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The Largest Natural Disaster In U.S. History: The Endless Drought Of 2012 Will Bake America Well Into August

Why is the heartland of the United States experiencing such a horrific drought right now?  At the moment, approximately 61 percent of the entire nation is experiencing drought conditions, and this is absolutely devastating farmers and ranchers all over the country.  Less than two weeks ago I wrote an article asking what would happen if these drought conditions persisted, and now we are finding out.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created the largest natural disaster area in U.S. history.  The USDA has declared 1,016 counties in 26 U.S. states to be disaster areas. The USDA declaration basically covered about half of the nation, and there is now no denying how horrible this drought really is.  You can see a map of this disaster area right here.  This endless drought is being compared to the nightmarish drought of 1988, and if it persists into August it could become perhaps the worst drought that America has ever seen.  The USDA says that approximately 60 percent of all corn in the country is experiencing "moderate to extreme" drought conditions.  If this drought does not end soon, the losses are going to be mind blowing.  Already, it is estimated that farmers and ranchers have suffered billions of dollars in damage.  How much worse can things get?
At the beginning of July many were hoping that we would soon see some rain and that we could still see a decent corn harvest.
Unfortunately, the drought has gotten even worse since that time.  The following is from an article in the Chicago Tribune....
The whole of Iowa was classified as abnormally dry as of July 10 and 12.7 percent of the top corn and soybean producing state was in severe drought, up from 0.8 percent the prior week.
Harder-hit Illinois, the No. 2 corn and soy state, was 66.28 percent under severe drought or worse, up from 40 percent the previous week.
Severe to exceptional drought covered 80.15 percent of Indiana, versus 68.84 percent the prior week.
Conditions in Missouri also deteriorated, with 82.54 percent of the state in severe drought or worse, compared with 78.83 percent the week before.
That is not good news.
Posted below is the latest update from the U.S. drought monitor As you can see, nearly the entire southern half of the country is extremely dry right now....
It is being projected that in some of the major corn growing areas as much as 60 percent of the crops could be lost.
Many farmers that had been desperately hoping for rain are now becoming resigned to the fact that their crops are not going to make it.  The following is from an article in the New York Times....
"Corn is anywhere from knee-high to waist-high," Gonzalee Martin, agriculture and natural resources educator with Purdue University’s Allen County extension office, told The News-Sentinel. "Much of it has already tassled with no ears at all. Much of it’s going to be completely lost"
When your livelihood depends on the weather, an endless drought can be extremely stressful.  Many farmers that had been anticipating a bumper crop this year are now faced with an utter disaster.  The following example comes from CNN....
Now, as punishing drought grips the Midwest, Villwock, 61, walks his hard-hit 4,000 acres in southwest Indiana in utter dismay.
Where there should have been tall, dark green, leafy plants, there now stand corn stalks that are waist high or, at best, chest high. They are pale in color and spindly. Fragile. Tired.
Pull back an ear's husk and you find no kernels, he says. With temperatures rising above 95 degrees, the pollen starts to die.
"It's emotionally draining," he said. "The crop got out of the ground very well. We were so optimistic. But maybe a few of us were counting our eggs before they were hatched."
So is there any hope that things are going to turn around?
Unfortunately, things do not look promising right now.  It is being projected that the Corn Belt will experience extremely high temperatures and very low rainfall all the way through mid-August.  The following report comes from agricultural meteorologists are concerned that new and frequent waves of near-100-degree temperatures and stingy rainfall will further stress crops over Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska into mid-August.
When temperatures are very high and rainfall is very low, evaporation happens very rapidly.  As notes, when the ground becomes very, very dry it can create a vicious cycle that feeds on itself....
Evaporation rates are very high into the first part of August. Soaking rain on a regular basis instead of a brief downpour is needed to be of benefit beyond a couple of days.
Turning things around in the Midwest as a whole will be a difficult task as dry ground tends to bring higher daytime temperatures, which in turn raises evaporation rates and so on.
So what does all of this mean for the rest of us?
It is going to mean higher food prices.
On Friday, the price of corn hit $7.50 a bushel.
It had been thought that the price of corn would only be about $5.00 a bushel this year.
At this point, the price of corn is up 48 percent since mid-June, and it could go a whole lot higher.
Some analysts are projecting that if this endless drought persists, we could see ten dollars for a bushel of corn and 20 dollars for a bushel of soybeans.
And yes, you will notice this at the supermarket.
In a previous article, I included a quote from a recent article by Holly Deyo about why the price of corn affects the price of so many other products....
Since 75% of grocery store products use corn as a key ingredient, expect food prices to skyrocket. Corn is also a staple in many fast foods. Corn is in ethanol and the main food source or chickens. In addition to this, maize is in many things that aren't obvious like adhesives, aluminum, aspirin, clothing starch, cosmetics, cough syrup, dry cell batteries, envelopes, fiberglass insulation, gelatin capsules, ink, insecticides, paint, penicillin, powders, rugs and carpets, stamps, talcum, toothpaste, wallpaper, and vitamins. That's just for starters...
This is a huge heads up for you to purchase corn-using products NOW before these conditions reflect in grocery goods. It will be a narrow window of opportunity.
This endless drought is also a complete and total nightmare for ranchers.
At this point, approximately 50 percent of America's pastures and ranges are in "poor" or "very poor" condition.
Back in June, that figure was only sitting at 28 percent.
So things have gotten a lot worse very quickly.
A lot of ranchers are selling off their cattle because this drought is making it very difficult to continue to feed them.  The following is from
Rauhn Panting, with the University of Idaho, who works with ranchers and farmers, says, "We're going to run out of grass. It's going to be scary." Ranchers are being advised to vacate grazing lands, weeks and even months before when they usually have to leave.
Left with only two choices, feed or sell, many are opting to sell their cattle. The Torrington Stock Market in Wyoming, has recorded that 36,000 cattle were sold in May and June of this year. The usual average for these months is 5,500. Small ranchers, with 30-50 cow/calf pairs, are being hit the hardest.
So expect higher meat prices in the fall and winter as well.
This all comes at a really bad time.  We are already on the verge of a global financial catastrophe.  Agriculture was supposed to be one of the few bright spots in the U.S. economy.
Sadly, the U.S. is not the only one having problems with crops this year.
For example, in Germany farmers are actually experiencing a full-blown plague of rats.
Yes, seriously.
The following is from a recent Der Spiegel article....
Millions of field mice are overrunning the central German states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, much to the concern of local farmers. The rodents are devastating food crops, cutting yields by up to 50 percent. Getting birds of prey to hunt the critters didn't help, and now farmers want to be allowed to use a banned rat poison.
So why is all of this happening?
Why is nature going crazy all of a sudden?

 Why is this happening??  To find the answer go to the Word of GOD.  We, as a nation, have turned against the God of our Fathers and rejected HIM as was prophesied.  We have made bad decisions  and elected people to run our nation who are non-believers in GOD or in following the laws of righteousness.  Evil has filled their hearts and they follow the lusts of their flesh unto damnation.  Until repentence comes from us as a church and as a nation we will pay the price of our rebellion.  This is only going to get worse and it will take the shedding of much blood before this turns around.  CHOOSE YOU WHO YOU WILL SERVE.  THE GOD OF MAN,SATAN OR THE GOD OF ALL CREATION.  THE CHOICE IS FOR EACH ONE OF US TO MAKE.  by the circuit rider


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Egypt's top general says 'certain group' won't dominate country

  • July 15, 2012: US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, back center, watches as Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, second left, greets members of the American delegation before a meeting at the Ministry of Defense in Cairo, Egypt. (AP)
Egypt's top general on Sunday raised the stakes in the military's political standoff with the Muslim Brotherhood, saying the armed forces will not allow a "certain group" to dominate the country.
Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi's tough comments came only hours after he met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who urged him to work with President Mohammed Morsi, of the Brotherhood, on a full transition to civilian rule.
The military, which ruled after the fall last year of Hosni Mubarak, and the Brotherhood, the country's strongest political force, are in a competition over power that has intensified with Morsi's winning of the presidency last month. Days before Morsi was sworn in on June 30, the Brotherhood-led parliament was dissolved and the generals gave themselves legislative and budgetary authority and control over the process of drafting a new constitution, put severe limits on the president's authority.
In his comments Sunday, Tantawi did not specify the Brotherhood, but his reference that the military would not allow the group to hold sway was clear.
"Egypt will never fall. It belongs to all Egyptians and not to a certain group — the armed forces will not allow it," Tantawi told reporters after a handover ceremony for the transfer of command of the armed forces' 2nd Army in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia.
"The armed forces will not allow anyone, especially those pushed from outside, to distract it from its role as the protector of Egypt," he said. "The army will never commit treason and will continue to perform its duties until Egypt reaches the shores of safety."
Tantawi has made similar comments at least once in the past, but it was the first time he made the statement since Morsi's inauguration. It was an authoritative signal that the military has no intention of giving the Brotherhood a free rein.
Tantawi, Mubarak's defense minister for 20 years, is the most senior of the generals who took power after Mubarak's ouster 17 months ago.
The military and the Brotherhood have bad blood since the 1950s, when then-president Gamal Abdel-Nasser jailed the group's leaders and hundreds if its members. He ordered another crackdown in the early 1960s, jailing some again and executing a few. Mubarak spent most of his 29 years in office chasing after the Brotherhood, jailing thousands.
In meetings Saturday with Morsi and on Sunday with Tantawi, Clinton said the U.S. wanted the two sides to work together to bring a full civilian democratic rule.
Without taking a position in disputes over parliament or how to draft a new constitution, Clinton urged the military chief to return the armed forces to a "purely national security role," as she termed it Saturday.
On Sunday, Clinton said that resolving the impasse "requires dialogue and compromise, real politics." The United States, she added, is doing all it can to "support the democratically elected government and to help make it a success in delivering results for the people of Egypt."
Morsi's efforts to recall Egypt's Islamist-led parliament — which was dissolved by the military last month — suffered a setback Saturday, when an appeals court said it stood by another court's ruling that the chamber was invalid because a third of its members were illegally elected. Acting on the Supreme Constitutional Court's June 14 verdict, the then-ruling military disbanded the 508-seat chamber.
Morsi defied that ruling and ordered the legislature to reconvene last week. During a brief session of parliament on Tuesday, speaker Saad el-Katatni referred the constitutional court's ruling to the country's highest appeals court for a legal opinion.
After a lengthy discussion on Saturday, the appeals court refused to take up the case, saying it had no jurisdiction over the implementation of the constitutional court's ruling.

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Monica, Monica' chants taunt Clinton in Egypt 


US SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton has been taunted by chants of "Monica, Monica" by tomato-throwing demonstrators as she visited the Egyptian port city of Alexandria.
The chants, referring to the Monica Lewinsky scandal when her husband, Bill Clinton, was president, were heard outside the US consulate as she visited for its reopening.
An embarrassed Egyptian security official said they were chanting "Monica, Monica" and "Irhal, Clinton" (Get out, Clinton.)
Tomatoes, shoes and a water bottle were thrown at part of Mrs Clinton's motorcade as it pulled up, protected by riot police, although a US official said Mrs Clinton's own vehicle was not hit.
The protest appears to have been the result of suspicions that Washington had helped the Muslim Brotherhood win elections in Egypt in the wake of last year's ouster of president Hosni Mubarak after 18 days of massive street protests.
"I want to be clear that the United States is not in the business, in Egypt, of choosing winners and losers, even if we could, which, of course, we cannot," Mrs Clinton said at the opening of the consulate.
The consulate was closed in 1993 due to budget cuts but has been reopened to assist the Egyptian economy in a key port city.

‘We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before’: Beck & the Military Weigh in on Army’s Public Training Exercises

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A couple weeks ago, the Blaze alerted you to the fact that the Army Reserves was conducting a training with armored vehicles on the residential streets and highways in St. Louis, Mo. Local news stations reported the story to residents saying they shouldn’t be alarmed should they see this training taking place.
Army specialists from Fort Meade were brought to train the 354th MP company in St. Louis on what one of the local reporters called “driver’s ed” for the military. Some, like Brandon Smith from Alt-Market in a guest post to the online publication Zero Hedge, wondered why this training was being conducted in public at all, especially given the fact that the military has some training facilities that model towns just without residents around.
So, why is the army conducting these trainings in public? Glenn Beck on GBTV — soon to be The Blaze TV — posed this question Monday.
“With an exception of parades, have you ever seen military humvees driving through your streets? Let me ask again. Have you ever seen them perform military exercises in the streets? Nope,” Beck said.
Glenn Beck and Military Officials Share Thoughts on the Militarys Public Presence for Some Training Exercises
(Image: The Blaze TV screenshot)
In the segment, Beck notes that The Blaze TV staff contacted former army Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin to see just how routine this sort of training was. Lt. Gen. Boykin said it was bizarre and that, generally, trainings conducted in cities kept a low profile and didn’t interrupt daily activities.
Watch the clip:

Brandon Webb, editor-in-chief of SOFREP (the Special Operations Forces Report) and former Navy SEAL, echoed this sentiment saying in an email to that military trainings “should not interfere with normal routines of citizens and businesses.”
“When it does then that’s where you have to draw the line,” Webb said. This is not to say that the activities of those in St. Louis were disrupted.


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Barack Obama’s Impoverished Half-Brother Makes Film Debut in Dinesh D‘Souza’s Anti-Obama Documentary

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President Barack Obama may be less-than-content over reports that his half-brother, George Obama, appears in “2016: Obama’s America,” a documentary that is highly critical of the president. But now that footage from the film has leaked, the frustration level at the White House — and within the Obama family — could be slated to rise exponentially.
Obamas Half Brother George Makes Appears in Dinesh DSouzas New Documentary
Screen shot from the "2016: Obama's America" web site
The Hollywood Reporter secured exclusive footage of the film, which is based on King’s College president and writer Dinesh D’Souza’s controversial book ”The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” D’Souza apparently tracked George down to discuss a variety of subjects, including past media reports that he is impoverished and lives in a hut in Naironi, Kenya — a surprising fact considering that his half-brother is the leader of the free world.
In the clip, D‘Souza asks why George lives in poverty despite his brother’s prominence. He tells the president’s brother that past news reports have exposed that Obama has done little to help his brother. George quickly responds, saying, “I think he has a family of his own. I’m a member of his family, but I’m over-age, so I help myself.”
But D‘Souza isn’t satisfied with that answer and he decides to push the issue further.
Obamas Half Brother George Makes Appears in Dinesh DSouzas New Documentary
“You’re his brother. Has he been your keeper?,” D’Souza asks and George responds, “Go ask him” and then reiterates that his brother has many other issues to contend with.
“He’s got other issues to deal with,” George responds. “He’s taking care of the world, so he’s taking care of me.”

The Hollywood reporter continues, providing more alleged details about the film and the aforementioned interview:
The focus of the movie, though, is the alleged anger at colonialism that President Obama inherited from his (and George’s) father.
As D’Souza puts it in the book: “This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anti-colonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son.”
D’Souza, therefore, presses that theory with George Obama, and seems to get agreement from him, as the president’s brother argues that Kenya has fallen behind since its independence.
D’Souza clearly enjoys getting to know George Obama and at one point during the interview (though not in the above clip), he jokes that America elected the wrong Obama to be its president.
The two also talked about George’s book, “Homeland,” which was released in 2010. “2016” was produced by Gerald Molen, who has an impressive Hollywood resume, including “Schindler’s List,“ ”Jurassic Park“ and ”Rain Man,” among other films. The documentary opens in Houston on July 13.
Below, watch a trailer for the film:

Read more about the film here. On Friday, D’Souza will be on GBTV to discuss “2016.” Be sure to watch his interview with Glenn Beck. You can get your GBTV subscription here.


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The Other Consequences of Fast and Furious

On the night of Dec. 14, 2010, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was shot and killed while on patrol in an Arizona canyon near the U.S.-Mexico border. Two guns found at the scene were linked to an investigation being run by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) called "Operation Fast and Furious," sparking a congressional inquiry into the program and generating considerable criticism of the ATF and the Obama administration. Because of this criticism, in August 2011 ATF acting director Kenneth Melson was reassigned from his post and the U.S. attorney for Arizona was forced to resign.
Currently, the congressional inquiry is focused on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who has been accused of misleading Congress about what he knew about Fast and Furious and when he learned it. The Obama administration has invoked executive privilege to block the release of some of the Department of Justice emails and memos sought by Congress pertaining to the operation. The controversy escalated June 28 when the U.S. House of Representatives voted to hold Holder in contempt of Congress for ignoring its subpoenas.
As all Second Amendment issues are political hot buttons, and with this being a presidential election year in the United States, the political wrangling over Fast and Furious is certain to increase in the coming months. The debate is also sure to become increasingly partisan and pointed. But, frankly, this political wrangling is not what we find to be the most interesting aspect of the operation's fallout. Rather, we are more interested in the way that criticism of Fast and Furious has altered law enforcement efforts to stem the flow of guns from the United States to Mexico and the way these changes will influence how Mexican cartels acquire weapons.
Several of these law enforcement changes already have been enacted. For example, the number of ATF inspectors has been increased due to additional funding for an inspection program through the U.S. Southwest Border Initiative. This means that there are more inspectors to audit the sales records of licensed gun dealers. In southern Arizona, for example, the number of inspectors was increased from three to eight. According to the ATF, these inspectors oversee the operations of some 430 federally licensed firearms dealers in six border counties.
These firearms dealers include gun store proprietors as well as independent dealers working the gun show circuit. The increase in ATF inspection staff and activity has sparked an outcry from gun show dealers who claim they are being unfairly harassed by inspectors. ATF sources have told Stratfor that they do not harass dealers, but that the staff increase has allowed the bureau to catch up on inspections it was not able to conduct in the past. The sources also said they believe that their increased presence at gun shows is scaring away cartel buyers, although, obviously, some gun show firearms are still finding their way into cartel hands.
Another procedural change occurred in August 2011, when the ATF began a new program in which licensed gun dealers in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California are required to report to the ATF bulk sales of certain types of rifles, namely semi-automatic rifles larger than .22 caliber with detachable magazines such as the semi-automatic AR-15 and AK-47 variants favored by the cartels. The new rule requires gun dealers to report people without federal firearms licenses who buy two or more of such rifles to the ATF within five working days. The rule has raised the ire of some Second Amendment activists, but the ATF notes that it has had a similar reporting regimen for multiple sales of handguns in place since 1975.
The attention that Fast and Furious attracted to the gun smuggling problem also has led to an increase in interdiction efforts by other U.S. federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Furthermore, weapons cases have reportedly been given increased prosecutorial priority by U.S. attorneys -- meaning they are now less likely to decline prosecution of a gun case than before the controversy emerged. This has led to increased pressure on lower-level violators such as straw purchasers -- people paid by arms traffickers to buy guns from dealers. Greed will ensure that people continue to work as straw purchasers, but considering the increased risk of prosecution and the new reporting requirements, straw purchasers and the traffickers who employ them will be more exposed.
In May 2012, the ATF claimed that the reporting requirements have led to a decrease in large-volume sales of semi-automatic rifles (10 or more in a single purchase). The ATF also said that traffickers are adapting their weapons procurement methods to the new regulations.

Arms Smugglers Adapt

Despite their impact, the law enforcement and reporting changes cannot stem the tide of weapons entirely. In the same way that drug flows adapt to law enforcement interdiction efforts, weapons flows will also adjust. Previous federal investigations have shown that Mexican cartels have contacts in many different parts of the United States, including cities such as Chicago and Atlanta, far from the border. One way to bypass the increase in ATF inspections and the border state reporting requirements is to buy guns in states located farther from the border. Of course, this would require the weapons to be transported longer distances to get to Mexico, increasing transportation costs as well as exposure to interdiction efforts. A shift in the points of purchase would also almost certainly result in the expansion of the new reporting requirements to other states.
Although it will never be possible to completely cut off the flow of guns to Mexico from the United States, it can be reduced. This would force the cartels to search for new sources of weapons.
One significant emerging source of AR-15/M16 variants is something called an 80 percent lower receiver. (The lower receiver is the part of the AR-15/M16/M4 that carries a manufacturer's serial number. These 80 percent lower receivers do not have any serial numbers.) Under U.S. federal firearms law, the unfinished lower receiver is not considered a firearm and thus can be shipped anywhere and sold to anyone without a license. Once the remaining machining on the lower receiver is completed, one can build an AR-15, M16 or M4 carbine by purchasing the additional required parts -- such as the bolt assembly, trigger assembly and barrel -- which also are not considered firearms. Once the weapon is fully assembled, it is then considered a firearm and subject to federal firearms law.
While the 80 percent lower receivers are intended for do-it-yourself gun enthusiasts, according to the ATF, these guns have also begun to show up in increasing numbers in Mexico.
Many if not most of the semi-automatic rifles purchased in the United States and smuggled into Mexico are converted to be capable of fully automatic fire by armorers working for various cartel groups. The same armorers are capable of finishing the machining on 80 percent lower receivers and assembling completed firearms from them. The finishing process is not difficult, and there are specialized jigs one can buy and instructional videos posted on the Internet to assist in the process. With experience, proper parts and equipment, a competent machinist can quickly and easily finish a lower receiver in an hour or less.
But acquiring 80 percent lower receivers is not the only alternative for cartels. As noted previously, the Mexican cartels obtain weapons from a variety of sources. The main reason they buy rifles and high-powered pistols from the United States is that such weapons are cheap and readily available. The United States is also nearby, so the guns do not have to be transported very far. Once in Mexico, such weapons can be sold to cartels or on the black market for three times their purchase price in the United States. This explains the difficulty of shutting down the flow of weapons between the two countries. The gun trade is almost as lucrative as the narcotics flowing north.
The premium prices Mexican cartels are paying for guns mean that even if the U.S.-Mexican border could somehow magically be sealed tomorrow, arms merchants from elsewhere would be able to fill the void. Indeed, there are some weapons that the cartels simply cannot buy from the United States due to a lack of availability. Such weapons include hand grenades, 40 mm grenades, M60 machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and M-72 anti-tank rockets. Instead, the cartels buy such items from members of the Mexican military, militaries in countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador, or international arms dealers. The cartels would go to these same sources to replace the weapons unavailable in the United States due to increased arms interdiction efforts. South American groups such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and Peru's Shining Path have demonstrated that it is not difficult for groups to arm themselves via the black arms market in the Western Hemisphere.
Rifles and other weapons are durable goods, and it is not unusual to find weapons in Mexico that were provided by the United States, the Soviets or the Cubans to various governments and insurgent groups during the Cold War. Weapons are also fungible, or easily substituted for each other. This means that an AK-47 rifle made in the Soviet Union in the 1950s could be replaced by a variant made in East Germany in the 1970s or in China or Romania today. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find assault rifles of various makes and ages in cartel possession. In videos published by groups such as the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, gunmen armed with FN-FAL rifles have appeared alongside comrades armed with various models of AKs, M16s and M4s. A cartel gunman does not care where his rifle comes from.
In recent years, Mexican cartels have begun to forge close relationships with Chinese organized crime groups that are helping the cartels obtain precursor chemicals for the manufacture of methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs. These Chinese groups also are reportedly becoming increasingly important components of Mexican cartel money laundering efforts. Chinese criminal groups have close ties with the Chinese arms manufacturers, and it is possible that they could begin sending guns to their Mexican contacts with the other illicit cargo.
The Mexican cartels have also reportedly become progressively more involved in the transportation of cocaine to Europe via Africa -- a continent awash in black market assault rifles and other weapons. Some of the cocaine trafficked into Europe is handled by Balkan groups with access to large stockpiles of weapons in Eastern Europe.
These various connections ensure that the Mexican cartels will continue to have access to assault rifles and other military ordnance for the foreseeable future, regardless of how much progress U.S. authorities make in their efforts to stem the flow of guns to Mexico.
Editor's Note: We now offer the daily Mexico Security Monitor, an additional custom intelligence service geared toward organizations with operations or interests in the region, designed to provide more detailed and in-depth coverage of the situation. To learn more about this new fee-based custom service, visit

Senate To Gut Second Amendment?

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guns SC Senate To Gut Second Amendment?
As New York City plays host to a conference that will shape the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) into final form, most 2nd Amendment supporters are concerned that stealth language or overly broad applications woven into the document will serve to separate Americans from their right to keep and bear arms. After all, why else would preliminary versions of the Treaty be so difficult to obtain and U.N. pre-conference position statements remain consistently absent from the internet?
Barack Hussein Obama leads the most anti-gun rights Administration in the nation’s history. Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and recently appointed ATF Acting Director B. Todd Jones have spoken often and passionately about the importance of implementing more restrictive gun control legislation.
But the gun-grabbing Regime will not be able to ratify the UN’s global gun control measure without first securing a 2/3rds majority of Senators to vote in favor. And it won’t be easy to convince 67 politicians to sign onto a document that countless critics have spent nearly a decade rightly representing as a worldwide assault on the 2nd Amendment. Especially not as the American public must once again be told that the document has to be “passed” in order to find out what’s IN it!  
Late last year, the Heritage Foundation obtained an ATT “Draft Paper” from an NGO participating in the Treaty mark-up. The Paper makes it clear that the finished product would be broad in scope, controlling everything “from rifle scopes to battleships.” And although the Treaty purports to monitor only “international arms transfers,” document language shows the UN also wishes to control “internal transfers” as “any firearm transfer—meaning any change in ownership…might conceivably somehow affect another nation…”
Therefore, the ATT will demand that signatories control and monitor “transfers including ‘transport’ across national territory.” To accomplish this, a nation would necessarily “maintain records of all imports and shipments of arms that transit their territory,” creating records on “the type of arms transferred and their ‘end users’.” So as international records would be kept of all weapons bought and sold within the United States, the Treaty would create not only a global arms registry but the rules by which arms might be transferred and to whom.
Would Senators sympathetic to global arms control try to slip these and other unconstitutional ATT edicts past American voters?
DC politicians—including Republicans—have already written purposely misleading and legally ineffective language into both the 2012 and 2013 National Defense Authorization Acts for the sole purpose of deceiving the American public into believing that their constitutional rights were being looked after. As for treaties, they commonly include “reservations”, that is, language designed to “define and limit the effect of a ratified treaty.” A few dedicated, gun-grabbing Senators might get the idea of attaching a codicil to the ATT, claiming it would prevent the ratified Treaty from imposing upon the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people, thereby safeguarding the right to keep and bear arms.
Of course, they wouldn’t bother to inform Americans that the Arms Trade Treaty specifically forbids any reservations that are “incompatible with the object and purpose” of the Treaty! Would members of the Washington political class be so dishonest as to try such an underhanded stunt?
It’s doubtful that a sufficient number of Senators would risk the fury of the NRA and gun-owning voters. But then again, stranger things have certainly happened in the nation’s capitol.  After all, a Supreme Court Chief Justice has just prostituted both himself and the Constitution!
Maybe keeping tabs on the Senate wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
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Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith (Creative Commons)

OK, Mr. Obama, Let’s Be Fair!

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Barack Obama speech 11 SC OK, Mr. Obama, Lets Be Fair!
Barack Obama and his SOCIALIST zombies seem to have an obsession with “fairness”, so let’s apply that term to Obamacare and taxes, just to be fair. First, we make ALL taxes ‘FLAT taxes. Every taxpayer in America pays a flat 9.75%, NO exemptions. Why 9.75%, you may ask? Because God Himself only asks for 10%! Isn’t this fair? Proportionately, EVERYONE is paying the same, and yet the lower income people will be getting MORE services for their money.
Secondly, we need to remove ALL exemptions to Obamacare: everyone, including unions, Congress, the President, and EVERY federal employee from SCOTUS on down. If Obamacare is good for the ordinary taxpayer, then it should be good enough for those people who live off the taxpayer. That’s fair right?
How about the Democratic-controlled Senate passing an actual budget? Americans could then see where their money is going. This action would be fair because ALL programs would be open to scrutiny. Pass a budget and the two political sides would have a firm foundation for negotiation and compromise, right? What is there to hide by not putting government money requests in writing?  
No more negotiating treaties with the United Nations without full disclosure to American citizens first! What is this treaty set up to do? Who will it affect? Does it affect the sovereignty of the United States or its Constitution in any way? Let’s reduce America’s contributions to the United Nations to the median of all nations. We pay our fair share and ONLY our fair share.  We do NOT place American troops under the command of any other country ever! This is fair right?
Social Security benefits, upon the death of a spouse, should only be paid to the surviving spouse. No more benefits to send children to college. Before all you bleeding hearts get your Progressive tails in a wringer, answer me this: who paid for the children’s benefits? It certainly didn’t come out of the deceased! Besides, with billions of dollars of endowment money in elite “private institutions” like Harvard, Yale,  and on and on, why don’t they set up scholarships for those qualifying children themselves? Why are these places allowed to accumulate so much money and still raise tuition sky- high? Public universities and colleges get government money on top of tuition, and they offer different grants, scholarships, and loans to help with getting a college education. Why does Obama think that a college degree is the be-all, end-all to life’s problems?


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Even the “ch’mos” (child molesters) who were incarcerated in Fort Leavenworth with Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, the military physician court martialed for refusing orders because of concerns that Barack Obama wasn’t constitutionally eligible to be commander in chief, recognized that Obama’s release last year of a Hawaiian birth document didn’t resolve the question.
That’s according to Lakin’s new book, “Officer’s Oath: Why my Vow to Defend the Constitution Demanded that I Sacrifice my Career.”

The just-released book explains what happened in his case, and more significantly, why.
The Army flight surgeon had served with distinction, but decided, based on available information and his solemn oath when he entered the military, that he had to question whether Obama is eligible to be commander-in-chief of the U.S. military and order soldiers into war.
He had tried for years to obtain confirmation through the channels inside the military, through his congressional representatives and other available channels, to no avail.
So he decided his oath of allegiance to the Constitution required him to refuse an order from the chain of command headed by Obama. That would, he thought, force the issue, and possibly elicit an answer.
He got an answer, but not to his question: He was court martialed and removed from the military. He now has joined a civilian physician’s practice where he sees patients daily.
Get the book about the courageous Army colonel who challenged Obama’s eligibility, Terry Lakin’s “Officer’s Oath.”
In the book, Lakin notes that he was in Leavenworth, serving what amounted to a five-month sentence, when Obama released the document he claimed to be a copy of his original Hawaiian birth certificate.
It’s the same document Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigators have concluded is almost certainly a forgery.
Lakin describes the comments of other prisoners upon hearing news reports regarding the White House release of Obama’s supposed birth certificate:
“One question, Terry.”
“All you were asking for was a birth certificate, correct? If Obama had nothing to hide, how come he didn’t release it a long time ago?”
“I guess what they say is right: No one knows a con job better than a convict,” Lakin wrote.
He explains his case in chapters titled “Of Paramount Importance,” “The Truth Matters,” “Doing What is Right,” “Crossing the line,” “Duty, Honor, Country” and “Walking Righteous.”
The episode with the question from one of the “ch’mos” (child molesters) comes in the chapter titled “27 April 2011,” the date Obama released the document and posted it on the White House website.
Lakin notes that Obama claimed to have “had every official in Hawaii … confirm that, yes, in fact, I was born in Hawaii.”
“‘Every official in Hawaii’? I guess the president did not consult with Tim Adams. During the 2008 election cycle Adams served as senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu,” Lakin wrote.
Adams had stated, “There is no hospital record of his birth in Honolulu … and the Hawaii Department of Health told us in the Elections Office that there was no birth certificate.”
“If you don’t know about Adams, there is a reason why. Within a week of his one radio interview on the subject [he was] put under a gag order,” Lakin wrote. “As of this writing, no official in Hawaii has made a serious effort to look into Obama’s birth certificate, and those who said they did have not been able to keep their stories straight.”

He also responded to Obama’s characterization of concerns over his legitimacy as “silliness.”
“‘Silliness’? Is that what all my efforts amounted to, court martial and imprisonment included? You might think that at this point I was totally deflated, but I wasn’t. I was a little disappointed, but more confused than disappointed. I hoped his birth certificate was for real, but I was skeptical,” he continued.
He noted that Jerome Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” was schedule to be released, and “the pressure was mounting” on Obama.
“I figured the president had to say something, but what he said did not convince me. My fellow inmates knew what I was in Leavenworth for, and they said out loud pretty much what I felt.”
Lakin told WND a major concern that remains today is that officers all across the U.S. government take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution which, in fact, requires certain qualifications for any president, including that he be a “natural born citizen.”
That’s where Obama has been challenged, some alleging he wasn’t born in the U.S. and others asserting it would make no difference since the Founders considered a “natural born citizen” to be the offspring of two citizen parents. Obama’s father was a foreign national visiting the U.S. as a student.
Lakin told WND he wonders how other officers are able to ignore the Constitution’s requirements, in light of their oath to uphold that document.
Americans, said Lakin, must face the realization that if the Constitution is ignored in this situation, the future will hold more incidents where the nation’s highest law will be passed over by those in power.
“We’re in a decline,” he said, and it is “a valid concern that this is a concerted effort by someone who may not be who he says he is.”
“People can hate me,” Lakin told WND. “They can call me whatever they want, think whatever they want of me. But the issue? It’s still not answered.”
Marco Ciavolino, who has worked with Lakin throughout his case and is the administrative trustee for the Terry Lakin Action Fund, said readers should appreciate a man who “took seriously his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.”
And he said there needs to be followup action by all Americans.
Any elected official or appointee who flagrantly refuses to comply with the Constitution by commission or omission must be called to account,” he wrote. “That is all Terry asked for: simple compliance with the Constitution.”
“The Constitution was not created by accident. It was not a frivolous effort. Some seem to think a bunch of guys were sitting around a pub one night and said, ‘Hey, let’s start a country.’ The founding of our country was anything but that,” he said.
“Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and other founding documents came out of thousands of years of struggle, death and dialogue, debate and discussion, bravery and boldness. They were the most precise expression of a form of government that finally abandoned the concept of a sovereign monarchy in favor of government by the people, for the people.”
Jack Cashill, author of multiple books, helped Lakin in telling his story, and David Mercaldo, a New York-based author, wrote vignettes about people involved in his case.

Emergency Alert! UN Set To Ban Civilian Gun Ownership BY ALEX JONES

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Emergency Alert! UN Set To Ban Civilian Gun Ownership

BY: Alex Jones AT

July 14, 2012
The United Nations’ agenda for disarmament goes beyond the rhetoric the UN Arms Trade Treaty being debated in New York this month. The globalists want a total weapons ban– so they can kill innocents without opposition from the local populations. Crime rates soar wherever guns have been taken away– it is simple victim disarmament arithmetic. Look at all the uncovered martial law revelations: Troops have been trained to confiscate guns inside America (and it actually happened after Hurricane Katrina), while the politicians have been priming the nation to grudgingly accept new firearms restrictions.
See Aaron Dykes’ video analysis of the UN Arms Trade Treaty: Proof: UN Plans To Ban American Guns 

The Mother of All Stats: The Human Cost of “Gun Control” Ideas
JPFO's Genocide Chart
Addition – For easier chart printing, download the Genocide Chart PDF file, it includes a text synopsis of this page.
When the gun prohibitionists quote a statistic about how many people are killed by firearms misuse, the discussion sometimes bogs down into whose crime stats to believe and how to count crimes vs. the defensive firearm uses. Death by Gun Control works on a level that nobody can dispute: documented world history.
In the 20th Century:
Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined.
Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals.
How could governments kill so many people? The governments had the power – and the people, the victims, were unable to resist. The victims were unarmed.
Truth They Cannot Refute
Death by Gun Control delivers the essential – and gut wrenching — truth that the anti-self defense “gun control” advocates never try to refute. They simply cannot refute the facts or the formula.
Here’s the Formula: Hatred + Government + Disarmed Civilians = Genocide
What makes the argument so powerful? Two factors. First, it makes common sense: unarmed defenseless people have no hope against armed aggressors. Second, it states the historical truth: evil governments did wipe out 170,000,000 innocent non-military lives in the 20th Century alone.
Using the facts in Death by Gun Control, you can take down the enemies of the Bill of Rights. The rights-destroyers have no answers to these facts. They have no excuses for their killer ideas.
JPFO’s work has already borne fruit. John R. Bolton, an under-Secretary of State for the United States, this year urged the United Nations to recognize how an “oppressed non-state group defending itself from a genocidal government” will need ready access to firearms. Mr. Bolton might have been the first U.S. official in modern history to have argued to the UN that private citizens might need to be armed against their own killer governments.
Paul Harvey, the world-renowned and much admired radio commentator, last year reportedly broadcast the JPFO-produced facts linking “gun control” to the genocide of millions of unarmed civilians. Country by country, Mr. Harvey counted the murdered victims of civilian disarmament policies.
Our new book could inspire other opinion-makers to join the chorus. Chapters in the book teach about:
The essential meaning of “gun control”
The Genocide Formula
The laws and policies that led to mega murder in Cambodia, China, Nazi Germany, Guatemala, Rwanda, Ottoman Turkey, Uganda, USSR
Zimbabwe’s land invasions and firearms confiscations
Soaring crime in Britain after gun prohibition
Violence and police state polices in Japan
The right and duty of armed self-defense in Judaism and both Protestant and Catholic Christianity
Racist roots of “gun control” in America
The United Nations program to disarm civilians worldwide
Police state polices that condition Americans to accept victim disarmament.
Hurricane Katrina Door to Door Firearms Confiscation


Posted By Woody Pendleton


Mike Hagler does not want to hear any more excuses for race riots at the Wisconsin State Fair. Or gunfire at the Juneteenth celebration in downtown Milwaukee.
“Big Mike” has a simple solution for the hundreds of black people who terrorized the Mayfair Mall and the Independence Day fireworks celebrations: Knock it off.
“Every time there is an event going on, people want to pull out guns and go crazy,” said Hagler, the teenage video blogger from Milwaukee. “Everything is getting cancelled: State fairs. Summerfest. All people want to do is fight. Y’all acting like animals. And it is crazy to say it is our own people acting that way.
He continued, “It’s crazy when you go to an event and there be a majority white people there. As soon as black people come around that get to moving out of the way. They already know what is going to happen.
“It’s like when you want to go to Juneteenth. I ain’t going to go to Juneteenth because people already know what is going to happen. People are going to be shooting and fighting.”
It cannot be as bad as Big Mike thinks, right?
The robbery and assault on July 3, 2011, is the benchmark for black mob violence in Milwaukee.
It started out like a flash rob that could have been Philadelphia or Chicago or any of the dozens of other places around the country where black people meet, rush and rob a store: And they did it on video: Fifty to 100 black people loot a BP store after the fireworks.
But this crew took it to a new level: They headed to a nearby park, stolen goodies still in hand, where they taunted and beat 10 white kids. Standing over one of her victims, an assailant called out to her friends, “White girl bleed a lot.” They laughed.
Police came. They ran away. The next day, victims were surprised to learn none of the officers had filed a report. That meant the riot never happened.
Victims called talk radio and went to the Internet, demanding action. Soon, the police chief and Mayor Barrett held a press conference. The chief said “crime was colorblind,” and he did not appreciate the media trying to sensationalize it. The local paper finally ran a story:
“Shaina Perry remembers the punch to her face, blood streaming from a cut over her eye, her backpack with her asthma inhaler, debit card and cellphone stolen, and then the laughter.
“They just said ‘Oh, white girl bleed a lot,’” said Perry, 22, who was attacked at Kilbourn Reservoir Park over the Fourth of July weekend.
Most newsrooms follow police activities on a scanner. If they do not write about public safety problem, it is because they were not listening to the police radio calls, or they chose not to.
After a few days, public officials tried to play catch up, but by then the people of Milwaukee knew two things: One, their town just had a full scale race riot; and two, the police were not capable of calling it by name, let alone doing anything about it.
The “white girl bleed a lot” beatdown came three weeks after another major racial disturbance called Juneteenth, a black holiday commemorating the end of slavery. A party-goer remembers:
My girlfriend and I walked up to Juneteenth from Riverwest; a half a dozen squad cars rushed past us and one squad car stopped. The officers were wearing full riot gear and said something to the likes of ‘What the hell are you (white) people doing in this neighborhood? Get the … out of here, don’t you know there is a riot going on a block away?”
They did not. Nor would anyone in Milwaukee ever learn that from most of the local media.
This year it happened again at Juneteenth when another massive disturbance resulted in the arrests of 54 people.
The newspaper never really said what all those people were doing to get arrested. The paper did, however, carry 17 pictures of black people cooking ribs, eating corn, dancing and playing basketball. There were no pictures of any of the 54 people breaking the law, or the two caught with guns.
Nor did the paper allow any comments from readers, where witnesses often write in.
A few days after 2012 Juneteenth celebration, Journal-Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane said he did not attend the party because he was too busy taking a walk. “But most people I talked to said it was enjoyable despite the steamy weather.” Look at the bright side, he suggested:
Unlike previous years, there were no flash-point incidents reported. No bottles were thrown at officers, and no fights broke out after the festival ended.
No ugly scenes were caught on camera, only to be replayed on local TV for days.
Curiously, it is very difficult to find news accounts of these events.
People writing to Kane had a different opinion than his immediate circle of friends.
Chanin Kelly-Rae, an African-American woman who now lives in Seattle, said the arrests at Juneteenth Day recalled her own experiences.
“I wouldn’t go to that festival for all the tea in China,” wrote Kelly-Rae, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and spent several years teaching in Milwaukee Public Schools before leaving in 2001.
“I grew up in Milwaukee and remember all too well this event. I also know my parents made us stay away because someone usually got shot, robbed, there are fights and all sorts of risk,” she said.
Kane and the Journal-Sentinel were probably too busy to cover another race riot earlier this year as well. This one on Memorial Day at a lakefront beach.
Police closed the beach after violent disturbances involving hundreds of black people. Afterwards, the same group descended on a nearby shopping district, where they wrecked and looted a Whole Foods grocery store and a McDonald’s. WTMJ at least tried to report it:
“There were cars stopping, yelling at the kids, telling them to stop; one man said stop fighting stop fighting they kept on fighting,” said eyewitness Allen Miller. “Other kids were trying to pull them apart. They just would not stop.”
“I seen like, eight motorcycle cops, two horse cops, about five cop cars, seven cops across the street. They were right here on the sidewalk right in front of McDonalds, and they were climbing over the rail bottoms, standing here yelling to go, stop, or keep fighting,” Alan Miller, who witnessed the ordeal, said.
Sometimes the local news gets video during the crimes. But even then, they have trouble dealing with the images.
In 2010, a local TV reporter talked about how disappointed he was that a “few people” caused trouble at Juneteenth.
As he talked, the station ran B-Roll from a helicopter showing hundreds of black people, maybe more, stopping a car, beating the driver, then wrecking the car. That happened twice. And there were lots of other violent incidents, many on video.
Nevertheless, most of the people had a “positive” experience there, he said.
Not all local media is so tolerant of the racial violence. After the “white girl bleed a lot” beating, talk show host James Harris, of 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee, told a television audience:
This was not a color-blind crime. We have this epidemic of black teenage mob violence happening all over the country.
It is from a perfect storm of entitlements, political correctness, and white guilt where people are afraid to identify who are doing the crimes and why they are doing it.
(The mayor and police chief) were more worried about being accused of racial profiling that the fact that black mobs were roaming down the streets hurting people.
This was a PC response because it was black mob violence. You guys (fellow panelists) are in denial…. We have a real problem. A real sickness in the (black) community, that until we address it, it will continue to explode.
Just a few weeks later it all began again, this time at the bucolic Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee.
There, hundreds of black people beat up white people, damaged their cars, hurled racial epithets, and caused chaos inside and outside the gates of the state fair for almost two hours.
This is what a race riot sounds and feels like, from August 5, 2011:
“They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever. It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car.
“I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn’t do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us. They just kept walking right past their car. They were looking in everybody’s windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black. Guarantee it.”
Eric, a war veteran, said that the scene he saw Thursday outside State Fair compares to what he saw in combat.
The local TV had a report about the extreme violence and chaos. The attacks were “racially motivated” said witnesses.
One of the “teens” arrested keeping it real: He attacked white people because he could.
“Police say the teen told investigators whites were chosen because he considered them ‘easy targets.’”
Or, as an attacker told one of his victims at a race riot in Philadelphia: “It’s not our fault you can’t fight.”
Seven police officers were injured. 31 black people were arrested. Police chief Flynn and Mayor Barrett said they were going to get tough.
People heard the “get tough” speech before, after a bout of racial violence in January 2011 at a local mall.
Hundreds of black people met in January 2011 at the Mayfair Mall. The 911 tapes tell the story:
“We need police right away. At Boston Store. They’re taking over the store. Hurry. The kids are all over the place. All over. The top level. They’re just everywhere. Running, screaming, breaking things,” another frantic employee told 911.
After they were done trashing several shops inside, they took the carnage outside:
The police report said dozens of kids forced their way onto a bus without paying and wouldn’t get off. While police were clearing the bus, a fight involving forty kids broke out outside McCormick and Schmick’s restaurant. The restaurant went into lockdown after diners reported hearing gunshots.
A few days after the mall carnage, Shelley Walcott, a black TV reporter wrote an Open Letter to the Kids Who Tore Up Mayfair.
None of you seem to have any concept of what’s being said about you out here in the real world.
Look, as a working journalist I am supposed to stay neutral. But through your actions last week you are making things worse on yourself, and the entire black community.
You just reinforced that old standby stereotype that we are all nothing but uneducated troublemakers.
Mayfair is known as the nicest mall in Milwaukee. But Wal-Mart gets some action too: A disagreement at a local Wal-Mart spilled into the parking lot, where a car hit one of the 25 or so participants. All on YouTube.
And let’s not forget the black violence on YouTube from St. Patrick’s Day this year. You won’t find an account of it in the papers, but if you go to YouTube, you see a lot of fighting, billy clubs and police on horses.
The latest attack is surrounded in Milwaukee mystery. It happened this year, again at the Independence Day fireworks.
Here’s an account from the local paper:
One bystander, who was attending the fireworks, called the Journal Sentinel Wednesday to say he saw a crowd of possibly 100 youth screaming and running in the area. He said he also saw about 20 Milwaukee police officers in squads, bicycles and on horseback. A police helicopter was also circling above, he said.
In a written statement, the police said everyone was safe.

 by wp.     Political correctness says lie, distract and never tell the truth about what happened regardless of any evidence to the contrary.  LOOK AT WHAT IT HAS ACCOMPLISHED.  NOT ANYTHING GOOD.

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