Sunday, November 1, 2015

BREAKING BOMBSHELL:, New Recovered Emails Spell BAD News for Hillary –, Could This Be the End?


One can only dream that the latest batch of 7,000 emails released on Friday would be the final undoing of Hillary Clinton. But I doubt it. Hillary and Obama were choosing between two different videos to blame for Benghazi, while four men died horrifically over there. She emailed Chelsea that night it was a terror attack. She emailed the Egyptian Prime Minister the following day that it was a terrorist attack. Yet, she lied to the families and loved ones of those that died in Benghazi and did it with a smile. How evil can you get? Another State Department official emailed on all this and that email tells a far different story than the one Hillary concocted. She was allowed to lie in front of Congress, she hasn’t been raided or detained, and the woman is running for president… everyone and their freaking dog knows she is a corrupt hag, so why isn’t she behind bars?
From TheBlaze:
As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued to blame the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi on a controversial YouTube video, a State Department official at Embassy Tripoli in Libya wrote an email to D.C. colleagues that urged them to be “cautious” in their messaging just a few days after the attack.
According to the email from the official in Libya on Sept. 14, 2012, “it is becoming increasingly clear that the series of events in Benghazi was much more terrorist attack than a protest which escalated into violence.” The email was released Friday in the first dump since Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi committee last week.
“It is our opinion that in our messaging, we want to distinguish, not conflate, the events in other countries with this well-planned attack by militant extremists,” the official, whose name has been redacted, wrote in the email.
The official also said the films were not “as explosive an issue here as it appears to be in other countries in the region.”
Clinton continued to cite a controversial YouTube video as the reasoning behind the 2012 attack that killed four Americans. Family members have said that Clinton blamed the video in her conversations with them — even after the email from the Embassy Tripoli.
“This email shows that State Department staff privately raised concerns about conflating the terrorist attacks in Benghazi with a video on the Internet, even as the Secretary of State and other Obama administration officials continued to do so publicly,” Matt Wolking, the House Select Committee on Benghazi press secretary, told TheBlaze in a statement Saturday morning. “Furthermore, according to the former head of the CIA, intelligence ‘analysts never said the video was a factor in the Benghazi attacks.’ So while Secretary Clinton may use the ‘fog of war’ as a convenient excuse for why she said one thing in private and something else in public, the reality is that’s just another smokescreen.”
Clinton also came under fire during her testimony in front of the Select Committee for an email she sent to her daughter Chelsea, under the pseudonym Diane Reynolds, on the night of the attack — which she told Chelsea was the result of “an Al Queda-like group.”
In a conversation with Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil, detailed in an email on Sept. 12, 2012, Clinton said based on information she had then, she believed the group that claimed responsibility for the attacks was affiliated with al-Qaeda.
“We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” Clinton reportedly told Kandil then. “It was a planned attack — not a protest.”
There is a mountain of evidence that Clinton lied. She committed perjury and obstructed justice. She is an accessory to multiple murders. She knew from the beginning that the video was a lie because she was the one who came up with the lie! If there is any justice left in this country, this woman will be held accountable for all her lies, deceit, corruption and crimes. But I despair that justice will ever be served here. Too many enemies from within are in control of agencies and courts. Too many do Clinton’s bidding. Too many are bought and paid for. There never was a fog of war… just the stone-cold clarity of ruthlessness.

Hillary Clinton

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