Thursday, July 10, 2014


Comments  by Chuck MacNab

President Obama is now calling on Congress to appropriate an additional 3 to 4 billion dollars of taxpayer funding to address the crisis in illegal immigration now taking place on the southern border. We dislike being pessimistic about how this money would be used as everyone's heart goes out to children, especially those who are being used and mistreated. However, judging from other funding requests made over past years by the Administration, much of the money would find its way into the pockets of Democrats who support liberal candidates. It's an old practice, not only engaged in by Democrats, by the way. The radical Democrats are in control right now, though, and "to the victor belongs the spoils" is a concept adhered to very closely by them, often without any scruples.
Despite the pitiful images that the Administration and its allies, the liberal media, use to drain resistance to common sense out of the American people there should be no additional money appropriated for the border "crisis" because these problems were avoidable and are the direct result of liberal policies. In fact, we and many other conservative oriented Americans have been advocating for years that Congress CUT funding for programs that are clearly unconstitutional and are an over-reach of Presidential power. Besides, a "ton" of money has already been appropriated to Homeland Security for the purpose of addressing such problems. They don't need more money, in fact, money needs to be cut by Congress in areas where it is being wasted.

How about spending some money to aid in medical research and to help Americans in need? Funding for health care and other essentials is being cut from needed domestic programs and sent all over the world and to the border to address problems created by failed government policies.  How is that
right? Congressional resistance to more spending should be formidable considering that, according to past practice, the Administration will certainly divert most of it toward the radical liberal political machine in order to create more Democrat votes!
The link presented below has more information that you may want to read.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." ...Ayn Rand

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