Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet the one person who is ‘so freakin’ excited’ for Obamacare

The launch of Obamacare has not quite gone according to plan, and the media has been hard pressed to find anyone with anything positive to say about the program. But alas the media has tracked someone down who is ‘so freakin’ excited’ to signup. But, as always, there’s a catch.
TheBlaze reports:
Chad Henderson is a 21-year-old Chattanooga State University student who works part-time at a day-care facility and had been without health insurance for the last 14 years.
So when the opportunity to sign up for Obamacare came Oct. 1, Henderson jumped on it. The whole process took him about three hours and ended at 3 a.m., but he got what he was looking for.
Turns out that Henderson is a big-time supporter of President Obama who wants to see Obamacare succeed. He’s an Organizing for Action volunteer, which means he helped elect Obama and works “to continue his agenda,” and also served as president of the Walker County Young Democrats and executive director of High School Democrats of Georgia, according to his LinkedIn profile.
“So almost 20% of his income is going to go right to Obamacare, and he’s excited,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “But this is really great because he’s just a regular person on the street and he’s so freaking excited about this. Of course, he is an Organizing for Action volunteer.”
So just how bad are the enrollment numbers? Glenn explains in the clip below:

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