Monday, February 17, 2014

80-Year-Old Shot & Killed During Failed Drug Raid Posted by Kristin Tate


On June 27, 2013, 80-year-old Eugene Mallory’s life was brought to a tragic end when Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies searched for drugs in his home. The elderly man died after being shot six times in his bed by Sgt. John Bones’ MP-5 9mm submachine gun.
Detective Patrick Hobbs ordered the raid because he claimed he smelled “the strong odor of chemicals” coming from Mallory’s house, which led him to suspect there was meth on the property.
The cops initially claimed that when they entered the home, Mallory was in the hallway, walking towards them with a gun. But blood stains proved that the elderly man was actually shot dead in his bed.
Recordings of the incident reveal a cop saying, “Drop the gun” after shots were fired at Mallory. According to investigators, “Before listening to the audio recording, [Sgt. John] Bones believed that he told Mallory to ‘Drop the gun’ prior to the shooting. The recording revealed, however, that his commands to ‘Drop the gun’ occurred immediately after the shooting.”
Mallory’s widow, Tonya Pate, said, “He would never point a gun at officers. Every day I stay in that house with that bloody bedroom … where I know he was taken from me for no reason.” Pate is now suing the county for $50 million.No meth was found in Mallory’s home, but police did find some marijuana.
Mallory was loved by his community and often helped neighbors with various chores in his community.

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