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The world's largest army... America's hunters!
I had never thought about
this...A blogger
added up the deer license sales
in just a handful of states arrived at a striking conclusion:

were over 600,000 hunters
this season in the state of Wisconsin .
Allow me to restate that number:

Over the last several months,
Wisconsin's hunters

became the eighth largest army in
the world.

More men under arms than in Iran.

More than
France and
Germany combined.

These men

deployed to the woods of a single American state,
to hunt with firearms, and
no one was killed.

That number pales in comparison to the 750,000
who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and
700,000 hunters,

all of whom have now returned home safely.
Toss in a quarter million hunters
in West Virginia
and it literally establishes the fact
that the
hunters of those four states alone
comprise the largest army in the world.
And then add in the total number of hunters in the other
46 states.
It's millions more.

The point?
America will forever be safe
from foreign invasion with that
kind of
home-grown firepower. Hunting....
it's not just a way to fill the freezer..
It's a matter of
national security.

That's why all enemies,

foreign and domestic,
want to see us disarmed.
Food for thought,
when next we consider gun control.
Overall it's true,

so if we disregard some assumptions
that hunters
don't possess the same skills as soldiers, the question
would still remain...
what army of 2 million would want to face
30, 40, 50 million armed citizens.
For the sake of our freedom, don't ever allow gun control or confiscation of guns.


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Republic News Updates:
As Paul Craig Roberts has frequently pointed out, in our present system there are two kinds of people: Those whom the law fails to restrain, and those whom the law fails to protect. Richard Klementovich is an example of the first kind of person; Jose Guerena is a good representative of the second.

Klementovich, a police officer in Clifton, New Jersey, suffered a breakdown of some kind and barricaded himself in his ex-wife's home. An admitted steroid abuser, Klementovich (who was paid $114,000 last year) made it plain that he intended to commit "suicide by cop." When police arrived, he shot at their vehicles; the ensuing siege made a free-fire zone out of the neighborhood. Rather than storming the home and killing Klementovich, however, the SWAT teams patiently waited him out, allowing him to leave of his own volition:

"Steroid-Abusing Police Officer Richard Lementovich Holds Neighborhood Hostage"
Jose Guerena, by way of contrast, was gunned down in a 70-shot onslaught in the living room of his Tucson home during a May 2011 SWAT raid. That raid was one of several conducted for the supposed purpose of breaking up a marijuana smuggling ring. No specific accusations were made against Jose in the affidavit requesting a search warrant, and no evidence of criminal activity on his part was ever found. The SWAT operators who shot him 22 times allowed Jose to bleed to death on the floor of his home, rather than providing medical aid.

"Jose Guerena Murder One Year Later: Relatives Indicted, No Evidence against the Victim"
Baseball legend Roger Clemens is wealthy and famous, but he has never been a government official. This is why he had to spend untold amounts of money to defend himself against a spurious charge of lying to Congress about his supposed steroid use as a professional athlete - a matter over which the federal government has no legitimate authority. Fortunately, Clemens - who faced the equivalent of a life sentence -- was acquitted by a jury of all charges.

While the "Justice" Department persecuted Clemens, it remains under the direction of an Attorney General who has repeatedly lied and obstructed congressional investigations of the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal, which led to the death of many innocent people (including a U.S. Border Patrol agent) at the hands of Mexican drug cartel operatives:

"Rocket Vindicated: Jury Acquits Roger Clemens of Federal Charges"

*For four years, federal and state law enforcement agencies conducted "controlled buys" of drugs at Camp Zoe, a Missouri campground and music festival venue. During that time, James Tebeau, owner of the land and proprietor of the camp, actually did what he could to prevent commerce in hard drugs. So, naturally, the government has stolen (or, as it would say, "forfeited") the land and is preparing to send Tebeau to prison for three years:
"Federal Government Consummates Theft of `Camp Zoe' in Missouri"

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Most Arrogant Man in the World

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Free At Last
Kate Powley

Congressman Artur Davis spoke to the Heritage Foundation’s Bloggers Briefing on why he has “shifted camps” from the Democratic Party and has now joined the Republican Party.
“Yes it is a little bit unusual for someone who used to be a democratic elected official to switch parties. Yes it is unusual for, frankly, for an African-American Democratic official to switch political camps … Artur Davis is not the only person who was in the Obama camp in 2008 that has done a political migration… 10 million Americans or so have shifted camps,” Davis said.
Davis, a former representative from Alabama’s seventh congressional district, was one of the first supporters to endorse Obama for president for the 2008 presidential election.
In December of 2010 Davis moved from Alabama to Virginia and on May 29, 2012 on his official blog he declared the switch.
“If I were to run, it would be as a Republican,” Davis said on his blog. “And I am in the process of changing my voter registration from Alabama to Virginia, a development which likely does represent a closing of one chapter and perhaps the opening of another.”
According to Davis, the president has not kept his promises and the country has seen a negative ascension from when Obama took office.
“The more the other side keeps making its arguments, the more people are beginning to move our way, I firmly believe that,” Davis said. “And they may not be moving our way on the wings of remarkable poetry but on the wings of their common sense.”
Davis appealed to the Heritage audience by comparing the importance of Reagan’s election to the upcoming election – not suggesting that Romney is like Reagan, but that the election has the importance that Reagan’s had.
“Boldness matters in politics. Boldness is rewarded in politics. Clarity is rewarded in politics Governor Walker can tell you that in Wisconsin, Governor Christy can tell you that in New Jersey. Clarity is rewarded in politics,” Davis said.

An Obama Joke We Just Had To Share With You

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Michael F. Haverluck
The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against two Arizona-Utah border towns alleging they violated the rights of residents by taking operating orders from Warren Jeffs, the imprisoned leader of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

According to the DOJ, Jeffs and other FLDS leaders controlled the towns of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, through a campaign of intimidation targeting non-FLDS members, who composed a small minority in both cities.
The federal civil rights case filed in Arizona argues that city leaders and law enforcement officers followed Jeff’s illicit orders, which included denying non-FLDS members housing and municipal services, as well as allowing individuals in the sect to damage their property and crops.
Last year, Jeffs was incarcerated after being convicted for the sexual assault of two of his 24 brides, all of whom were underage. The trial came after Jeffs’ FLDS Yearning for Zion Ranch was raided in April 2008, when some 400 children were seized at the isolated Texas compound that was built by members at the leader’s command. Each child was returned after the custody battle, which was one of the largest in U.S. history.
Jeffs and 10 prominent FLDS lieutenants were arrested and subsequently found guilty under bigamy and sexual assault charges. The mainstream Mormon church did away with the practice of polygamy back in 1890 so that Utah could be granted statehood.
Even though Jeffs currently is serving a life prison sentence in Texas, it is reported that the convicted felon continues to rule the border towns from his jail cell.
The religious sect leader’s control is said to have been taking place for decades in the communities, where non-FLDS residents’ constitutional rights were continually trampled.
“The cities’ governments, including the marshal’s office, have been deployed to carry out the will and dictates of FLDS leaders, particularly Warren Jeffs, and the officials to whom he delegates authority,” the complaint against the towns reads. “The marshal’s office has inappropriately used its state-granted law enforcement authority to enforce the edicts of the FLDS, to the detriment of non-FLDS members.”
Yet Blake Hamilton, the defense attorney for Hildale and the marshal’s office (shared by both towns), says no such discrimination has taken place.
“There’s nothing to support the allegation that non-FLDS members are treated differently,” Hamilton remarked Thursday to The Associated Press. “DOJ asked us to dismantle a community.”
The DOJ claims that numerous violations against non-FLDS individuals took place, however, such as police officers pulling over and arresting residents for no reason. Law enforcement was also accused of looking the other way when FLDS members destroyed, vandalized and trespassed on non-members’ property.
Other reports of officers’ misconduct includes denying non-FLDS children public playground access, keeping underage brides from escaping, catching dogs and shooting them in a “slaughter pit” at Jeffs’ command and shutting down non-members’ city water and electricity.
Hamilton justified the latter allegation, claiming that new users are unable to get water when the towns run out, yet the federal suit asserts that no water shortage exists.
The lawyer fighting for the defendants of Colorado City also attests that there is no favoritism when it comes to utilities for the Arizona town.
“We’ll have our day in court,” attorney Jeff Matura asserted when the complaint was filed Thursday. “There’s not a question on the application that says, ‘What’s your religion?’”
Town officials are also charged with violating the Fair Housing Act – for harassing those who left the sect or were forced out, as well as those who were never members. The lawsuit states that the violators “have acted in concert with FLDS leadership to deny non-FLDS individuals housing, police protection, and access to public space and services.”
A complaint similar to the one filed by the DOJ was filed in Arizona by a former FLDS member and his wife, who also claimed Fair Housing Act violations.
Prosecuting attorneys are elated that the towns are finally being brought to justice.
“Finding a solution to the illegal activities that have been occurring in Colorado City for decades has been one of my highest priorities,” said Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. “I remain committed to stopping the illegal conduct perpetrated by the FLDS church on non-church members.”
“We have made substantial progress during the past decade in bringing justice and security to the people living in the twin cities of Hildale and Colorado City,” Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff explained before noting that for years, his office has attempted to get the federal government to step in.
This latest lawsuit comes on the heels of failed Arizona and Utah bills that would have eliminated the marshal’s office of Colorado City and Hildale. New lawsuits by residents against the towns are anticipated to spring up as the federal case moves forward.

ForgeryGate: Obama’s Eight Outrageous Deceptions

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President Obama face WH photo SC ForgeryGate: Obamas Eight Outrageous Deceptions
“The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide.”
Those words of Barack Obama, spoken in August 2010 on Long Island, NY, were self-incriminating; for he uses deception ranging from silence to sarcasm to suppression to the barring of anyone from viewing any document that may refute his claim of Presidential eligibility.
Deception 1:
In 2008, he let a fraudulent, ineligible Hawaiian short-form “Certification of Live Birth, of approx. 13 bits of information, be posted on the “Daily Kos” website as proof of his Presidential eligibility. At the same time, he was aware, as a Constitutional teacher, that only a long-form Certificate of Live Birth, of approx. 41 bits of information, was valid for one seeking the Presidency. Notably missing from his COLB were the names of the birth hospital, attending physician, and birth witnesses….information required in determining presidential eligibility. His birth certificate number was “blacked” out, ignoring the COLB warning that “ANY ALTERATION INVALIDATES THIS CERTIFICATE.” Obama deliberately lied, claiming his COLB was a true copy of an eligible birth certificate in the Hawaiian Health Dept. files; for if they did match, it meant both were COLB’S and therefore both ineligible for a Presidential aspirant. He continued this deception until April 2011, seducing a Nation he had sworn to serve. We are speaking of criminal fraud!
Deception 2:
In 2009, he publically displayed a letter he sent to Kapi”olani Medical Center in Hawaii, stating he was born there. The Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, Martha Stewart, only confirmed to Hawaiian State Senator Sam Slom that a copy of Obama’s letter hangs “in the Administrative Section, away from public view” and the original is stored for “safe-keeping and preservation”, but she would not allow him to view it. The Hospital has no public memorial to Obama’s birth. The first African-American President of the United States names a birth hospital, yet can’t get that hospital to confirm. Also, some family members claimed he was born in Hawaii’s Queens Medical Center. In reality, a damning fact stands out. Not one Hawaiian hospital claims to be Obama’s birth hospital. I repeat-not one.
Since 2010, several states have prepared legislation against future elections, including a requirement that only a “Certification of Live Birth” is acceptable for Presidential aspirants, incumbent or otherwise. Obama, after three years of deception, realized his fraudulent 2008 COLB would not survive close scrutiny by a now wary Nation, leaving him but one avenue of deception remaining. He decided to create another fraudulent document, a long-form “Certificate of Live Birth”, and deceive the States by having the Hawaiian Health Dept. claim they recently found it. In April 2011, he announced that the Health Department had indeed “found” it (a document previously unmentioned, unseen, unknown, and unused) and had sent it to him, which he then put on a Gov’t website and proclaimed to the Country as proof of his eligibility. Yet, he would not allow experts to examine and confirm its authenticity! Why? 

Voter Fraud Cover-up Mild Compared To What Eric Holder Has Covered Up In The Past

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Eric Holder 13 SC Voter Fraud Cover up Mild Compared to What Eric Holder Has Covered Up In The Past

The murder of Kenneth Michael Trentadue in 1995 at the hand of prison guards and/or FBI agents in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing has been burning for years, but has been continually doused with water due in part to someone making headlines this week with the James O’Keefe voter fraud video. O’Keefe, made famous for bringing ACORN to its knees with his groundbreaking undercover videos, asks for and is given our own Eric Holder’s ballot and is told incredulously that he doesn’t need ID. After telling the polling worker that he’d feel more comfortable showing his ID, O’Keefe hilariously leaves the polling place saying he’ll be back “faster than you can say furious,” an obvious joking reference to the Fast and Furious debacle marring the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice. O’Keefe mockingly interposes clips of Holder denying that there is a chance of voter fraud and arguing against voter ID laws with clips of the polling worker handing over a ballot with Eric Holder’s name on it!


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Getting married? Does Barack Obama ever have an idea for you!
How about telling your family, friends and guests that they should make a donation to Obama’s 2012 campaign instead of getting you a gift?

A birthday coming? Same suggestion.
Also for anniversaries.
The campaign has announced “The Obama event registry,” where Obama fundraisers say:
“Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?
“Let your friends know how important this election is to you – register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate – and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.
“Setting up and sharing your registry page is easy – so get started today.”
Further instructions say, “Register your next celebration – whether it’s a birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, or anniversary – with the Obama campaign. It’s a great way to show your support for a cause that’s important to you on your big day.”
The Church Report cited just days earlier that Obama’s cash-collecting, which set all sorts of records for the 2008 campaign, was faltering this year.
“Mitt Romney out-raised President Barack Obama in May, the first time the Republican presidential challenger has jumped ahead of Obama and his prodigious fundraising apparatus. The numbers illustrate how Romney and the Republican Party have jelled as a force after a protracted GOP primary,” said the report.
“Romney and his party raised more than $76 million last month, the campaign said Thursday. Obama’s campaign reported that it and the Democratic Party raised $60 million for the month.”
Just a few months ago, the Obama campaign also tried to cash in on the ongoing controversy over his eligibility – and whether he actually qualifies under the Constitution to be president.
It was less than 24 hours after Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a news conference to announce that his investigators found probable cause that the Obama birth certificate image released last year is a forgery, an email seeking donations was dispatched by Julianna Smoot, Obama’s deputy campaign manager.
“Yesterday, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his ‘Cold Case Posse’ (their words, not mine) held a press conference to announce that after an exhaustive, six-month investigation, they’ve concluded the president’s birth certificate is – wait for it – a fraud,” she wrote.
Here’s Obama’s promotion
“Lest you think this is just some isolated conspiracy theorist, keep in mind this is a guy Mitt Romney has personally called to ask for an endorsement – and who served as a Romney campaign ‘Honorary Chair’ in 2008,” she wrote.
“Well, Sheriff Arpaio, the birth certificate is real, and it’s right here.”
Following the statement was a link to an Obama store selling mugs with an image of Obama on one side and an image of the document Obama released last year on the other.
Not cheap, though. Try $20 for a mug.
“I doubt a coffee mug – or anything else – will convince Sheriff Arpaio or the other birthers. Some things just might not be humanly possible,” Smoot wrote. “Either way, it shouldn’t stop the rest of us from having a good laugh.”
The email did not respond to any of the challenges to the president to provide his documentation or the evidence uncovered by professional law enforcement officers, who began the review at the request of hundreds of Arpaio’s constituents.
The citizens were concerned a fraudulent document was being used by Obama to qualify for the 2012 election ballot in Arizona. Arpaio promised that the investigation will continue into the alleged crimes of forgery and fraud.
The team also concluded that Obama’s Selective Service card most likely is a forgery, and there is a suspicion that Obama’s birth may have been outside of the United States.
The controversy is over the Constitution’s requirement that the president be a “natural-born citizen” and the fact that evidence regarding Obama’s status remains unavailable or unverified.
“To quell the popular idea that Obama was actually born outside the United States, we examined the records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards routinely filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights that originated outside the United States in the month of August 1961 [Obama's birth month]. Those records are housed at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Interestingly, records from the days surrounding Obama’s birth, August 1, 1961 to August 7, 1961 are missing. This is the only week in 1961 were these immigration cards cannot be found,” the sheriff’s report said.
The investigative team also accused the Hawaii Department of Health of having engaged in “a systematic effort to hide any original 1961 birth records that they may have in their possession.” And the team determined newspaper announcements of Obama’s birth there in 1961 are not credible, because the published listings also included 3-year-olds cited as newborns as well as children born outside of the state.
“A continuing investigation is needed to not only understand more about the creation of the alleged birth certificate forgery, but also to determine who, if anyone, in the White House or the state of Hawaii may have authorized it,” Arpaio said.

REMEMBER NIXON - Obama’s Executive-Privilege “Last Gasp Of A Cover Up”

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NRA Vice-President and CEO Wayne LaPierre talks about the U.S. House Committee resolution recommending that the House find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. He makes some really good points of Obama’s outright cowardice on this front

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U.K. Professor: Doctors Using ‘Death Pathway’ to Euthanize Patients

U.K. Professor Claims Doctors Are Initiating the Liverpool Care Pathway too Early and Euthanizing Patients
Professor Patrick Pullicino (Photo: University of Kent)
Patrick Pullicino, a professor of clinical neurosciences at the United Kingdom’s University of Kent, has some disturbing news for terminally ill patients within the U.K.’s healthcare system: it is that up to 130,000 patients may have been killed before their time.
The Daily Mail reports Pullicino saying the Liverpool Care Pathway, a protocol doctors can use when patients are not expected to recover which he likens to a “death pathway,” was used on 29 percent of the 450,000 people who die in National Health Services hospitals each year.
According to the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute, LCP is “used at the bedside to drive up sustained quality of the dying in the last hours and days of life.” A patient’s/family member’s guide to LCP states that this pathway could involve the following: stopping any medication that is no longer helpful or prescribing new medication; stopping unnecessary testing; and, depending on the situation, stopping administration of food and water.
According to a healthcare provider’s guide, LCP has been recommended in several prominent papers and by organizations throughout the 2000s. Before enacting LCP, a “multidisciplinary team” evaluates the patient’s situation and all the possible options. If the patient is “diagnosed as dying” then LCP can be enacted after communication the diagnosis to all those involved.
Pullicino though has said that too often patients could live longer before they are put on LCP, citing the claims that they were within their last hours and days as “palpably false.”
Here’s an example Pullicino provided to the Daily Mail:
In the example he revealed a 71-year-old who was admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia and epilepsy was put on the LCP by a covering doctor on a weekend shift.
Professor Pullicino said he had returned to work after a weekend to find the patient unresponsive and his family upset because they had not agreed to place him on the LCP.
“I removed the patient from the LCP despite significant resistance,” he said.
“His seizures came under control and four weeks later he was discharged home to his family,” he said.
The patient’s extra 14 months of life came at considerable cost to the NHS and the taxpayer, Professor Pullicino indicated.
He said he needed extensive support with wheelchair, ramps and nursing.
After 14 months the patient was admitted to a different hospital with pneumonia and put on the LCP. The man died five hours later.
To Pullicino, the lack of evidence used in some cases for initiating LCP makes it an “assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway.” Pullicino said that predicting someone’s last days is scientifically impossible.
The Daily Mail reports that Pullicino is not alone in his concern for LCP. Three years ago, it states, other prominent professors and healthcare professionals said LCP was a “backdoor” for euthanasia.
The Daily Mail does note a spokesperson within the Department of Health saying they don’t recognize any of the figures cited by Pullicino.
Life News and National Right to Life News, among other pro-life sites, have reported on the “shocking” claims made by Pullicino. Life News reports American bioethicist Wesley Smith saying this only serves to who that the U.K.’s National Health Service is collapsing and is “only going to get worse.”

Ron Paul‘s Lesson on the Benefits of Freedom Stuns ’Morning Joe’ Panel

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Ron Paul‘s Lesson on the Benefits of Freedom Stuns ’Morning Joe’ Panel

During an early morning interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Ron Paul tried to educate the Mika Brzezinski-led panel on American freedom vs dependence on government. “Morning Joe” regular panel member Mike Barnicle chimed in, asking Mr. Paul a curious question:
“Do you feel, in speaking to this next generation that you just spoke of, any obligation to talk to them, perhaps instruct them about the fact that there has been a social contract among Americans from one generation to another to help those that need help the most?”
The Congressman and perennial Presidential candidate delivered a clear and concise reply that started with his shooting down Barnicle’s alleged “fact” about a social contract. (There is no such thing in our Constitution.)
And then, the interview took on a more confrontational tone as another MSNBC regular, Sam Stein of the Huffington Post asked Ron Paul if and why he takes Social Security checks. Mr. Paul answered by educating Stein that there is a difference between something like Food Stamps and Social Security.
Watch the exchange, including Brzezinski’s abrupt ending of the segment:


Daris Long and Melvin Bledsoe on Huckabee TWO FATHERS ON MIKE'S SHOW (MUST SEE)

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – With great fanfare, President Obama signed Executive Order 13519 on Nov. 17, 2009, establishing a Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force to be led by Attorney General Eric Holder with the aim of prosecuting fraud and recovering assets in the economic debacle that began one year earlier.
In 2010, the Mortgage Fraud Working Group organized under the executive order issued its first annual report, boasting that the number of mortgage fraud defendants charged by the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices more than doubled from 526 in fiscal year 2009 to 1,235 in fiscal year 2010. A similar increase was reported in the number of mortgage fraud cases charged, going from 267 in 2009 to 656 in 2010.

However, WND research has demonstrated that the mortgage fraud cases pursued by Holder’s Department of Justice have typically targeted homeowners charged with making fraudulent loan applications. Largely ignored are the financial institutions that made the loans and prominent Democrat donors and colleagues of Obama administration officials.
High friends in high places
As WND has previously reported, Holder has overlooked possibly fraudulent “loan to own” equity recapitalization loans Credit Suisse made to some 15 or more luxury resorts or to various principles involved in the transactions, including supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle, a long-time Democratic Party operative with a history of providing financial support to top Democrats, including Bill and Hillary Clinton.
WND has also reported that Credit Suisse is a client of the Washington-based law firm that Holder left as a partner to become attorney general and Lanny Breuer left as a partner to head of the Justice Department criminal division under Holder.
The firm, Covington & Burling, represents “a Who’s Who of big banks and other companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud,” Reuters reported Jan. 20.
In addition to Credit Suisse, they include Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo & Co. and at least one other bank among the top 10 largest mortgage servicers.
Holder prosecutes mom and pop
On Feb 19, 2011, New York Times Op-Ed writer Joe Nocera lamented that Holder and the Justice Department had decided not to prosecute Angelo R. Mozilo, the high-flying former CEO of Countrywide Financial, one of the mortgage lending firms most responsible for the continuing mortgage crisis.
“Hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost by investors while millions of borrowers have lost their homes,” Nocera wrote, recalling that Mozilo sold $140 million in Countrywide stock while his company was failing. “Few of the people who ran the institutions that contributed to the disaster have been found liable.”
On March 25, 2011, Nocera contrasted the kind treatment Mozilo received at the hands of Holder’s DOJ with the experience of 48 year-old Charlie Engle. Engle caught the attention of Robert W. Nordlander, an IRS special agent, after movie actor Matt Damon financed a documentary film titled “Running the Sahara,” featuring Engle’s ultra-marathon challenge.
Convinced Engle was understating his taxes, Nordlander resorted to a dumpster dive for records Engle may have thrown away, unwilling to believe that all Engle earned from the documentary was $30,000.
Still unsatisfied, Nordlander hired an attractive female undercover agent to meet Engle and see if she could entice him into making admissions.
Engle’s crime, for which Holder’s U.S. Attorneys sent him to prison as a felon, was that he took out a “liar loan,” overstating his income.
“Charlie has always insisted that he never filled out the loan document – his mortgage broker did it, and he was actually a victim of mortgage fraud,” Nocera wrote in yet another editorial on Richard Engle, published June 1, in which he noted the broker later pleaded guilty to another mortgage fraud.
“Indeed, according to a recent court filing by Charlie’s lawyer, the government failed to turn over exculpatory evidence that could have helped Charlie prove his innocence.”
Nocera’s conclusion: “For whatever inexplicable reason, prosecutors really wanted to nail Charlie Engle. And they did.”
Another “small fry” touted by the DOJ in November 2009 as part of a Holder surge in mortgage fraud prosecutions was Lakeisha Gates.
In 2007, Gates worked as a clerk at a small brokerage firm in St. Petersburg, Fla.
Allegedly at the behest of the owners of the firm, Gretchen and Eric Scott, Gates acted as the nominee purchaser at grossly inflated values for two properties the Scotts owned. She misrepresented on the loan application that she made $5,000 per month as the vice president of a catering company.
Gates obtained a mortgage for $300,000, which soon defaulted. For her participation in the deal, Gates earned $10,000.
She pleaded guilty to federal mortgage fraud charges and agreed to testify against the Scotts, who she said put her up to it. The Scotts were charged with a conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud.
When the Mortgage Fraud Working Group boasts of prosecuting mortgage fraud, the cases typically involve individual borrowers who had lied or otherwise committed fraud by obtaining mortgages on one or more properties.
Those the Obama administration allows to walk free are the likes of Angelo Mozilo, who built an empire making highly inflated mortgages based on questionable appraisals to lenders who were never properly credit-qualified. Mozilo amassed a fortune that enabled him to pay a $67.5 million fine to settle Securities and Exchange Commission fraud charges without appreciably denting his massive net worth.
WND has previously reported how Countrywide Financial Group gave preferential “friends of Angelo Mozilo” loans to Democrats Franklin Raines and James Johnson, who each made millions personally while holding executive positions in Fannie Mae amid the irresponsible mortgage activities each directed to the ultimate detriment of the taxpayer.
Nocera’s conclusion was that the Justice Department has taken after “the smallest of small fry – and then trumpeted these prosecutions of how tough it is on mortgage fraud.”
He wrote: “It is a shameful way for the government to act.”
‘The fix is in’
WND has previously reported that Edra Blixseth, the former spouse of Tim Blixseth, the founder of Yellowstone Club, has teamed with Ron Burkle, the supermarket billionaire who was a major donor to Hillary Clinton in her 2008 presidential campaign.
Mike Flynn, attorney for Tim Blixseth, has explained to WND his reasons for believing Burkle used his political connections with Holder and Breuer to quash criminal investigations regarding Edra Blixseth.
“The Holder/Breuer-controlled Justice Department quashed the entire investigation; they declared the Yellowstone Club ‘off limits,’ and even the ‘connected’ bankruptcy judge Ralph Kirscher, who declared Edra exonerated and discharged from all liability,” Flynn told WND.
“The Holder DOJ and Judge Kirscher made the decisions to sweep away the pending Montana Yellowstone Club investigation and proposed indictment of Edra Blixseth in the face of the documented, irrefutable evidence,” he said.
Flynn provided WND evidence of a series of questionable loans and various financing attempts to gain ownership of the Yellowstone Club at prices deeply under market undertaken by Edra Blixseth, beginning in June 2007. The transactions resulted in millions of dollars of defaulted loans. Meanwhile, Blixseth, Burkle, various hedge fund investors and Credit Suisse ended up owning the Yellowstone Club for under $10 million.
“Some of the loan documents, Edra Blixseth used to commit this massive fraud or so grossly false on their face for tens of millions of dollars, that it makes the Edra Blixseth case appear to be a cover-up resulting from rank cronyism or worse,” Flynn said.
Flynn told WND his office provided the Obama-appointed Montana U.S. Attorney with documentary evidence proving that while Edra Blixseth was signing perjured loan documents with banks, she was contemporaneously signing sealed affidavits in her divorce reciting the opposite of what she was stating to the banks – in both instances to obtain millions of dollars in her divorce and tens of millions from the banks.
“Tens of millions of dollars of the Edra Blixseth loans have never been paid to creditors or accounted for,” Flynn said.
“Burke and Sam Byrne of the Boston-based hedge fund CrossHarbor Capital Parthers have ended up with $800 million in Blixseth assets, while the Democratic bankruptcy judge has swept all the documentary evidence under the rug. Judge Kirscher has discharged Edra Blixseth, and the Holder/Breuer DOJ has quashed all criminal investigation as ‘off limits.’”


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Obama’s Blatant Disregard for the Constitution is Appalling

In order to become President, Barack Obama had to swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. But three years later, I am disgusted with the disregard that the President continues to show to our Constitution. Has he forgotten about the separation of executive, judicial and legislative branches found in our founding document? Our founders gave us a system of checks and balances so that one person could never seize more power than was provided in the Constitution.
President Obama’s actions demonstrate that he thinks he’s above the law. When he doesn’t get his way, he creates new policies to his liking.
Under Obamacare, an even playing field doesn’t exist for businesses. And President Obama must have recognized that, because he ordered his Health and Human Services Secretary to provide waivers from the healthcare overhaul. Unions, universities and restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s district received waivers so that they didn’t have to comply with the law.
Then we have the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Passed in 1996, DOMA is a federal law that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. But earlier this spring, the administration said it will no longer defend the constitutionally of DOMA. So even though this law is on the books – passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton – President Obama just thinks we should ignore it.

Last week Obama threw the Constitution out the window again. Even through Congress disagreed, the President was happy to circumvent the Constitution in order to protect younger illegal immigrants from deportation and hand them work permits. He stands resolute in this position despite the fact that, a year prior, the President said this about immigration: “Some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own.” He continued, “That’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”
Today, President Obama invoked executive privilege so Attorney General Eric Holder wouldn’t have to turn over documents on Fast and Furious. That is not what executive privilege was intended for!
Where will the madness end? When will the President stop blatantly disregarding the Constitution?
Sadly, I don’t think this President cares that he is ignoring the laws of our land. Nor, does he plan to curb his agenda. In fact, I expect things to only grow worse under this President. Thanks to an open mic in March, President Obama was caught telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” in his second term.
The future of our country depends on making sure that the executive head of our nation knows he is subject to our laws and that he is under the Constitution.
Mr. President, I urge you, stop your autocratic reign; drop everything you are doing and read the Constitution. You will be well-served to remember the document that you swore to preserve, protect and defend.


Posted By Woody Pendleton


Airport Travel: Securtity Cameras, Fingerprints, Iris IDs

Written by Gary North on June 21, 2012

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A new era of surveillance is about to begin. It will begin at the nation’s airports.
The International Air Transport Association is determined to speed up the lines to get checked. So, there will be a new system of surveillance. It is being beta-rested at Love Field in Texas.
That was the airport where President Kennedy landed in his final trip.
Cameras will begin scanning us in the parking garage.
We will check our luggage (fee). Then we will have our fingerprints scanned.
This means that our fingerprints must be in at least one data base, so they can be verified.
This will apply all over the world.
If we have carry-on luggage, we will go through an electronic tunnel. There, we will be scanned.
Supposedly, these X-ray machines will identify non-metallic objects.
This will make everything speedy. This will not be extra layers of screening. It will replace all other screening. They promise.
The machines to do this already exist. Well, not all of them. Some are in development.
We must wait a decade, they tell us.
To speed things up, all we need to do is surrender our privacy forever. We will get our fingerprints on file. Then we will get our irises on file.
Then everything will speed up.
No more guards asking, “Your papers, please.”
The key to speeding up checkpoints and making security less intrusive will be to identify and assess travelers according to the risks they pose to safety in the skies. The so-called riskiest or unknown passengers would face the toughest scrutiny, including questioning and more sensitive electronic screening. Those who voluntarily provide more information about themselves to the government would be rewarded with faster passage.
What’s that? You prefer not to provide such information voluntarily? Then it’s back to “Your papers, please.”Americans are already opting in. The TSA has a pre-check program. A million flyers have registered.
The airlines say they could eliminate paper from ticketing if passengers provided information as they do for PreCheck, by linking an electronic ticket to a person’s fingerprint or iris scan.
Iris scans, which measure the colored part of the eye, are gaining visibility worldwide. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam began the Privium program in October 2001. It offers fliers with European passports a border passage of 10 to 15 seconds with iris scans.
In the USA, about 200,000 fliers have enrolled in the CLEAR program for expedited screening in Denver, Orlando and San Francisco since November 2010. Members, who answer TSA questions and provide either a fingerprint or iris scan, pay $179 a year to breeze past ID kiosks with a special card.
Here is the goal.
“To do it right, what you’d want to do is bring somebody in, get all their biographic information, get their biometric information, and run them through a couple of databases to make sure they’re not a bad guy,” says James Albers, senior vice president at MorphoTrust USA, which developed software for iris scans. “Do they travel enough to make that worthwhile or cost-effective?”
Once this is operational at airports, look for this in subways, at train stations, at bus depots.
To see what is coming, read the details about what is already here: at Love Field.


Posted By Woody Pendleton


In a move described by Sheriff Joe Arpaio as political payback, the Maricopa County, Ariz., Board of Supervisors today rejected a $5,000 reimbursement from the sheriff’s volunteer Cold Case Posse for expenses incurred on a trip to Hawaii to investigate Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility.
“It’s sad that they use these politics to reject money,” Arpaio told WND. “I made the promise when I launched the investigation to do everything I can to not use taxpayer money.”

He confirmed his Cold Case Posse team would not be deterred by any disagreement over a donation, however.
“If they want to know what’s going on, there’s a press conference in three or four weeks,” he said.
“This is a criminal investigation,” Arpaio asserted. “You cannot have the board of supervisors interfere with the elected sheriff’s duties and responsibilities that he gets from the Constitution.”
The expenses incurred by the county were for a deputy who accompanied Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo for security purposes.
The reimbursement was rejected on a 2-2 vote, with the absence of Supervisor Fulton Brock.
The supervisors who voted to reject the funds were Mary Rose Wilcox and Don Stapley, who both were subjects of sheriff’s investigations in the past and filed claims alleging wrongful prosecution, explained Arpaio spokeswoman Lisa Allen.
She said Wilcox and Stapley are hurting taxpayers and obstructing the sheriff’s efforts to keep his promise to taxpayers that funding for the Obama investigation be kept to a minimum. The supervisors who voted to accept the funds were Andy Kunasek and Max Wilson.
Join with Sheriff Arpaio is his work to uncover the truth by donating to the Cold Case Posse expenses, or contribute to a fund that supports investigations by both WND and the sheriff.
The posse announced in March it found probable cause that the image released in 2011 by the White House as birth documentation for Obama is a forgery.
Another news conference is scheduled in a few weeks, and the sheriff says there will be major additional revelations.
Arpaio’s investigation was launched at the request of constituents who feared that placement of Obama’s name on the state’s 2012 would constitute fraud if Obama were found to be ineligible.
Allen told WND that the supervisors who rejected the funds appeared to be following the lead of Randy Parraz, an anti-Arpaio activist who has lobbied the supervisors to oppose the sheriff.
About 30 members of Parraz’s group, Citizens for a Better Arizona, attended the meeting today to protest. The Arizona Republic newspaper reported the group asked the board not to accept private donations to “back fill” the sheriff’s use of public funds.
The protesters contended the investigation was “well outside the jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the duties and responsibilities of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.
At the board meeting, Kunasek argued the supervisors and sheriff are elected separately, and supervisors should not determine which criminal investigations the sheriff pursues. Parraz responded at that point and yelled at Kunasek, accusing him of wasting taxpayer money.
Posse lead investigator Zullo told WND the Hawaii trip was all business.
“From my [motel] balcony I had a view of an alley, a check cashing place and a liquor store,” he said, noting the room cost only $129 per night, a low rate for most locations in Hawaii.
He said the investigation is important because it focuses a document that appears to be fraudulent, and people are wrongly injecting politics. He has told his team that it doesn’t matter whose name is on the document.
“We are trying to conduct an investigation with zero cost to the taxpayers,” he said. “They refused to take the money. We don’t understand how that helps the taxpayers.”
Zullo said the deputy was needed on the Hawaii trip because as a sworn officer, he was allowed to be armed, while investigators from the Cold Case Posse, as volunteers, were not.
After the investigative trip to Hawaii, WND reported an intelligence source who warned early last year that a forged Obama birth record would be released now says a forged “original” birth certificate intended to pass forensic inspection by using 1961 materials is being prepared and could be released as an “October surprise.”
The source, who has contact with Hawaii government officials, was questioned by Zullo, who said regardless of whether the Hawaii source’s information pans out, he wants to see the original microfilm record of Obama’s birth.
“If they decide to try to produce a document, we’re going to be skeptical,” he said. “We’ve been calling for the microfilm from the beginning.”
Arpaio has said he wants to see the entire roll of microfilm that contains Obama’s birth record and submit it to court-certified forensic examiners to determine its authenticity.
The Hawaii source said ink and paper from 1961 have been secured to create an “original” document that would correspond with the digital copy posted on the White House website.
As WND reported one year ago, radical supporters of Obama openly have admitted their role in the forging of a Kenyan Obama birth certificate.
The White House released a purported copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate shortly after the Drudge Report prominently leaked details of WND Book’s then-upcoming expose “Where’s the Birth Certificate.”
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