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It's all good... for the moment anyway!
You can trust these guys OR you can... Trust Your Gut!
Middle East stability? Don’t count on it. Oil
 prices sit on a hair trigger ready to soar past
$120 and you can make a fortune if you...
International tensions are accelerating a soaring new oil boom in southern California!
  • Four to six-times bigger than the Bakken, fortunes can be made in southern California... but you must act swiftly.
  • Major oil companies like Occidental Petroleum have already moved in, locking up thousands of acres in high potential oil leases!
  • Smaller companies are being squeezed out, but not this one! North American Oil & Gas (NAMG) locked in their own share, almost as much as Occidental did in their recent land grab!
  • My new online report shows where and when NAMG is poised for a massive price break out and why you can expect NAMG to quickly soar off today’s $1.00 share price to $30 or more!
To the Opportunity‐Seeking Investor:
Before I report this to the public, I’m reporting to you now.
The Middle East powder keg is set to explode and one outcome seems oil supplies will crash and oil prices will soar.
Domestic oil exploration could enter the highest level of activity in decades. For investors like yourself, the timing is perfect.

Armed with this new information, you can leverage it for one of the best investment opportunities you’ll ever come across... and I recommend you move quickly to catch the best entry point.

Here’s what you need to know:
A southern California oil boom is underway that could ultimately dwarf the Bakken. And if you know how big the Bakken has been, then you know how much bigger southern California is shaping up to become.
At the start of the Bakken boom, early shareholders earned 10 to 30-times their money from off-radar companies. Some of those companies soared to become Wall Street staples.
History is about to repeat itself, only this time it’s in southern California.
And this time, thanks to Middle East turmoil, the profit potential looks even better.

I’ve modeled Bakken stock case studies and I know now what to look for in an off‐radar company that holds the 2,000% to 3,000% profit potential already proven from the Bakken.
The company is North American Oil & Gas (NAMG) and I’m recommending you move in on NAMG shares immediately. Here are some highlights of a few key facts you’ll find in my new report, which is available to you online now:
New USGS report reveals southern California can hold four to six-times more oil than the Bakken!

1. NAMG grabbed nearly as much land as $72.26 billion oil giant Occidental Petroleum (OXY) recently acquired in the same formation!
2. The USGS recently confirmed upwards to 14 billion barrels of oil may be recovered from southern California, four to six‐times the Bakken!
3. NAMG management recently sold their previous oil company to $26.51 billion oil giant Hess (HES) for $670 million earning their initial shareholders 10-times their money!
4. World Petroleum Consultants, Sproud, confirmed that NAMG petroleum is already proven from production records on adjacent fields!
North American Oil & Gas (NAMG) is setting itself up to become a premier oil‐producing company in America. Believe me when I say, if you load up on NAMG shares right now at around $1.00... you could be cashing those shares out for $30 or better in the not‐too‐distant future!
You’ll get all the information you need to get started by jumping to my new report, online now. You can get to it through the link below.
Yours for Success,
Tobin Smith

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