Friday, April 5, 2013



Even Tea Party favorite Allen West wouldn’t support investigation of Obama’s eligibility

by George Spelvin
Tea Party favorite former US Congressman Allen West admitted to investigator Lt. Mike Zullo that political expediency was more important to him than supporting the investigation of Barack Obama’s eligibility for office. “I would really have to think about this, but I don’t think so,” West said in response to Zullo’s ”Would you support an individual that steps forward to bring this (document fraud) to the forefront?” The officer heading up Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation went to the Conservative C-PAC enclave with radio talk host Carl Gallups to tell any and all listeners about the criminal law enforcement probe of birth certificate document fraud. (1) Zullo described his conversation with West as a face to face, direct on conversation with the Tea Party favorite to whose political campaign so many trusting Americans gave their hard earned dollars.
The retired Lieutenant Army Colonel said to Zullo that spending his political capital “going after Benghazi” was more important to him than standing up for a brave official who might come forward to press for an investigation into the fraudulent documents released on line by the Obama administration. Zullo told West, “I can’t tell you who Barack Obama is,” to which West replied, “You get the tin foil hat label.” West feared the ridicule of being called a Birther. Zullo persisted in reminding West that law enforcement investigations are far different from the Media practice of making fun of anyone who dares question who America’s sitting president really is. But West said, “I don’t want to get labeled with this!” (2)
In trying to comprehend how America’s Rule of Law has been so subverted by cleverly devised Media manipulation, Zullo feels great sorrow for US authorities who “turn the cheek and look the other way.” He said, “All is lost,” and told Gallups’ audience that this is a cover up of huge proportions. “The people who have been chasing this longer than I will be proven right, ” he says as he points to rock solid evidence in his book concerning the forgery of birth certification of Barack Obama.
Today, April 5, on WEBY talk radio (2), Lieut. Mike Zullo will take call-in questions from the listening audience for 1 1/2 hours. “This is about document fraud. . .the only identifying document Obama ever brought forward is a fabrication, ” say host and guest. “Why did the President of the United States have to present a fraudulent identifying document?” This is the real question behind the national Media’s cover up and ridicule of the authoritative investigation by trained law enforcement and forensic personnel.
But what Tea Party followers really now must ask themselves has to do with revelations of the real intent of someone who was their knight in shining armor; the US Congressman they fervently supported during his congressional voting recount controversy. Is bald political ambition more important to the man who fought his country’s battles in a hot war than the document fraud battle in the nation’s capitol?
SOURCE: (1), (2)
Call station WEBY at 850-623-1330 to reconfirm this Friday’s call in event with Lieut. Mike Zullo. You can get more information on the Cold Case Posse at or write them at MCSO Cold-Case Posse, PO Box 74374, Phoenix, AZ 85087

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