is now at its highest point in history, averaging $3.65 a gallon -- and it's getting higher.  When gas crested at $3 a gallon under Bush, Democrats were quick to put Bush in cahoots with the oil companies.  Obama and other Democrats are blaming Wall Street, offering that high gas prices are "bringing families closer together" or that high gas prices are "saving lives."  Nice try.  The problem with gas prices is that they affect the lower end of the food chain the most.  Poor people have to plan trips to the supermarket or buy gas in parts of a gallon.  "I'll have ½ a gallon."  Obama touts green energy, but he has not had a single successful example where his policy has worked, and despite the Truth Teams, Obama has wasted billions on "green" energy while people are suffering from a lack of "black" energy -- oil and coal.
  4. Obama now supports super-PACs.  Aside from the multitude of flip-flops or blatant "untruths," Obama has now decided that for the good of the country, he must embrace the idea of "buying his next election."  I suggest that Obama has forgotten that he bought his first election, and that took everything he had, despite a weakening economy, hatred of Bush, and a less than stellar Republican candidate.  Obama vowed to raise $1B in order to fight the right, and his newfound support of super-PACs only proves that he's panicked about raising money and about what he will have to spend to put the genie -- his record -- back in the bottle.
  5. Obama has feigned shifting right.  When a bona fide socialist begins talk of shifting right, you know he's panicked.  Obama no more believes in the private-sector solutions for the economy than he believes that Rosie O'Donnell would skip a meal.  Yet he is suddenly offering to cut business taxes.  Welcome to Panderville.  Many of Obama's panic moves will showcase the complete hypocrisy of what he campaigned on or truly believes, and how far he is willing to go to remain in power.
  6. Obama began the Truth Teams, dismantling Attack Watch.  Renaming Attack Watch is like renaming the Department of War the Defense Department.  Attack Watch was a dismal failure, because the truth is not an attack.  Renaming Attack Watch "Truth Team" now allows Obama to stamp out the truth wherever it may occur.  Obama is deathly afraid of the unvarnished truth.  The Truth Team's assignment is to varnish it.  So now Obama was for Keystone XL and the 20,000 jobs that it didn't create.  High gas prices are good for the economy in the form of higher revenues and more lives saved, due to less driving.  Welfare is good for the economy, actually generating $1.85 return for every $1 spent.  That's the truth, and they're sticking with it.
  7. Obama is changing his slogan.  Realizing that "Yes We Can" has turned into "Well, I Thought We Could," and that "hope and change" now applies to getting rid of him, Obama must adjust his catchphrases.  Obama's handlers are testing various new sayings, but the bad news is that nothing is sticking.  The new phrases being tested are "Winning the Future," "Greater Together," and "We Don't Quit," and Obama has begun lacing these in his speeches, but none are resonating, which is why Obama is panicking.
  8. Obama's foreign policy strategy is in shambles.  Generally when a president has such a weak domestic agenda, he may be able to recover based on decent foreign policy.  This is not the case with Obama.  Obama's foreign policy has made America weak and the laughingstock of the world.  It was said when Obama was elected that the world would love us, which has proven simply not the case.  Obama has revealed himself to be much worse than Bush in foreign policy, and he has created havoc all over North Africa and the Middle East.  China and Russia are positioning to remove the dollar as the international monetary standard, which would devastate the U.S. economy.  Their recent decision not to support the U.S. in the U.N. with respect to Syria proves that the Obama administration is not taken seriously.  Foreign policy will be a huge influence on Obama's re-election chances, which is why he will try about anything to shore things up before November.
  9. Obama is talking tough.  As the saying goes, the shallower the stream, the louder the babble.  Most people recognize that the bigmouth at the bar is far from the toughest, yet Obama all but guaranteed that he will serve "five more years" while on a Spanish-language radio program.  It is difficult to balance tough talk with "It's Bush's fault."  Further, Obama's constant and incessant apologies (and bowing) don't jibe with the tough talk.  Again, this is a strategy that will likely backfire for Obama, as most people have begun to realize that the tough talker is generally weak, and Obama is no exception.
  10. There is no real improvement in any sector in America.  Obama's biggest problem is that the economy is being held together with paperclips and Band-Aids.  The fragile nature of things does not bode well, so even the slightest uptick in inflation will wreak havoc on the deficit.  The prospect for jobs will not improve between now and the election, so the media is the only potential distraction from real unemployment north of 15 percent.  Another budget crisis is looming, and most of Obama's policies are under attack in multiple states.
Obama has much to be concerned about, despite being "The Money-Giver" to the poor.  Americans have reached the end, and words just won't cut it.  Further, Americans have tired of style and want substance.  I believe that the new bumper stickers might be "You Had Your Chance!"
Kevin Jackson is national spokesman for, an Amazon best-selling author, and a blogger



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Media Filmmaker Steve Bannon: Breitbart‘s Tapes of Obama’s College Years to Be Released in 7 to 10 Days

Steve Bannon Says Breitbarts Obama Colleges Tapes to Be Released
Andrew Breitbart (AP)
“I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” new media mogul Andrew Breitbart proclaimed at this year’s CPAC event.
Breitbart was, of course, referring to clips that allegedly show President Barack Obama during his college days — videos that the media leader claimed would show “why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”
These tapes, which have inspired conspiracy theories surrounding what led to Breitbart’s death on Thursday of natural causes at the age of 43, are now purportedly going to be released (Glenn Beck has strongly cautioned viewers against jumping to conclusions connecting the tapes to Breitbart’s death).
On Thursday evening, Steve Bannon, a writer and documentary filmmaker (“The Undefeated”), told FOX News‘ Sean Hannity that Breitbart’s company will release the mysterious Obama Harvard tapes within seven to 10 days.
Steve Bannon Says Breitbarts Obama Colleges Tapes to Be ReleasedAfter Hannity brought up the tapes that Breitbart said “would change this election,” Bannon gave more information regarding when the public can expect to see them.
“There‘s a set of tapes and we’re going through it,” Bannon announced. “The staff…the guys are going through a series of tapes of President Obama at Harvard and…we’ll come back to you in a week or two and show them here on the Hannity show.”
“In one week, we’ll have these tapes?,” Hannity asked.
Bannon confirmed that they should be ready for release in a week to 10 days.
Watch the interview with Bannon, below (comments begin around 3:50):

Fraud and Abuse in Federal Programs by Chris Edwards and Tad DeHaven

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Fraud and Abuse in Federal Programs by Chris Edwards and Tad DeHaven 


 Medicare and Medicaid

The federal government is a vast money transfer machine. It spends hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars each year on subsidy programs—from the massive Medicare to hundreds of more obscure programs that most people have never heard of. There are more than 1,800 federal subsidy programs.1
With such a huge array of handouts, the federal budget has become victim to large-scale fraud and abuse—that is, people taking government benefits to which they are not entitled. Just about every subsidy program suffers from fraud and abuse, and we illustrate the problems here with discussions of Medicare, Medicaid, housing programs, student aid, and farm subsidies. Losses to federal taxpayers from fraud, abuse, and other types of improper payments are in the ballpark of $100 billion a year or more.2
There have been efforts to reduce improper payments, but the abuse of federal programs continues at high levels. We think that federal subsidy programs should be cut because they harm the economy and are unfair to taxpayers.3 But endemic fraud and abuse provides an additional reason to pursue cuts and terminations to many federal programs.


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Judicial Watch Sues Obama Justice Department for Records Related to Justice Kagan’s Role in Obamacare Discussions While Serving as Solicitor General
(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch, the organization that investigates and fights government corruption, announced today that it filed a lawsuit against the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) seeking access to records related to U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan’s role in Obamacare discussions while she served as President Obama’s Solicitor General (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:12 –cv-00277)).
Previous documents uncovered by Judicial Watch have raised concerns about whether Justice Kagan should recuse herself from considering the Obamacare litigation when it goes before the High Court in March 2012.
Pursuant to its original Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted to the DOJ’s Office of Information Policy and the Office of Solicitor General on December 7, 2011, Judicial Watch seeks access to the following information to help to determine if Justice Kagan and her top deputies participated in Obamacare meetings and phone calls:
All calendars, schedules, phone logs and agenda for each of the following individuals: (1) Elena Kagan; (2) Neal Katyal; (3) Edwin Kneedler; (4) Malcolm Stewart; and (5) Michael Dreeben.
Neal Katyal, Edwin Kneedler, Malcolm Stewart and Michael Dreeben all served as Deputy Solicitors General under Kagan. The time frame for this request is September 1, 2009, through August 31, 2010.
The Obama administration was required by law to respond to the FOIA request by January 25, 2012. However, to date, the Obama administration has neither released any records, nor provided an explanation as to why records should be withheld, nor given a date when a response to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request will be forthcoming.
Justice Kagan has said that she was not “substantially” involved in the DOJ discussions regarding Obamacare’s constitutional or litigation issues. The White House, despite repeated inquiries, has refused to confirm to Judicial Watch that Justice Kagan was “walled off” from Obamacare defense discussions while at the DOJ.
Emails previously obtained by Judicial Watch suggest Kagan and staff from her Solicitor General’s office may have participated in discussions pertaining to the legal defense of Obamacare. Other records show then-Solicitor General Kagan commenting excitedly on the passage of Obamacare. (Judicial Watch obtained the documents pursuant to a FOIA lawsuit filed on February 24, 2011. This lawsuit had been consolidated with a similar FOIA lawsuit first filed against the DOJ by the Media Research Center.)
Responding to inquiries from Congress for records detailing Justice Kagan’s role in Obamacare discussions, Attorney General Eric Holder said in December 2011 that he has “separation of powers concerns” about releasing them, according to Politico.
“This is no time for the Obama administration to stonewall and obfuscate. We hope the court will force the Obama administration to respond to our request in a manner consistent with federal law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The American people deserve to know how deeply involved Elena Kagan and her top deputies were in shaping the Obama administration’s legal defense of Obamacare. The integrity of the courts requires a full airing of those facts before she participates in ruling on a matter she may have helped prepare for litigation. There is more information at the Justice Department but clearly Eric Holder intends to run out the clock.”


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FRIEND OR FOE? Outrage over American soldiers’ burning of Korans has fueled a spate of “insider attacks” on US troops, including the slaying by an Afghan cop of Air Force Lt. Col. John Loftis, whose remains were brought to Dover Air Force Base.

FRIEND OR FOE? Outrage over American soldiers’ burning of Korans has fueled a spate of “insider attacks” on US troops, including the slaying by an Afghan cop of Air Force Lt. Col. John Loftis, whose remains were brought to Dover Air Force Base.  

In July 2010, Shir Ahmad, an Afghan security guard at a coalition base, started making threatening comments, saying he wanted to kill US troops.

His employer, Afghan-owned Tundra Security, a subsidiary of Canadian military contractor Tundra Group, fired him and recommended he not be rehired. But according to an investigation by Rep. Howard McKeon (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Tundra officials failed to pass that recommendation up the chain of command; nor was Ahmad added to any military watch list.
Tundra rehired Ahmad on March 9, 2011, without a background check. Ten days later, while working security at Forward Operating Base Frontenac in Southern Afghanistan, Ahmad picked up an AK-47 and fired into a group of soldiers who were cleaning their weapons.
He killed two — Cpl. Donald R. Mickler Jr., 29, of Ohio, and Pfc. Rudy A. Acosta, 19, of California.
They were only two of the 75 soldiers killed since 2007 by “green on blue” attacks executed by our supposed Afghan allies, aided and abetted by wishful thinking on the part of the Obama administration and lax security measures in Afghanistan. Despite these murders — including six in the last two weeks — officials plan to do nothing to take guns away from Afghans stationed with our troops.
After the Ahmad attack, the Pentagon told Congress that it had improved the screening process for Afghan forces — requiring all troops undergo a criminal-background check, including fingerprinting, and that they produce two letters from their village elders vouching for their character.
McKeon calls the system “tragically weak.” There’s no central Afghan database to check the fingerprints against, for one, and nothing to determine if the recommendations come from an elder in cahoots with the Taliban. McKeon introduced a bill Thursday that would require US bases to be guarded only by American troops, not foreign nationals or private security firms.
“We must recognize that the existing processes failed to identify 42 attackers in 2007 to 2011,” he said.
Things have only gotten worse since Korans were burned outside a prison in Bagram on Feb. 20 because they contained covert messages from terrorist detainees.
Three days later, a uniformed Afghan soldier shot and murdered in cold blood two American soldiers — Army Sgt. Joshua Born, 25, and Army Cpl. Timothy Conrad, 22 — at a forward operating base near Jalalabad.
On Feb. 25, an Afghan policeman working inside the Afghan Ministry of Interior — one of the most secure buildings in the country — pulled a gun, walked up behind two unarmed American officers and shot them both in the back of the head.

Israel shelves Iran military option U.N. ambassador says diplomacy needs more time

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NEW YORK – Ron Prosor, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations says Jerusalem believes diplomacy is the preferred course to resolve the current nuclear standoff with Iran.
“We should really pursue and focus on the sanctions and the diplomatic elements in trying to bring the regime in Tehran to reassess the way they want to go forward,” explained the Israeli diplomat.
The emphasis on the diplomatic option would appear to be a shift toward the position of the Obama administration which has stressed stepping up the diplomatic and economic pressure on the regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
“We are very keen, very clear in saying there is still a lot to be done on the diplomatic front that is not being done. … It is a pity that this has taken so much time. … But, I think the sanctions, especially those on the central bank of Iran, can be very effective.  We have to pursue that,” said Prosor in an exclusive interview Friday.
Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are to meet and confer on a host of topics this week in Washington.
At the same time, AIPAC, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, one of the most influential lobbying bodies on Capitol Hill, holds its yearly convention in Washington.
Addressing the conference, Obama said:
“A nuclear-armed Iran is completely counter to Israel’s security interests. But it is also counter to the national-security interests of the United States.”
The Obama-Netanyahu meeting comes just ahead of “Super Tuesday” which is expected to narrow down the remaining candidates to challenge Obama’s bid for re-election in November.
Israel, Iran and Syria are just a few of the topics under debate and Prosor admitted U.S. presidential politics have impacted on the situation.
“Israel is a very vibrant democracy and is completely aware of the constraints of an election year. We know from our own experiences what can or cannot be done … but, the [U.S.-Israel] relationship is so deep and important that it will override anything else.”
Prosor’s comments came on the heels of recent proclamations by Tehran that it has accelerated its nuclear program by adding a new generation of centrifuges, used to enrich uranium, and raising its current uranium enrichment operation to 20 percent, just shy of the amount needed for nuclear weapons, according to the Pentagon.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the U.N. atomic watchdog, recently concluded yet another round of meetings in Tehran with no new progress in visiting several controversial Iranian nuclear installations.
Prosor admitted the apparent acceleration of Iran’s nuclear “research” has become a major worry for Jerusalem:
“The Iran nuclear-weapons program is moving forward like a train in the express lane … or if you want the European equivalent … it is like the Eurostar. … It is very fast, it is very clear … it is moving fast in the express lane forward … and the international community at this stage is moving like a local train. … It stops at every station.”
That, says the Israeli, is a dilemma for the nations across the world:
“The international community really needs to weigh in and put pressure on the Iranian regime, it has no red line … this a huge threat to the whole strategic environment.”
While Israel worries about Iran, it has decided to keep the unraveling situation in neighboring Syria at arms length.
Late last week, the U.N. and the Arab League saw its efforts to defuse the de facto civil war sidelined by Damascus, at least temporarily.
The chief of U.N. humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos and the newly appointed U.N.-Arab League special envoy, Kofi Annan, were both denied entry to the country. Officially, the Syrian government requested more “clarifications and details” on their proposed visits.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon told reporters he was “disgusted” by the Syrian stall tactics and demanded both officials be admitted “immediately.”
Prosor made it quite clear Israel intends to steer clear of any direct involvement in the Syrian conflict up to and including the acceptance of any refugees:
“Iran, in a sense, is sending its tentacles into Syria.. … It is not a secret that the Iranians are in Damascus helping out the regime of Bashar al-Assad to slaughter his own people. … Israel should not be on the front line on this, we should not be in a situation to make points or score points. It goes way beyond that. No one should be able to use the humanitarian situation for his own interests.”
Iran’s United Nations mission refused to offer any reaction to the Israeli ambassador’s comments.

Gingrich Scolds Media for Making Limbaugh 'The Great National Crisis of This Week'

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Submitted by Robert firth
DOUGLASVILLE, GA. The following photo was taken at a Kroger grocery store in Douglasville, GA, about 30 miles west of Atlanta this past Sunday night. An anonymous citizen left this brilliant sticky note on a gas pump as a wake-up call to fellow citizens.

Obama is doing everything he can to bankrupt this country. One of his many strategies is to strangle our life-giving supply of oil. Obama is hell-bent on blocking drilling and projects like the Keystone pipeline.

I'm making up a bunch tonight and plan to paste them on every gas pump I can..... Maybe it will get the liberals that support obowa's take over attention to what he's really up to?

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Political Correctness The Death Knell Of America By Woody Pendleton

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Political Correctness    The Death Knell Of America
By Woody Pendleton
         Political correctness has come to America.  Tis no longer correct behavior to be honest, honorable and truthful.  If telling the truth puts out a bad impression of someone, something,or someplace, regardless of how true, we must not say it or even think it.  WHY?   IT'S NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!! 
        We are not supposed to say that Islam is a theocratic organization founded on hate, domination, perversion and murder.   IT IS THE TRUTH , BUT NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.   We are not to say we believe in the GOD of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob and that AMERICA is a Christian nation even though its true.  ITS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.
     We are not to have our children learn the real history about our country,  honor its Constitution and Pledge  Allegiance to our Flag.  We are not to think highly or be proud of our nation.  WHY?   ITS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.
    We are not to speak disparagently about our government or the people in office even when they are commiting treason against the nation and our Constitution and stripping us of our legal rights and freedoms in total violation of the Constitution.   ITS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.
   We are to keep our thoughts to ourselves and our feelings are no longer pertinent to our stage in life.   The concept of owning anything will soon be no longer acceptable since the government is now claiming it owns it all as its right.  In fact even living our lives is becoming POLITICALLY INCORRECT.   When we reach age 70 we are no longer considered viable and an expense to the nation and will face termination.

Editors Note:  My Name is Bill Holland, Im 74 Years Old, I will fight you till Death, Smack you in the Face, Kick you in the Ball's - You may not listen because i'm not Politically Correct - but you will be hurting for a while --- GAR-UN-TEEEEED - Now can you strighten back up or is it going to take a while....No, I'm Not Sorry ? .


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BY Woody Pendleton Free Zone Contributor


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The United States Senate just voted 51-48 to gut the First Amendment.
Moments ago, the Democratic-controlled Senate led by Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada (pictured at the right) refused to restore religious liberty for all Americans, including our Catholic schools, hospitals, and charitable ministries. The roll call is below.

Senator Roy Blunt's amendment was offered to stop President Obama's unprecedented assault on our religious liberty. Obama's HHS mandate will soon force every employer, including Catholic hospitals, universities and religious organizations to pay for insurance policies that will offer contraception and abortion drugs for their employees.

The new mandate not only attacks our Church, but also threatens the freedom of every insurance company, every business and every American citizen.

Just think: 51 U.S. Senators just voted to affirm the right of our government to force you to pay for morally reprehensible drugs and procedures -- including drugs that destroy an innocent human life.

And we know this is only the beginning.

What do we do now?

The Catholic vote has been the center of attention in this debate.

We knew the vote would be close in the Senate, and so we have also been lobbying leaders in the House to answer the Senate with a vote FOR religious liberty. As of today, the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act has 220 co-sponsors and counting.

We are now calling on the House to likewise put every Representative on the record with a vote.

We are also working with legal experts to help bring new lawsuits to defeat this mandate in the courts.

And of course, we MUST vindicate our rights at the ballot box in November. The facts are plain: we need a new President and a new Senate. And this is entirely possible this year.

Finally, please do not fall for the trap. Do not despair!

Pray now that our fellow citizens will have the fortitude to persevere in this fight.

We know that every challenge for us is an opportunity to witness to our Faith.

What a glorious opportunity we have ahead of us.

No vote by a group of politicians will stop us from serving Our Lord.

Brian Burch

P.S. Here is the roll call on the Senate vote today along with their phone numbers:

Senators Who Voted AGAINST Protecting Religious Liberty:

Akaka, Daniel K. - (D - HI)
(202) 224-6361
Baucus, Max - (D - MT)
(202) 224-2651
Begich, Mark - (D - AK)
(202) 224-3004
Bennet, Michael F. - (D - CO)
(202) 224-5852
Bingaman, Jeff - (D - NM)
(202) 224-5521
Blumenthal, Richard - (D - CT)
(202) 224-2823
Boxer, Barbara - (D - CA)
(202) 224-3553
Brown, Sherrod - (D - OH)
(202) 224-2315
Cantwell, Maria - (D - WA)
(202) 224-3441
Cardin, Benjamin L. - (D - MD)
(202) 224-4524
Carper, Thomas R. - (D - DE)
(202) 224-2441
Collins, Susan M. - (R - ME) (202) 224-2523

Conrad, Kent - (D - ND)
(202) 224-2043
Coons, Christopher A. - (D - DE)
(202) 224-5042
Durbin, Richard J. - (D - IL)
(202) 224-2152
Feinstein, Dianne - (D - CA)
(202) 224-3841
Franken, Al - (D - MN)
(202) 224-5641
Gillibrand, Kirsten E. - (D - NY)
(202) 224-4451
Hagan, Kay R. - (D - NC)
(202) 224-6342
Harkin, Tom - (D - IA)
(202) 224-3254
Inouye, Daniel K. - (D - HI)
(202) 224-3934
Johnson, Tim - (D - SD)
(202) 224-5842
Kerry, John F. - (D - MA)
(202) 224-2742
Klobuchar, Amy - (D - MN)
(202) 224-3244
Kohl, Herb - (D - WI)
(202) 224-5653
Landrieu, Mary L. - (D - LA)
(202) 224-5824
Lautenberg, Frank R. - (D - NJ)
(202) 224-3224
Leahy, Patrick J. - (D - VT)
(202) 224-4242
Levin, Carl - (D - MI)
(202) 224-6221
Lieberman, Joseph I. - (ID - CT)
(202) 224-4041
McCaskill, Claire - (D - MO)
(202) 224-6154
Menendez, Robert - (D - NJ)
(202) 224-4744
Merkley, Jeff - (D - OR)
(202) 224-3753
Mikulski, Barbara A. - (D - MD)
(202) 224-4654
Murray, Patty - (D - WA)
(202) 224-2621
Nelson, Bill - (D - FL)
(202) 224-5274
Pryor, Mark L. - (D - AR)
(202) 224-2353
Reed, Jack - (D - RI)
(202) 224-4642
Reid, Harry - (D - NV)
(202) 224-3542
Rockefeller, John D., IV - (D - WV)
(202) 224-6472
Sanders, Bernard - (I - VT)
(202) 224-5141
Schumer, Charles E. - (D - NY)
(202) 224-6542
Shaheen, Jeanne - (D - NH)
(202) 224-2841
Stabenow, Debbie - (D - MI)
(202) 224-4822
Tester, Jon - (D - MT)
(202) 224-2644
Udall, Mark - (D - CO)
(202) 224-5941
Udall, Tom - (D - NM)
(202) 224-6621
Warner, Mark R. - (D - VA)
(202) 224-2023
Webb, Jim - (D - VA)
(202) 224-4024
Whitehouse, Sheldon - (D - RI)
(202) 224-2921
Wyden, Ron - (D - OR)
(202) 224-5244

Senators Who Voted FOR Religious Liberty:

Alexander, Lamar - (R - TN) (202) 224-4944
Ayotte, Kelly - (R - NH)
(202) 224-3324
Barrasso, John - (R - WY)
(202) 224-6441
Blunt, Roy - (R - MO)
(202) 224-5721
Boozman, John - (R - AR)
(202) 224-4843
Brown, Scott P. - (R - MA)
(202) 224-4543
Burr, Richard - (R - NC)
(202) 224-3154
Casey, Robert P., Jr. - (D - PA)
(202) 224-6324
Chambliss, Saxby - (R - GA)
(202) 224-3521
Coats, Daniel - (R - IN)
(202) 224-5623
Coburn, Tom - (R - OK)
(202) 224-5754
Cochran, Thad - (R - MS)
(202) 224-5054
Corker, Bob - (R - TN)
(202) 224-3344
Cornyn, John - (R - TX)
(202) 224-2934
Crapo, Mike - (R - ID)
(202) 224-6142
DeMint, Jim - (R - SC)
(202) 224-6121
Enzi, Michael B. - (R - WY)
(202) 224-3424
Graham, Lindsey - (R - SC)
(202) 224-5972
Grassley, Chuck - (R - IA)
(202) 224-3744
Hatch, Orrin G. - (R - UT)
(202) 224-5251
Heller, Dean - (R - NV)
(202) 224-6244
Hoeven, John - (R - ND)
(202) 224-2551
Hutchison, Kay Bailey - (R - TX)
(202) 224-5922
Inhofe, James M. - (R - OK)
(202) 224-4721
Isakson, Johnny - (R - GA)
(202) 224-3643
Johanns, Mike - (R - NE)
(202) 224-4224
Johnson, Ron - (R - WI)
(202) 224-5323
Kyl, Jon - (R - AZ)
(202) 224-4521
Lee, Mike - (R - UT)
(202) 224-5444
Lugar, Richard G. - (R - IN)
(202) 224-4814
Manchin, Joe, III - (D - WV)
(202) 224-3954
McCain, John - (R - AZ)
(202) 224-2235
McConnell, Mitch - (R - KY)
(202) 224-2541
Moran, Jerry - (R - KS)
(202) 224-6521
Murkowski, Lisa - (R - AK)
(202) 224-6665
Nelson, Ben - (D - NE)
(202) 224-6551
Paul, Rand - (R - KY)
(202) 224-4343
Portman, Rob - (R - OH)
(202) 224-3353
Risch, James E. - (R - ID)
(202) 224-2752
Roberts, Pat - (R - KS)
(202) 224-4774
Rubio, Marco - (R - FL)
(202) 224-3041
Sessions, Jeff - (R - AL)
(202) 224-4124
Shelby, Richard C. - (R - AL)
(202) 224-5744
Snowe, Olympia J. - (R - ME)
(202) 224-5344
Thune, John - (R - SD)
(202) 224-2321
Toomey, Patrick J. - (R - PA)
(202) 224-4254
Vitter, David - (R - LA)
(202) 224-4623
Wicker, Roger F. - (R - MS)
(202) 224-6253

NOTE: Senator Mark Kirk - (R - IL) (202) 224-2854 - supports Senator Blunt's amendment in favor of religious liberty, but was not present for the vote.

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